some MOB hunting missions are taking ages to complete (big amount of players on server)

  • Hi,

    I posted this so people can help find a solution about the several MOB hunting missions wich take ages to complete (like big kowanga/shark scale saibaman for example).
    Since this takes away a lot of enjoyable gameplay experience for new people.

    I was thinking about an open tap system or something so whenever you help hit an enemy you should at least get your quest log updated to +1 kill ?

    But if others know better solutions, feel free to post it here in the thread :)

    Grtz Oxraider

  • Can't you just party together and complete the quests?

  • Can't you just party together and complete the quests?

    I gladly would :)

    But too bad some people just like to keep it solo and if some people act this way in the end you have a group of solo's standing around the mob's place all waiting to hit it first wich makes it boring waiting for all the rest and it kills the gameplay ...

    Ofcourse it would be a lot better if everyone just would play together, group up and finish the quest together but some people simply don't ... -_-'

  • You can punch a mob before they do

    Well that's how the most of the players think so like this: someone has to be first and someone has to be last so keep this in mind whenever there's a group of 15-20 solo players and I suppose no one would love to be the last one :D

    This will only result into several players leaving this game

    So this is why something should be done about it while it's still possible now being P-OB ...

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