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    Yes, You are right its both f2p and p2w, my bad in choosing the wrong words, but I explained it later so i ment something else. I should say... f2w? Then poll question was wrong in the first place, but we can understand what he meant, yes? So in truth u just wanted to point out my poor word choice, knowing what im talking about. Just about that little "elements". Now im going to hear from You that this server keep going because of cashers blah blah blah...

    I know certain casher that probably covered the server cost alone. And there is many of them, working for administration vacations proably. Im not saying He shouldn't earn for his huge work, just implying that exclusive cosmetics like dogi/vehicles etc should be sufficient. And sorry for my english guys :)

    I am glad that you're responding to this in a civilized manner and trying to find a consensus as most people in this community fail to do that with their egoistical views. Yes, the poll is illogical, but my point was to correct a false statement that was introduced as a definite fact. Make no mistake, I wasn't going to start talking about the server costs, especially when someone else partially covered it. I think it's not worth pointing out the obvious that profit here is tremendous and the project leader wouldn't do this if the income wasn't sufficient. I couldn't agree more on making the cash shop purely for cosmetics and certain utilities, but the easiest way to encourage people to donate is by giving something that speeds up the progress, therefore it all comes to the competency of one individual who's controlling the entire project and his ways of dealing with it so far has been rather a failure. I don't feel like this poll is going to change a single thing as there's been countless similar polls, so I'll stay out of deeper discussions. Cheers.

    Someone who says it was f2p is blind or maybe just dumb.

    Took the words right out of my mouth, except in reality, it's on the contrary. Before you make any foolish statements, make sure you're properly acknowledged of such terms.

    If you actually look into this abbreviation, it's simply free to play. Look up the internet, it's one of the most basic terms concerning games. There's no fee required to fully play this game. It's not pay to play nor buy to play, it's free. P2w term can apply to any of these game models. It's usually f2p model that suffers from it for obvious reasons.

    My suggestion would be to do some research before so inadequately calling everyone else blind or dumb for your own lack of knowledge and perhaps you'll figure out why this game has p2w elements to begin with.

    sadly this thread has devolved to racial slurs and the typical toxic crybabys jumping onboard.

    You can't expect anything less, don't pretend that you didn't predict this just as everyone else. The thread is literally made for this. Also it's adorable how some people are gullible. Team's the same as "crybabys", don't be too blind.

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    Actually downgrading windows is just an alternate option that was given by one member of the team, so it's just a possible solution at your own risk, nothing from the developmental side. Now as far as "new client" is concerned, it's not here yet. In truth, everything people know about its scheduled release, is "soon". That's all unless you dig in.

    Fyi, try not to criticize too much, it's forbidden here.

    Limit it to one client per PC? People will use virtual machines.

    It is a lot harder to set up 15 virtual machines than launch 15 clients regularly.

    Limit it to one client per IP? Not only will this cause more problems for people within the same house, but people will just use VPNS.

    Ever heard of NAT, gateways, unique computer ip addresses..? In short, ip addresses aren't exactly the same on each computer that is connected to the same network. You could look it up, although I doubt this would come to this.

    Any attempt to prevent multiple clients never leads to a complete perfection. I could share numerous methods of blocking multiple connections per pc, just as I could share many ways to surpass any system designed for this exact purpose. Even the most wealthy mmos have these issues, but that does not mean it should stay as it is, convenient with no further effort required or consequences to face.

    I don’t think you understand the struggle of crafting too well. It takes FOREVER and A LOT of zeni to get from craft level 1 to 30. People who actually have the common sense to know that having to craft on every account (not character) is ridiculous. Not only does it take grinding for hours to craft, but it’s a huge zeni sink. And with this update account bound and gear/stones/etc un-tradable implementated, there’s no way people can’t or won’t want to craft knowing they wouldn’t be able to trade anything.

    I doubt he processed this idea reasonably enough, so there's no further information relating this subject. If it's about making upgraded gear untradable, then there's nothing to argue about this. The biggest elements of progression must be pursued by players on their own, meaning if a player wants to advance his current gear, he's going to have to work for it as everyone else. Buying already advanced gear from others is a major error because it ruins the foundation of "progression". Anyone with enough knowledge sees it the same way - one colossal flaw. Not to mention how supportive it is for exploiters to make real life business out of it.

    Speaking of crafted gear, I personally don't mind it being in the auction house as many players want more ways to get decent gear than crafting, so I'd leave rare gear as it is, but legendary gear is another story. The word "legendary" speaks for itself that it's the highest quality available, and yet rare gear seems to be rather conveniently similar or even better for non humans in most cases. I won't go into details with this mess anyway, I'd like to see how some of these ideas "come true".

    I would close whole trade, mail and private shop systems because they abusing economy and support bots and hackers, only market place should be here.

    He's right about private shops. When there's an auction house, what's the point of extra markets besides exploits?

    Funny is that nearly 60% of the playerbase gained their equip with multi client bugs and so on and now after 60% got it so easy you bring up a big update which make it waaaaay more harder to get the same equipment for new people that is unfair. This update is just good with a wipe. Without a wipe its just crap for new players that will never get it that fast like they got

    Wipe isn't up to us, the majority agreed that they want one, it's just one person that has a word over anything and only he can make the verdict. Other than that, it is obvious that with the implementations of these features a wipe is urgently required to balance things out.

    These ideas are exemplary and fitting, but the real concern is time and your capability to execute them. How long would it take to implement at least one of those ideas, knowing that preparing the client alone took a tremendous amount of time? Other than that, you basically mentioned the most relevant things this game requires. Eventually it will feel more like a modern mmorpg if at least some of those ideas come true, which only time will reveal. To be continued I guess.

    Those who don't like the idea of disabling multi clients, I suggest you to go and play some singleplayer rpg games, there's plenty of them. Mmorpg doesn't stand for "Massive multi client solo gameplay" to play with multiple versions of yourself and go through content that was specifically designed for groups on your own. Like it or not, cooperation in mmorpg genre isn't just a mere possibility, but a necessity whenever major group content is concerned. Don't forget what genre this game is.


    remove brown boxes, white stones and rare dogi balls from wagu machine and cash shop. :evil:

    Exactly, cash shop is supposed to be cosmetics and minor supplies (inventory space and such) nothing that would benefit player's stats. This whole wipe situation has many holes even as an idea.

    P.S, I find 1-30 more enjoyable than most.

    By taking it away you will notice an exponential decrease in the amount of people actually playing this game.

    Have you ever played any other mmorpg besides dbo? If not, the definition of "mmorpg" should be enough to enlighten you why multi clienting is a mistake. What's even more humorous, is this part "actually playing this game". I don't see how opening multiple clients and controlling them all to get through content that's been specifically designed for groups is "actually playing". Another ludicrous thing is people complaining about how easy this game is when they're the ones running with full buffs from their own alts. Not to mention the illusion of player base it makes. Yes, the population would seem to decrease, but only because a single individual wouldn't be able to open an army of clients and everyone would finally be able to see the genuine number of players online.

    Anyway, I've explained this before more thoroughly, but in short, with multi clients you might as well make dungeons singleplayer as it's not mmorpg at all.