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  • CCBD Patch is Here:

    -Attack Speed values changed for "Double Cluster Bomb" and "Attack Speed Shackle" skills to fit post-patch in-game values

    -Cooldown for all Transformations reduced from 60 to 30 minutes to fit post-patch cooldown (super saiyan, great namek, pure majin)

    -CCBD Titles, Requirements and Bonuses added in "Titles" Panel

    -@ccbd and @bountyhunter commands added to "Commands" Panel

  • This is a great app, because of my android version before I couldn't use it (my android version was a dinosaur), on my long trips I used to think about new strategies so this app is perfect for that, very useful

    Thank you, glad you like it <3. I'm working on a new update which should be done in a couple of days, and it's going to bring many improvements and new features.

  • Finally, the new UPDATE is ready and released. This might be the biggest update yet:

    -Full Weekly PVP Event Notifications and schedule now available

    -Notifications can now be set individually for each event and stay active until you turn them off

    -Active week/events will now be highlighted too in "Events" tool

    -Build&Map slots can now be named

    -Added reverse craft option (allows you to input higher-tier kit amount, for example if you want to calculate how many u14 kits are needed to craft 15 u56 kits)

    -Added all RP effect values and usable states for all skills. For example, you can now see exactly how much cooldown reduction you'll get by using RP, etc...

    -All skill errors fixed

    -Skill effects more detailed

    -New maps

    -New map icons (BIDs, dungeons, craft NPCs, weapons/armor/upgrade NPCs, hiding scouter merchants, goods merchants, etc...)

    -Added "Stats and Gear" tool for all stat effects for each class. It also includes the list of max stats for lvl 70 legendary/rare gear and base lvl 70 stats for each class.

    -All Boss attributes added to "Attributes" tool

    -Added all available Pet Skills and their effects for each level

    -Improved UI and performance

    There are many more details added to certain skills, but I can't write the entire list here as it would be too long.

    I have also added an option to donate for people who want to support app development.

    Hope you like the update, a lot of work and testing went into this.

    Feel free to share any suggestions, or report errors/bugs if you find any!


  • Another UPDATE released:
    -Added PVP Calculator for crit, dodge, resist chance and defense rate inside the "Stats and Gear" at the bottom

    -Added new hidden stats for Focus/Dexterity inside "Stats and Gear"

    -Added stat caps inside "Stats and Gear"

    -Added Bounty Target locations inside the "Interactive Map"

    -Added new titles

    -You won't be asked for notification permissions when launching the app anymore. It will only show up when you turn on PVP notifications

    -Minor Improvements

    -Minor Bug Fixes

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