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  • que ladilla esperar a que arreglen el server xD
    PD: Parece que alguien me va a ayudar en ud 1 hard hasta lvl 40 xD

  • hey man sorry i deleted prevous crane guide i just needed to have it all organize in 1 straght flow for people to read I agree with your comments cranes need retooling a bit

  • I never said that i know Daneos formula, i used your formula with the example's given by Daneos. If you wanna see something nonsense look your own results. I Guess you know how to use a calculator.

  • Im still waiting the answer bro

    From where Daneos got 30.32% from 1200 hit rate and 1334 dodge?

    Im still waiting?

    or maybe u just talk nonses like it was a bad habit.