Help me choose a class, pls :D

  • Yoh guys! I'm an old player (retail TW and the open beta of global, before the wipe), and i would like to play again this game. Just nostalgia :D

    Yet, I'm troubled about the class. I played SM, Karma, Chef and a little bit of Sk and Turtle. Tbh i'd like a class that can do pretty well in solo pve, since i don't have interest in pvp. I like to nuke groups of mobs (those pesky dragonballs, it's always hard to find them ç_ç) and to possibly find a group for CCBD and any other end game group activity, since i have never done them (Shame on me xD)

    Soooo, is there a class that have it easy levelling throu the game and give the possibility to nuke lots of mobs at once without having to rest? As far as i know turtles are the nukers that i love to play, but last time (retail) i had to rest so often (in ssj/kaio) that my farming session was half playing half dead time :rolleyes: Oh, and turtles gear seem expensive :S:S

    Perhaps an energy fighter with final effort? Or plasma? :/