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    Speed is fine, there are much more broken things that need to be nerfed. SKs, looking at you...

    Besides, nobody uses speed in pvp anyway (except some fighters maybe), so it doesn't affect you.

    What other players do with npcs is not my concern, live and let live lol.

    Wanna take down a boss without speed? You're free to do so, nobody is stopping you.

    Speed actually makes it possible for solo players to beat some dungeons, when they don't have a guild/party. A big plus in my book.

    Just my 2 cents

    While you are at it lets also ask to nerf needle / bold strike from the game cause they 1 shot players xD

    Needles don't one shot anyone except humans maybe, and that's if they aren't geared properly. Fighter has about 1% chance of winning against a good SK, and I'm being generous here xD. At least during current cap.

    Depends on how you look at it. There was a little more RNG before. Before, I think you had a 20% chance for a mob to respawn with the icon, and a 4-16% chance (after that) of the mob to drop the ball. Now the mobs have a 0.5% chance to respawn with the icon, and if they have the icon they always drop a ball. The event is also 24/7, so it's more available to players on their time, so it ends up being more dragon balls.

    Alrighty, thank you !

    I haven't played since the daneos announced there will be wipe (from what I hear he left the project shortly after).

    I have some questions before I decide to start playing again.

    1. Have there been any major changes to original game? Like new transformations for example, new dungeons, tmqs etc?

    2. How active are the servers? Is there a sufficient number of players on average?

    3. What's the current level cap, and what are the plans for future updates/patches ?

    4. And last but not least, will I get any of my old stuff back, since I remember I used to donate a lot back in the day for various items.

    I also had every single skill from shenron (all dragon buffs and ssj + htb2).

    Do I keep any of that?

    Thanks in advance!

    Until the wipe next wipe, the game will keep on dying, as soon as the wipe kicks in all hell will break loose. However, im not seeing this so awaited wipe to happen anytime soon, as time passes more players let it go for good and our dbo will eventually die forever :(

    I hope they do it quickly :(

    I haven't played since the voted wipe, how is the game doing right now, is it worth to start playing again? Will there be more wipes?

    Has the new launcher been released? If I start again will I still have the shenron skills (super saiyan and all the dragon buffs) or do I have to grind from zero? Also, what about the cash points? Do I get a refund or not?

    Why is paypal no longer an option when you want to buy cash points?
    The other offers look shady to me and too complicated compared to paypal so what happened?

    Is this thing even working at all, like ever?

    2nd time in a row it bugged (after saving gohan), I want my crystals back lol

    So as you can see, right after I killed fat majin, slim majin spawned, even though I only have fat majin quest active, pretty sure this is a bug lol