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    No matter what happens this time round after wipe another wipe will not even be considered. However do not let that make you think 12 months down the line from now we will be in the same boat because we wont be. The whole point of the wipe is so we can implement the necessary systems in place to make sure another wipe will not even be needed let alone happen. The game can literally not take another wipe after this one, This is the final attempt to save the game and restore its former self.

    Rules and restrictions will be severely enforced after wipe as that has been a contributor to why we are in such state right now. Players who should of been banned and removed from the game have been given second chances and this will no longer be a option after wipe, As everyone by now should know after 3/4 years? right and wrong...

    The only problem i have with this is that you said exactly this the last time you had a wipe too. How am i supposed that this time my work won't be completely for naught when every wipe you do you say it's the last one, just to have another one down the line anyway?

    I agree. The only reason i played during the Open Beta was because Deanos said literally that there would definitely never be a server wipe again. And yet here we are. With another server wipe and the same promise over again. How should anybody take him serious again now? Why waste time on this game if they're just going to break their promise yearly anyway?

    Hey, i'm sorry if this was asked already, but using the search function i didn't find it.

    My question is, at some points during the leveling, opening the gift boxes gives you a +12 coupon. I could use the first one just fine, but since then all of them just say "Not Upgradeable (Duration)" when i try to apply them.

    I know they didn't work in the Pre-Open Beta, but in the Open Beta the first one at least worked. So any ideas? Also i just got this voucher so it can't be that the time is already running and it just ran out.

    I dislike the idea. How can you even dare to claim that this server is going to die because the programmer doesn't invest anything into it when the game is not even online yet? We have no idea how invested Daenos will be once the actual game is life. And i don't see how splitting the playerbase is going to help dead servers any?

    The "for the people with a life" claim btw is bullshit. Because
    1. That's pretty much a direct insult to every player here that has a higher level than you, because as you claim, all of them have no life obviously.
    2. This is a MMO. You are neither supposed nor required to get everything the game has to offer in a few days. Some people may need weeks to finish their first char, some even months. But yeah, if you can only play one day a week for one hour, don't expect to beat the game in two weeks. That's not the point behind a MMO. Especially not a Korea grinder like DBO.

    Also on a sidenote: Who you are does nothing on this matter. You could have leveled half the characters of the original DBO or be Daenos himself, if your idea is bad it's bad, and who you are won't change that.

    And for the record: It is a bad idea. You can do that if you have millions of players playing like in WOW. But everything that only has a few like DBO really cannot afford splitting it's few players up even more. You say raids don't matter to you but they do to other players, and if these players have even less people to play with because the players are seperated on different servers THEN this game will die for sure.

    But let's be honest, this is a private project from one fan of a old game. This is not going to be a huge commercial success, nor was it ever approached like it had to be one. It's just someone who liked the old DBO and wants it back. And that's about what you'll get.

    Actually, the pre-open beta is fanservice in it's entirety, since he could've(and maybe wishes he did) kept it to a personal group of beta testers.
    But I believe I heard somewhere he disabled the Dragonball event on purpose, in order to catch hackers who'd hack in the SSJ skill. He must want to figure out how to make sure they can't hack skills in for the future. (If everyone can get SSJ, it'll be harder to tell the hackers apart from those who got it genuinely)

    That sounds like bullshit. If that was the reason he could never add anything new at all because he could still catch someone who hacks it.

    The correct answer is the one he stated in his official FAQ: It's simply not finished yet.

    Also, you can't hack SSJ. You can use the Mr. Popo tool to look like one, but that is purely for the look and only runs on your pc so Daenos can't see if you use it anyway.

    Ah I've played a game that did that before, it also put your character into stealth for several seconds. Not sure if other players could see it or not though, but I know the mobs definitely couldn't. You could easily get away to a safe spot to heal up.
    Being invincible for a few seconds in DBO might work as long as you can dash :P

    Yeah. Star Wars The Old Reoublic did that. It made you go invisible for 10 seconds so you could get away. If you attacked the stealth was automatically taken away.

    While i can see the frustration in you not being able to play due to channel crashes (i'm not an AFKer BTW it bugs me too) i don't think that it is fair in this instance because the server when fully functional can more than handle everyone who wants to play it.
    Especially so when there is a mechanic that gives us tokens for things in the token shop that can ONLY be obtained by being in the game for certain amounts of time.

    We still have to remember that this is Pre-Open Beta so server overloads and closes should be and are the normal thing to deal with. Once the Pre closes and the actual Beta begins the AFK players won't be anything but visual things to walk by or check gear out on :)

    Until then you just have to put up with it as i highly doubt kicking them will be appreciated due to the token system (which will very likely also not be changed)

    3 things:

    First of all, i am not frustrated in the slightest. Just observing. It's a fact that this is a test. We are here to test, not to collect tokens that will soon be wiped anyway. And when there are 1000 slots to test, and 500 out of these are used by people who sit arround all day and don't do a single action then that's not what they are supposed to be doing.

    Second: During Rush Hour, which by my timezone is about 19:00 all 4 channels are usually full. If all 4 work at least.

    Third and foremost: You don't really think going out of Pre-Beta will magically make better servers appear do you? Because you can expect the servers to stay the same. Maybe the bugs that cause a channel to crash will be gone. But to be honest, right now these are the only ones that save us. At least when the server crashes we know that the AFKers get kicked. If all Channels would stay up, then in 3 or 4 days the entire server would be filled with only AFK players. Because while normal players log out, AFKers do not. That means there will be more and more of them untill all spots are taken by them.

    Same goes for abusive multiaccounters btw. That means people who play more accounts at once and then party up for higher drop chances and more XP and the likes. But at least they ARE doing something and contributing to the test.

    Most games just kick you after 10-15 minutes of doing nothing. And this game should too. The servers already have a very limited capacity. This capacity should be used by people who actually play, not by people who logged in 24 hours ago and not moved once since.

    chill mate i dont think i said something so you would tell me (live with it or quit playing untill open beta) and did i sound like i thought i was entitled to anything for playing pre open beta? i dont think so ,well the fact that we can already level up a new character and try a new build shows that it doesnt give you a headstart even a new player can do that it isnt even like a dogi to showoff that you're sepcial and that's the point

    besides u can see that in the end i said (Just saying) nothing like i wanted to force something i dont like when someone just throws things at me or anybody else

    Yeah "just saying" is a nice phrase isn't it? If people agree you get the praise for the idea, and if they don't have to answer to any criticism because "Just saying" right? Sorry that's a hollow phrase. It was your clear suggestion. And i clearly told you my opinion about it. Nothing to be upset about.

    Alright, I have been here for some time, This will be my first time posting on the forums.
    I did not read all 6 pages, I am merely speculating from the first page.

    This is a PRE-OPEN BETA. It was stated that there would be a wipe and you played the game with full knowledge of what was going to happen.
    The fact that you grinded away and and probably gotten to level 70 (if that is even possible atm I am currently lvl 27) You knew this was coming. The True Pioneers are the founders who have had access to the game before Pre-Open Beta. If anything THEY should be awarded with lvl 33 stones. Pre Open Participants should NOT be allowed to reach that thresh hold "Just Because" But I do agree that Pre-Open players should be awarded for testing and playing the game and showing their support in its early stages.

    I would be happy with just being given my choice of Dogi, and probably level 21 Weapon and Armor at +20 which should be more that sufficient to help you with your leveling to require your levels. I have GMd quite a few private game servers and babying your "Pioneers" is not a good idea. You will have "Elitists" being even more of a prick than they already are. You will have huge power gaps VERY early in the game.

    So you're saying we shouldn't be babied, but everyone get a free +20 set? At 32 i still have my lvl 20 +6 Dragonballwish equipment because it's simply better than anything i can currently find. At +20 i could probably wear it into the endgame.

    Something visual like a Dogi or maybe a "Veteran" or "Pioneer" title to display ingame once the Title system works, maybe. I still think that's way more than we deserve, but that would be a possibility. But super OP Equipment that pretty much solos the game for you? No thank you.

    well although he said there will be no rewards which i understand that we shouldnt have a headstart but how about a green book? getting to reset ur skills after lvl 70 so u can try another build well just saying

    No. Why would he? You can already just try a different build. Just level up a new char. You can look up builds on the internet. And of course when the reset happens anyway you can already use a new one. That's pretty much a free respec then.

    You're not entitled to anything. So you won't get anything. Live with it or quit playing untill the Open Beta starts.

    To be honest i don't understand what you are saying. Unless you didn't even bother to read anything but the very first post and ignored everything after that. In which case i understand because then you only have a fraction of the information. Please don't do that.

    To me your post consists of 3 parts.

    1. Pets can revive you. That may be for cash shop players. But even though, the problem persists. You are revived and immediately die again. The source of revival doesn't matter here. You get revived, you die without a chance of doing anything. That's not well balanced.

    2. Just don't die. That's probably the most retarded answer anyone could have given. A problem is not solved by simply ignoring it. If revival is broken then that's a problem. Sources of not dying like potions do not matter in this discussion. You die, you get back up, you die immediately without chance to heal up = problem. "Just don't die" is not a solution to this problem.

    3. Your actual problem(and it's really obvious you just made the others up quickly to hide that): You only play PVP and don't want to have the threat of people able to plan ahead for a fight. If someone gets revived you want to attack him once and kill him again in PVP. There is no way to abuse this as, just as i already said, when you attack something the invincibility should be turned off again. It#s supposed to make you able to heal up, not go on rampage. Stay out of combat = you get time to heal up. Enter combat= your own fault. There could be exceptions for PVP too.

    So to sum it up: 3 bullshit arguments, none of which have any merit to this discussion. Also, please: Don't use lol in a proper discussion. That just immediately disqualifies you from any constructive part in this discussion.

    For me i have the problem that when i revive, untill the animation finishes i'm stunned. In that time i cannot use a potion. And that time is more than enough for near mobs to attack and kill me again right away.

    Just making you invincible for like, 5 seconds after respawn would solve all problems. Of course the invincibility should stop if you attack someone. Otherwise people could abuse beeing invincible even if just for a few seconds.

    But give us enough time to at least heal up or get out of the danger zone. I for my part usually cannot heal up before i die again. Might be because of lag, but oftentimes, i die again before my potion works.