Cannot retrieve account username

  • I apparently had an account here in the past (or at least, someone used my e-mail address to register an account, as the registration page says an account already exists with my e-mail even though I don't remember playing), but I don't have the username. I attempted to retrieve the username using the page provided here:

    Unfortunately, when I enter my e-mail address, it says it's sent a mail, but I never actually get it. I've checked my junkmail folder, and it didn't get filtered there; either the mail was never sent, or was deleted completely.

    It's possible that I may have accidentally added the address to my blocked senders list, but as I don't know what address this server's account recovery mails come from, I can't easily remove it if that's the case. I've already ensured there are no addresses on that list with "dbo" or "dboglobal" on that list already.

    I have been trying to recover the username for a couple days now unsuccessfully, so I registered here to ask for further advice.

    EDIT: Found the reason this happening. Turns out it's not my e-mail that's the problem, but that someone's already taken my typical username. Odd that the account name recovery system says it sent mail when there was no address on record; that made me think it was my e-mail that was the problem.

    I registered an account with a different username, but the same e-mail, and it went through fine. As the problem's resolved, you can close this thread.

  • Hey Nerva,

    I'll look into the confusing messages on the mail recovery page when I get a chance. Have fun playing!

    Rest assured, I have been, and I'm looking forward to more.

    If I might make a suggestion, mentioning the e-mail address that recovery e-mails will be coming from, along with a recommendation to the user that they make sure that address isn't blocked or spam-filtered, would be a good idea.

    Thanks for looking into things.

  • I don't think we can reveal that kind of information on that page. Anyone could just start typing in usernames and farming email addresses that way. We can add the notice about checking the spam folder though. I don't want to do a ton of work on this website because before too long (hopefully) we'll be working on the new one and won't have these issues.

  • I think I might've been misunderstood. I don't mean mentioning the user's e-mail address, that's absolutely a security risk.

    I mean the address the recovery email will be coming from. The address the server uses to send the recovery e-mail.

    Basically, let the user know what address they need to unblock to make sure that recovery e-mails actually reach their inbox. If they don't know what to address to remove from their blocklist or filters, then they can't exactly unblock you without killing their whole list.

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