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    Cap 70 UPDATE is here:

    -Added U70 kits in "Crafting" panel

    -Fixed a bug with kit prices

    -Fixed a bug for time zones that don't have daylight savings in "PVP Events", meaning time will now be shown correctly in all time zones

    -Performance and UI Improvements

    -Minor bug fixes


    Finally, the new UPDATE is ready and released. This might be the biggest update yet:

    -Full Weekly PVP Event Notifications and schedule now available

    -Notifications can now be set individually for each event and stay active until you turn them off

    -Active week/events will now be highlighted too in "Events" tool

    -Build&Map slots can now be named

    -Added reverse craft option (allows you to input higher-tier kit amount, for example if you want to calculate how many u14 kits are needed to craft 15 u56 kits)

    -Added all RP effect values and usable states for all skills. For example, you can now see exactly how much cooldown reduction you'll get by using RP, etc...

    -All skill errors fixed

    -Skill effects more detailed

    -New maps

    -New map icons (BIDs, dungeons, craft NPCs, weapons/armor/upgrade NPCs, hiding scouter merchants, goods merchants, etc...)

    -Added "Stats and Gear" tool for all stat effects for each class. It also includes the list of max stats for lvl 70 legendary/rare gear and base lvl 70 stats for each class.

    -All Boss attributes added to "Attributes" tool

    -Added all available Pet Skills and their effects for each level

    -Improved UI and performance

    There are many more details added to certain skills, but I can't write the entire list here as it would be too long.

    I have also added an option to donate for people who want to support app development.

    Hope you like the update, a lot of work and testing went into this.

    Feel free to share any suggestions, or report errors/bugs if you find any!


    This is a great app, because of my android version before I couldn't use it (my android version was a dinosaur), on my long trips I used to think about new strategies so this app is perfect for that, very useful

    Thank you, glad you like it <3. I'm working on a new update which should be done in a couple of days, and it's going to bring many improvements and new features.

    CCBD Patch is Here:

    -Attack Speed values changed for "Double Cluster Bomb" and "Attack Speed Shackle" skills to fit post-patch in-game values

    -Cooldown for all Transformations reduced from 60 to 30 minutes to fit post-patch cooldown (super saiyan, great namek, pure majin)

    -CCBD Titles, Requirements and Bonuses added in "Titles" Panel

    [email protected] and @bountyhunter commands added to "Commands" Panel

    Just released a small update which adds an option to make notifications active/accurate even when the app is closed. To see the option, simply disable and enable notifications again and it will show up.

    (Most phones will put the app to sleep if it hasn't been used/opened for a few hours, which makes you miss notifications. To avoid that, you can use the new option to disable sleep/optimization for the app)

    New UPDATE released:

    -Added Crafting Calculator

    -Added PVP Event notifications

    -Added "Attributes", "Titles" and "Commands" panels

    -Updated Event Schedule

    -Added "Week" indicator to "Events" panel

    -More detailed Kaioken description (shows attack speed now as well)

    -Fixed a bug on smaller screens/resolutions that made tutorial buttons invisible

    -Fixed a bug that caused crashes on some devices

    -UI Improvements + added the "Close" button on "Help" menu

    -Skill names fix ("Spiritual Attack Rise" translated to english/latin)

    -Skill effects fix (Ki Burst (energy increase values now shown in percentage(%)), Skill Duration buffs (values now shown in percentage (%)), Cast Time buffs/debuffs (values now shown in percentage (%)))

    Feel free to share any suggestions, or report errors/bugs if you find any!

    Skills "Kami's Light", "Unleashed Spirit" and "Spiritual Scent" were showing "Increase Energy" instead of "Increase Max EP". "Quick Attack" was showing 3M for range instead of 28M. It is fixed now to fit the in-game stats ;)

    As requested on discord, new update adds "PVP Events" panel inside "Events", it shows full pvp event schedule + today's schedule in your time zone and has a countdown for all events.

    Just released a new UPDATE which adds map tool, gemstones, events and missing stats. Gemstones Tool shows all possible effects for each piece of gear. Event Tool shows you which event is currently active (and how many days are left), upcoming events (how many days until next event if no events are currently active, also shows which event is next), and full event schedule and info. There are share/load/save features for the map tool as well (without the browser sharing option because map tool on website is bugged and sharing doesn't work there, so I made in-app sharing possible). All of these features are available even if you're offline. Also noticed there were wrong or missing stats for some skills, or wrong spelling/translation, so fixed all of that too. For example, I added transformation stats for all transformations, missing cooldown values for HTBs and fixed wrong cooldown for storm strike at max level, fixed wrong EP costs for HTBs, fixed solar flare wrong hitrate reduction at max level, fixed wrong RP icon for duration and cooldown, fixed wrong HTB and dragon buff names, etc... All skills should match the in-game stats and names now, so the app calculator is more accurate and detailed than website calculator too. I also added a dialog check when trying to save build or map on existing slot, to prevent accidental overwriting.

    The minimum Android version requirement has been changed from 4.1 to 7.0 due to older versions having compatibility issues.

    Feel free to share any suggestions, or report errors if you find any.

    Hope you like it, enjoy!

    P.S. Some people keep asking if the app is trustworthy, so READ THIS if you have doubts.

    Speed is fine, there are much more broken things that need to be nerfed. SKs, looking at you...

    Besides, nobody uses speed in pvp anyway (except some fighters maybe), so it doesn't affect you.

    What other players do with npcs is not my concern, live and let live lol.

    Wanna take down a boss without speed? You're free to do so, nobody is stopping you.

    Speed actually makes it possible for solo players to beat some dungeons, when they don't have a guild/party. A big plus in my book.

    Just my 2 cents

    While you are at it lets also ask to nerf needle / bold strike from the game cause they 1 shot players xD

    Needles don't one shot anyone except humans maybe, and that's if they aren't geared properly. Fighter has about 1% chance of winning against a good SK, and I'm being generous here xD. At least during current cap.

    Depends on how you look at it. There was a little more RNG before. Before, I think you had a 20% chance for a mob to respawn with the icon, and a 4-16% chance (after that) of the mob to drop the ball. Now the mobs have a 0.5% chance to respawn with the icon, and if they have the icon they always drop a ball. The event is also 24/7, so it's more available to players on their time, so it ends up being more dragon balls.

    Alrighty, thank you !