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    I know this is asking for a bit much, but we should have a spectating option for budokai. It gets a little boring not being able to watch the fights & on top of that, we would have to wait until someone posts on YouTube or something to actually see the fights. So say it’s RO32/16/8/Semi/Finals and you have the options to choose which match you wanna go to, you can. P.s., those who are gonna say it “won’t happen,” that’s fine. I just thought about this idea now. 8)

    nice idea i like it, would be cooler if you could attend the match and watch it from the seats.

    it may happen everything will be possible.

    So i have a 144hz monitor, i want to know if there is a way to unlock the frame rate limit, because im stuck around 65fps, i tried using "nvidiaProfileInspector" but nothing changed.

    And if is not possible, i want to know why i get fps drops like every 2 minutes, i check my fps and it drops from 60-65 to 15! I know my hardware is not the problem because is pretty high end, i can play every game in ultra at 100fps or more, it is something related to windows 10 pro? i tried compatibility mode but the game wont even open if i do that

    Dbo has problems with windows 10, daneos gonna fix these bugs in new client i guess.

    Exactly. I mean the whole .000000001 saiyan gimmick is stupid within itself. That alone makes the whole human race feel forced in this game, especially with giving them Super Saiyan. New client should add more things into the story and be creative with it too.

    SumTingWong You don't want to "ruin" a story that wasn't finished nor good to begin with? K.

    SumTingWong has a point there pito, we need focusing on fixes and other important stuff first.

    Damn people should really just play xenoverse

    More transformations there and more stuff. lol

    This game got dumped years ago by the company.

    You have a point there, focusing on fixing bugs and other things is more important now to bring old people back and new ones.

    Dragonball games always have done the Frieza/Cell/Buu sagas that’s why i’m saying DragonBall Super stuff needs to be added since it’s still new and hyped. The goal should be to bring in new players, not keep the current playerbase as much as possible.

    Dragon ball super is too much for DBO, better is to add super saiyan 2 which is very easy to make just add sparks around character. But even if the story says humans have 0.00001% saiyan DNA, the game got abandoned and story not finished. So why not we tweak it and continue that story.

    If humans are weak to transform to other transformations beside SSJ then what about Nameks and Majins their race is pure, they should have other transformations too.

    Coming back into 60 cap and seeing people wear Goku Black dogi gave me a cringe binge.

    It did ruin the story, DragonBall Super does not exist in DBO timeline.

    You’re being selfish and im getting a cringe attack just from seeing how serious you are taking this discussion. You know damn well SSB will bring a whole new player base. This new client while still is good for the Cult Fanbase, it wont bring many new players. Really hype things need to be added like adding new TMQs, new transformations, new UDs, etc. that are based off DBS.

    Don't forget this game was unfinished and the developers decided to make another game with continued story that was xenoverse 1 and 2.

    If you have a look in west city you would see a TMQ machine that was gonna be added that i think it was gonna be android saga.

    Developers would have added other transformations and Engineer class but sadly it got shut down.

    Maybe making SSJ3, goku hair, vegeta's.. Etc as wigs is better idea. Like a hat, dogi which you buy from cash shop.


    I would like to show you a small video review of the new terrain textures that may be added within the new client. We need your feedback to know if you like it or not please.

    Good job continue upgrading the game.

    A quick question: will you retexture the skills too like kamehameha?

    If yes then will you be able to change the wave to any color like purple or black?

    Other thing I want to see is: in some way make leveling up harder. Etc would be like increasing required experience points by ~3% then it is now. The reason why I want this is nowadays to level up in MMORPGs is much more easier then in past and I miss that part in MMORPGs. So I quit a lot of new MMORPGs, because leveling up was to fast and made feel it unrewarding.

    Making leveling up harder is a good idea.

    Also i would like to suggest:

    -when you inside a party in a dungeon if it's full then you get a passive buff maybe an exp boost, drop rate boost or stat boost by 5-10% for example.

    -make exp harder to get from mobs in environment(outside dungeons) to make game more fun and challenging. That would make people farm EXP in a full party in a dungeon to level up making the game more Co-op based not solo leveling.

    -in dungeons make a new currency that you get from there but inside a full party only. For example we call it Kiri fragments.

    That currency you can exchange for items from a NPC outside each dungeon. These items depend on the level cap of the dungeon.

    -Make dogis can be dismantled, you get dogi fragments that you can craft a new dogi with it. Add the dogis recipe NPC in kokkara.

    Gib us new hairstyles and items bitte.

    New items already exist, the lvl 71-80 equipments (TMQ 8,9) . Also fran fran desert south files and i think it would the map for lvl 71-80.

    Also some items were shown in this video like class changer,hair salon, purple and blue dogi balls.. Etc..

    They should make solo mode in dungeons, you don't get drops in this mode but only exp.

    This mode should be limited like 3-5 times a day, and make it easier for 1 player.

    My idea is to make PVP/PK event in namek, that players fight over namek dragon balls.

    Make this event weekly.

    Whoever collects the DBs can exchange them with items from event npc.

    Would be nice to have PVP channel like in Black Desert, ppl here usually grind in groups or hunt other players drop is also increased by 20% is actualy most fun channel and usually u spend more time at fight other players than grind lmao.

    And make a punishment to people who kill other players like makes theirname red allowing people to know that he is a PK.