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    There is a lot to worry about honestly, if they change secondary weapon, they will need to change the skill tree for sub-class as well...
    Not a good idea imo, it will be better to just make more classes or more sub-classes, but, that's a lot of work.

    Great :) can't wait to see how 2.0 turns out in the end. I'm sure it's going to be wholesome!!!
    thank you for your hard work Verdant <3

    First do you know about DBO Client 2.0 Project, it was started with DBOG prior Project Leader and it's on hold with current until he gives enough content to keep players entertained while he continues developing client 2.0 project. So not a lot things can be add to game with original game's client. So there is still quite some things planned to be added with current client, so there is still some way left before he can continues 2.0 client project development.
    About Sort Function, we used to have it, but one of Project Leaders we had/have later found out from where some nasty bugs originated, so he disabled it, you can still see Sort button in inventory or bank as proof that we used to have.

    Well. i am just giving away some ideas i have in mind. whether it will work or not, that's up to the developers to decide not for me :)
    I just hoped to see some of the stuff i have mentioned and if some things made bugs appear, then no need to add them back.

    seems like a waste of time tbh, most things you mentioned are in the game

    Most of the things if not all things i mentioned aren't in game tbh, at least from what i've seen.
    And it's never a waste to add additional features to make this project much better than any other project there is.

    Hey guys, it's the first time that i am posting on DBOG Forums and i had some suggestions in mind that could work pretty well i think.

    1) Changing the UI of the game as much as possible. Now, i know it sounds a lot of work and it's not easy at all to do, but it's definitely possible!!

    • Change the Scouter top left screen to something else entirely
    • Changing the skills/exp bar location to the middle instead of bottom right (You can also make it that people will choose how they want it to look like making the bars dragable, which will be even better in my opinion)

    I think that my first suggestion will make an entirely new vibe to the game. and we all know that a new design can attract more people to the game.

    2) Adding a lock to an item. I'm sure it happened to many people, maybe not in DBO, but, it might had happened to them in other MMORPGS, where you accidentally delete and important equipment or items and regret it later on...

    • The lock can be on basically every item except untradable items such as Quest items.
    • The lock should also be on cash items and especially on every equipable item there is.
    • When the lock is on the it should be so whenever the user tries to sell an item and the item is locked, it will not sell the Item and tell the user something like "You can not sell locked items"

    3) New pets and pet skills

    • Would be really cool if we had a pet that looked like Porunga, Shenron, Giru (From DBGT) etc..
    • New pet skills and changes to it could be really nice.
    • Mailbox skill (can either be used as a pet skill or as a Remote Mailbox)

    4) Remote Auction House

    • Making a Remote AH can be really nice (can also be made as a pet skill instead)
    • Imagine not needing to go all the way to the market every time, when you can just grind and be in the AH simultaneously.
    • Can make it that they won't be able to buy items from the AH when it's from afar but instead can just look and go to the AH after they see something they are interested in, is also an option.

    5) Game Graphics and Items Redesign

    • We all know that game is very old school and changing the look of the game can be really nice, now i am not saying to change the entire look of the game, cause as an old player of the game i also like how the game looks like, and i don't want it to be changed by a lot, but, i do want some few changes such as items look, some graphics improvement, not by a lot ofc, cause then it will change the old vibe of the game entirely.

    6) Inventory sort and new look

    • Making a quick button to sort the inventory for potions,items,etc...
    • changing the design of different inventories, for example quest inventories should look like how the inventory look at the moment, but Z20,Z24,Z28, Z32 should each have a different look and color.

    7) Additional Skill sets

    • Instead of doing a skill reset every week or using an item to reset skills, we can just have 3 skill sets
    • Skill sets should have a default name such as (Skill Set, Skill Set2, Skill Set3), and will be able to be changed for whatever the user want.