Update On Server Attacks

  • Hey Everyone,

    It seems the server attacks have slowed for now. It looks like we've either fixed all the bugs they were exploiting, or they've gotten bored of the attacks. Either way, we'll continue to monitor the server and mitigate the effectiveness of each attack in future. With these kinds of things, it's usually not a matter of if, but when. Fighting these kinds of bugs is a constant battle, and we'll always do our best to keep the server up and running as much as possible. With that said, now that things are slowing down, we can start looking at opening back up talks for unbanning effected players who shared a VPN or network traffic accelerator with the attackers, that were picked up in the initial IP sweep.

    It has not been our intention to create despair for these players, but given that we've been devoting a decent amount of time to finding these bugs/exploits and fixing them, we haven't had the time to go through with ban appeals. If the attacks have now stopped, we can start looking at a ban appeal process for the innocent players. We haven't forgotten about you or abandoned you, but we had to make sure that we hardened the server against these attacks, and had new tracking and logging tools in place before we could start the ban appeal process. We're sorry for any downtime and distress this might have caused, and we'll start working on ban appeals when we can. As always, thanks for playing and supporting us!

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