PvP Bans - Multiclient In Ranked

  • Hey Everyone,

    As some of you may have noticed, we've just applied PvP bans to around 60 characters being used to farm Mudosa Points in Ranked Battle. These were players having 1v1 or party matches against themselves, over and over, to farm Mudosa Points to convert to Silver Equipment Boxes for selling. When we make changes to things like Ranked Battle to add new maps, new Mudosa rewards, and a reworked ranking system, the goal is not to give people a new way to try to exploit the system for easy rewards. The goal is to make a more fun experience for the PvP community in DBOG.

    The PvP players have consistently been some of the loudest, most critical players of our work in DBOG. Many of you claim to be champions for a fair, balanced game where the better players win. However, what you say and what you do are complete opposites. Most of the players doing this were never reported, and in fact, most PvP players will claim that Ranked Battle is dead and that they can never find a match, so it's better not to try, and it's better to wait for Budokai, or ask me to run extra Budokais all week.

    Results disagree. Ranked Battle has been full of these players for a long time, and if the PvP players were really interested in having good PvP matches available 24/7, they'd be reporting these people to us, but they're not. The players we just banned played a combined sixty thousand rigged Ranked Battle matches. They moved 32 billion Zeni's worth of boxes. Only one of those players was reported to us. The rest we found ourselves. Partaking in these exploits or defending them is a waste of everyone's time. We will find the players responsible, and ban them. Abusing these exploits or trying to hide the people that do, or making tickets after we catch you only slows things down.

    If you are a PvP player and you are tempted to complain about balance, or that the 30+ Budokais we run a week aren't enough, or that Ranked Battle is dead, or that 2.0 is taking too long, this is why. Every time you try to abuse the system or break the game or exploit things like this without reporting the players to us, you are making PvP in this game worse. You are making it take longer to finish 2.0, which we need to balance the game. You are making it take us longer to get to a Budokai rework, with all the things you claim to want.

    Every new exploit that you try to abuse is investigation time for us. It's time building a fix, it's time going through the database and finding all your accounts and punishing you. When you do this, and you refuse to report people for doing this, you are slowing everything down. If you want good PvP, play in good faith and try to use the systems we give to you. Give us feedback on what you like and don't like, and report the people who try to abuse or break the system.

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