Question to Developers

  • Before you guys start a fight with me, yes, cause i have read the RED TEXT, i just wanna make a question to Daneos.
    Since the servers are stable now, and that that they updated the DBO LAUNCHER, in what step is the game at this point? like, 50% done?
    If so, what are developers doing now? Translating more? Finding more bugs?

    I'm not hurried about the game launch but im curious about what is happening to the game while we wait!!

    Thanks and cheers!

  • some developers take months to answer, so i asked here, a place that should have more then 1 devoloper and would be faster, anyways, he usually watch what is going on around foruns, and maybe some other players could answer me idk

  • Hay DragonH I thought this was a great question! 8o I love seeing updated info from Daneos but its great that he gave you/me/all of us an idea of what to look forward to in the next few weeks!! you get two thumbs brother! :thumbsup: no make it four! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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