[EVENT] Vote for the next events!

  • Hello everyone,

    thanks for your input, suggestions and votes.

    I now realize I said NPC asking questions, oopsie. I wrote NPC but was thinking of some sort of dialog box that opens when you press a button (but I don't know what to name that, so my brain ordered me to type NPC -_- Sorry, english is not my first language lol).

    And spam wouldn't be a problem, since it would record your answer and move on to the next question, you can't fail and try again until you get the right one (I know quests do that, but this should be different of course)...

    There is possibility to make npc with questions, in game there is a few of them. U can add some sort of timer to this, 10 questions with a/b/c answers and here we go, the fastes one gets reward. This event could last for a couple of hours and everyone have to get one and only one chance.

    This kind of modifications -spawning an NPC asking questions with a dedicated event layout- isn't possible in the current server, but hopefully the big update that Daneos is working on enable us to do that.

    But I would still love to see you spawn custom bosses with modified loot Aru. Having a reliable event host with the necessary cmds is something


    1. can u explain what exactly do you mean with video contest what do we have to record?

    2. in-game quiz only for spanish or portugese is really unfair, better let them learn english so everybody can join.

    The video contest would have a theme like reenact a dbz scene or something like that. Doesn't need to be long or really well-edited, I think the most important is that you show you are having fun and that it is fun to the voters. I'd rather watch a fun video on goku killing a fat frieza (majin with frieza dogi) than a overly elaborated and edited video.

    As box said, I've already made an english one, so this is just including other communities. It's not the last event we will have more so don't worry about fairness.

    I want a CP event,
    where you can get cp if you do certain things
    but will be super hard :)

    We used to do some special contests with cp rewards back in pob for launcher design for example, but that's different from in-game events.

    After counting the votes, we have:

    1. In-game spanish quiz!

    2. Forum screenshot contest.

    I will make separate threads for each today or tomorrow announcing dates for next week.

    Thanks to everyone,