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  • Hi

    I'm sorry to bother you.

    I've been working on a complete list of GM commands/item ID/mob ID/... etc for use in private DBO servers.

    I already uploaded a first, far-from-complete document here: RE: Source Code

    I found a old post of yours @RaGEZONE, in which you said you'd have a complete list?:…-post8203148/#post8203148

    Would you please be able to share such a list?

    I have already found all item IDs in Table_Item_Data.rdf with TableEditor.

    But I'm missing tons of skill IDs, NPC IDS, teleport IDs, mob IDs (Cell-X, Bacterian)... and so on.

    You can just ignore this message if you want, but any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    All the best