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    My only beef here is removing Token Shop . It was a very usual for new players and low lever characters going for kid budokai . If AFK Players are issue just remove the token aspect and make it a zeni shop .

    Main Reason I stopped playing was cause of Tempest . He always had a stink eye out for me. Ever since DBO Taiwan . Now that he's gone so I've recently heard , i was thinking of playing again but thats only a small reason as to why i stopped playing . Other big reasons are cause I have other responsibilities now that I'm 25 verses when i started playing when i was 16 or 15 years old. If I play now . its mainly cause of yeah nostalgia and Guild Reunion time.

    I wish i had the time to really play but unfortunately I've lived my dream of Dragon Ball Online already XD

    Only thing that would really get me back is if this game was entirely remade in modern graphics , better Character customization like most modern Games. Anyway my list can go on.

    This is a very Big turn of Events for DBO , MasakoX has the eyes of Funimation , Toei and possibly bandi CO on him due to DBZ Abridged . This could spell 2 things for DBO .

    1 they do research on DBO's history and see NTL is not in charge anymore and shut this down to be mean or shut it down so they can remake it to make money .


    2 they see it actually has potential and contact Daneos with a possible Offer for DBO .

    I'm hoping for the latter effect here but only time will tell at this point but i can officially say that the melting pot has been stirred.

    Personal Opinion right here but i think Source Engine from Valve would be a perfect Engine for DBO . Cause what DBO is running off of is techinically Unity3D Engine

    Just a matter of opinion, I don't like the giant sized weapons :/

    i hate to be the one to say this but dude size matters . Size has always mattered and it always will matter. You maybe not like Giant weapons but some of us do. It's also a matter of a opinion. Don't like it ? Tough Dragon Balls buddy then don't use it. Its a cosmetic item not a stat booster of some sort that lets you level up another 70times to become LVL 140 , that would be unfair and then i'd understand and agree with ur resentment .

    Was just curious though but does anyone know or remember exactly how many Single Skill Point Reset come in the Box ? i know theres 5 at lvl 34 but are there anymore cause i forget after like 5 or 6 years ya know , Iast lvled to 70 was when HK came out .

    Imho Dodge Pots shouldnt be allowed for PVP Based situation period except use it for PVE and put it 3mins with 40 min CD that will even out the increase. Also other classes dont need dex anyway make sense Fighter Dex and including SM

    I'm sorry but i have to disagree with you; the donations are to keep the server alive. Wich is infact happening. Even the space where we are chatting costs money to run.Second it's not as easy and simple as you think. If you want an example, go online and look for how many WoW p. servers there are.
    Blizzard would have to spend a lot of time and resources to shut them all down with legal methods, and might even fail against some.

    But Blizzard has gone after private servers and no, its Blizzards property regardless they'll win 90% of the time.

    Here's my 2 cents on this subject here.

    Supposedly Daneos is from Germany , what are Germany's laws on Copyright and Fair use and the same goes for international Copyright and fair use. This needs to be discussed and settled. Especially since Daneos isn't telling us his full story here .

    From a Business Mans point of view.

    1.) Daneos is required to a bid by international laws and his own local laws

    2.) If Daneos wants the community to give him full support he needs to be more out going and less introverted (regardless of personal life issues , his hosting an MMO based on Dragon Ball for petes sake).

    3.) Daneos needs to address wither or not his going to purchase rights and if not needs to cease irl money flow for cash shop; make cash points an in game achievement or reward and set up a direct donation pay for the Servers hosting. to avoid any legal trouble at the most .

    4.) IF Daneos is serious about this undertaking he needs to show it a bit more and work on doing this right.

    Daneos needs to make a choice and he needs to make it soon . Cause choosing not to choose isn't really choosing.

    But Don't get me wrong though , i really want this game to last forever , i think we all do.

    Even if other people would offer free service, i don't think that he accept, because of the risk of being stolen (game files)

    He doesn't even own the Rights or the Game , so why would he care if the game is stolen?
    other than that , i got my answer for now . which sums up to wait and see. =_=

    I'm curious but how often and how many times does the game refresh itself in a day and if so what are the times ?

    Cause my Chat , guild and friendlist are blank and my guild members are asking when this will ware off and for an estimated time .

    - Steam Tank

    ( Not about the Bug but question itself only)

    what if ! does that mean this project is dead?

    This DBO isn't official in terms of legal rights , this is a private server meaning it not Official its fan backward engineered and fan hosted. In otherwords this is a back alley version of the Original game.

    I do agree that we should take more care about the community. The idea about having more developers is good too, but there is no way we can trust anyone. So I got to do everything alone. We have already seen what happens when you trust people (DBOR Files leaked).

    I have no intention about stoping with DBOG. Im currently working on a caching system to speed up the server and add another layer of security against cheating which requires a lot of changes at all servers.


    Daneos , I really am thankful for your hardwork but please answer me this . Why is the thought of having multiple versions of DBO a bad thing?
    i mean without Copyright Permission and if going under fair use , theoretically you should be making those files public knowledge and the fact that cash shop is a thing with real currency that alone makes this game a target for C&D from Toei and Bandi Japan. I know this has probably been asked billions of times but i just want to know if we're doing this for the right reason. Lets be real for a second here all internet rules aside . We are real people here , not some virtual AI's.

    I'll be honest right now and i bet a lot of others may feel the same but i'd be more than willing to buy or hell i want a copy of the DBO's Files simply for personal and private use with me and my close friends. Cause Shenron forbids if something happened to this game again . There needs to be mass back ups of it .