New Rule Regarding Dojo War (Dojo Scramble)

  • Greetings Dragon Ball Online Global Community,

    Due to the significant number of reports and complaints that the DBO G Team receive every week, it has been decided that there will be new rule(s) set in place in regards to Dojo Wars.

    The following rule(s) will be added to DBO G's Game Policy:

    • No guild is allowed to abuse the dojo war system by creating fake (or alternate) guilds to challenge themselves under any circumstance. This means that no guild is allowed to disrupt the dojo application process by creating another guild (or having their friends challenge them).

    Any guild caught breaking this rule, will risk having their guild and the alternate guild deleted, along with the guild leader behind these fraudulent (false) wars will be suspended.

    It has been decided that all dojo wars must be fought in a fair manner and defended correctly each week.

    Game Masters will be spectating all dojo wars from now on to ensure that a fair fight is in order.

    Please note: A guild with 60 active members (for example) is allowed to split into 2 guilds and fight for two different dojos simultaneously. If your guild is strong enough to defend two dojos simultaneously, then that is fine.

    If you believe an alternate guild is used to defend a dojo in an unfair manner, please feel free to submit a ticket along with screenshots. The ticket will be reviewed by DBO G Staff and if the guild that is caught abusing the dojo application system is found guilty, they will be punished accordingly.

    Thank you for your attention.



    DBO G Staff

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