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    Don't limit to 1 that would just be a pain in the ass. Limit it to 2 or 3

    If you SERIOUSLY think that the only thing the game needs to change is the community, then you should play DBOG more, because the game is lowkey f-cked buddy.

    Just face the facts. It will never be balanced like you want it to be. I used to play it because i enjoyed talking with people and doing pve stuff.

    Whenever someone losses a budokai they complain in the forums about every single game aspect. Making threads on the forum won't solve anything.

    As i said enjoy the game as it is. And if you can't, don't play it.

    Second, the insane amount of gear that ruined the in-game balance.

    Ever since DBOG was a thing, people cried about upgrades, bugs, +15masterrace, and the other garbage that makes an infinite loop of arguing between F2P and P2W players, now I didn't start this to support one or another, the issue is, take a look at any good skilled player, and then take a look at someone who donated $300+, I can 90% guarantee you that these players in-fact have superior gear to others, Gears that actually could be kept by them forever, as Lv70 gear doesn't change much.

    I honestly think that Daneos should do a "restart" and wipe everything again, refund the spent CP, decrease stone drop chance to the half of this, make broken give -2 to -6 randomly, and lets start with a fresh card.

    I've donated $300+ i didn't buy any gear with items i got. Full +11 because i used to farm 6 ish hours a day. And theres alot of people like me.

    I don't see the logic in this because at the start of ob prices were cheap and you were able to farm few hours to get 20+ boxes and a fu%kton of stones. Also pretty sure those "skilled players" donated and farmed aswell.

    There won't be any more wipes and thats that. It would be stupid.

    Every few weeks same posts "pls wipe". Like get over it and enjoy the game, and if you can't enjoy it don't complain about everything just leave and spend ur time elsewhere instead of making posts like this.

    *Correction had +11 used 40 stones + whites. Broke everything. At +9 rn don't see a point of changing anything in upgrade system. It won't stop +15's from happening.

    The only thing that needs to change is this toxic community. Never seen a community this terrible in any game yet lol.

    It can’t. The games dead, especially with no updates for like 5 months now? Lol

    And the best part is ppl are getting banned for selling a stack of 100 stones LMAOOOO. I should put 2 stacks in ah. Gonna get banned aswell. Will finally be able to chargeback

    You also have to think about the fact some people live in different time zones, so the channels capacity is gonna fluctuate, sometimes I feel them a bit more full in the afternoon, sometimes its not that full in the morning, depends on timing although im still sure the population isn't as large as it once was.

    That moment when people don't read the comments and just repeats the same thing one person said over and over. Lmao.

    A big percentage of the community has jobs. They can't be on the game 24/7 to make it full. Theres alot of players when everyone is off work and have free time during the weekend. Not to mention different time zones, theres more players at one time than the other. Aswell as alot of the ppl just don't play cuz theres nothing to do in the game, no exciting content in the game just the usual shit, cash or farm and gear up. And when u do that theres nothing else to do besides budokai

    Most people have a set group that they do cc90-100 with and being able to also gear your other characters with just one would make the game much less tedius in my opinion.

    This would make it so players won't have to spend 75kk+ (gear and upgrades) just to gear their second character to do cc90-100 then replace it with the cc gear right after boxing them.

    This thread is about dogi balls and boxes not gear .-.

    I stg all the ppl that pressed no were ppl that think this thread is about making cc gear tradable