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    I want to know which classes are good to go in party budokai . I am a Swordsman which are good for solo Budokai but they don't stand much in party budokai and the available time available for me to go in Budokai is party budokai . So I am thinking when new client comes I will go with the class what you guys will recommend me for party budokai .

    Also are cranes good for party budokai ? And also what about dark warrior? I don't want to become a buffer or healer so plz tell me which class should i go with .

    I just wanted to share some of my ideas to improve Swordsman in PvP.

    1. Tanks wear reflect on armors and SM play on combos this makes them die so it should be nerfed very hard .

    2. Daneos is thinking to add armor penetration to the skill glaring slash but i would say there should be one more effect too that is , it should give additional duration to knockdown opponent . This duration of skill should be atleast more than 5 seconds so that they can use MSS on opponent while they are knockdown and the animation of MSS is about 4 to 5 seconds . This will help a lot for SM who are using CD KD build .

    I would like to know your opinions about my ideas .

    That back damage will not fix now. I think it will be fixed when new client comes and also debuff too. I reached lvl 70 yesterday

    And I am able to do about 3k damage on humans with my farming build and I was having +7 lvl 70 gloves and +0 lvl 70 sword. So I think when I will make a phisical PvP build, I can do more damage with upgraded gears around 7k to 8k damage. But won't be able to take out Namekians and some majins.

    I wanna see what Daneos gonna do to replace the prop debuff from sword...

    He gonna make a 30% less of each defense in this debuff? Maybe this option is going a little bit powerful

    take off prop from server is a critical thing to do

    Everything works around prop, players, mobs, bosses

    I thought about so many ideas for this debuff.

    First I thought the same thing like you but I was thinking for 40% but that wouldn't be enough to fight against tanky class. Suppose a player has 6000 defense and when using this debuff of 40% defense decrease than his defense would be 3600 which is still not good as swordsman don't have much attack power and Daneos will not give much higher than 40% so I think this should not fit.

    Second, one guy told to add bleed as fighters were having before in their needles so why can't sordsman. And I thought the same but bleeding won't be much effective if it's not op. So this doesn't fit as well.

    Now the what I think and can be suitable for swordsman that it decreases opponent defense by the no. of knockdowns the opponent gets. That means if someone has 6000 defense and if 2 knockdowns are given to him then his defense decreases by 2 so his defense would be 3000. I thought like this because Swordsman are a class who take down their opponents by making combos and not making this class to one shot everyone.

    Now this debuff should be enough if it decreases by 4 when maxed if done higher than this will make swordsman broken class and also it's duration should be managed if this idea is taken because for if it's for too long then the skill will be broken and if too short will not allow him to perform 4 knockdowns.

    yes.. i think this skill is the most important skill of the SW.. so i hope this skill come active on the new client.. I also think that the sw is not very easy to use because the greatest damage does it behind .. and obviously the damage to the back is bug the def buff and atk is bug .. so in short the SW has currently been killed xD

    The debuff doesn't work in 2.0 and back damage doesn't work in 1.0.

    But if you somehow manage to get your SM +15, then it does decent amount of damage and also if you have prop rings,

    this will make him even better for 1v1 and can be used in 5v5.

    Right now in 1.0 I am lvl 66 SM and grinding to 70. I would like to see how lvl 70 SM can perform.

    In the test server which they gave us , Daneos removed the prop system so if u use glaring slash in that server there will be no effect . So , right now he is thinking what debuff that skill should have .

    And yes if your opponent has props it will work . In my thinking this skill is something very important for Swordsmasters so Daneos should do something which helps Swordsmasters to make them strong again .

    I think if glaring slash doesn't have decreasing props then they should add the effect of decreasing enemy's defence as it is a curse type skill so this is the best option (I think) to improve SM and also I don't think they will improve SM in giving him attack power but decreasing enemy's defence will be a better option


    i thought of maybe making the upgrade system like a little minigame where you have to avoid the fails and brokens, like your cursor avoiding obstacles and as the upgrade level gets higher so gets the intensity of the minigame. Let's say you have +12 the speed and obstacles get bigger (like getting broken as an obstacle is really big) and that white stones give you like an extra chance maybe...? I also think purples and greens should atleast be a +2 instead of +1. I think they should be obtained throughout either the token shop, event boss and or maybe future challenge rewards

    This what I want to say ,but I want to add one thing that, when we use white stone than it should give a shield and this will be a good idea for white stones for this minigame idea