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    I just started playing again and finally reached lvl 30 yesterday, when I heard about this now. Pretty bummed out, because I'm a "quest completionist". Questing is sorta the most important part for me:. Not sure I wanna redo everything all over again.
    Tbh, booted up the game a few hours ago and ever since I read this I haven't really played. I'm sorta at the "what's the point?"-stage now. :(

    EDIT: nvm, just saw that those votes were from users after jan 2019.

    But I don't understand... Wasn't the wipe downvoted? Why is it then still taking place? Seems like the majority doesn't want it and shouldn't that be fair?

    If you are lvl 30+ u will get a Lvl up 30 stone after the wipe.

    thanks a lot for your help