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    Eu realmente queria jogar de novo, mas com este reset não planejado me faz pouco disposto, eu queria uma data certa para eu ter uma idéia ....

    Não vai ter data. Upa tuas contas pro lvl 30 q pelo menos até lá n reseta. Pnc de quem votou em "wipe"


    You can have 20 channels and still not solve that problem. "20x" good farm spots for a lot of lvl 60 characters...bruh,,, (Lol?)


    Why are you willing to protect a 100% wipe with your life?

    Even if you say anything like dbbuffs are easy to get, it's still useless to wipe it. I don't care if it's easy or if will take me just one hour, It's still unnecessary.

    I said Idc about wiping, but open your mind a bit will you? -.-

    Feels like you guys developed RL trust issues because of this wipe thing. Damn. xD

    Guys, the game got f*cked hard. So hard, no Update would be able to fix it.


    Just accept the wipe. It sucks, we all know that. But it's the right thing to do in this situation.

    Yes yes ok ok.

    The point is that we don't need to wipe "work", only what's really broken.

    I don't see reason to wipe lvl, dragon buffs, popo accessories or things you just can't get by cheating. (unlike cc rings, +15s and zeni)

    I'm not against wiping, specially if you guys says it's soooo important. Still I don't see point on wiping what doesn't need to be wiped. Looks like it's only to call it a "fresh start", but it's unnecessary and it betrays our trust.

    The only problem i have with this is that you said exactly this the last time you had a wipe too. How am i supposed that this time my work won't be completely for naught when every wipe you do you say it's the last one, just to have another one down the line anyway?

    You got a point, even though he says that with such confidence, it's hard to trust again.

    Well im back again for 2.0, i left for almost a year so... its time to comeback! because im the hero Kokkara deserves, but not the one it needs right now!

    Welcome back.

    Make sure to ignore (whatever angsty means) comments over a community's decision, which bear absolutely no correlation to your thread. ^-^)b

    Just correcting here. Kisses on nose regards.

    Actually,No wipe is the winner,chinese don‘’t have Forum account,so During the voting time, a large number of Chinese players just started to sign up for an account.In fact, there are 300 Chinese players who choose no wipe.


    i don't get it why pple ask to keep stuff like ssj, dragon balls, money, crafting lvl,... A wipe of the game always means a full reset, restart from lvl 1, remove/delete every progress you have ever made. There are no such things as keeping a skill or item in a wipe.

    Be happy that they are giving us a lvl up 30 with all the passives included on the upcomming new client if you have lvled up a char to lvl 30 or above on the client that is live now.

    Because they don't want to wipe, and if that happens, you should wipe just the necessary.

    A lvl up 30 doesn't worth nothing for who spent 1k+ of hours playing. You can lvl up to 30 in 6 hours anyway.