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    the fact is if we have a better att.speed on kaioken, that will make us able to play any class in solo adventure (stop talking about mmo multiplayer game blablablabla its bulshit). The only stupid guys who are complaining about att.speed on K.ken are the pvp players (f*k them I hate you, the game changed too much because of them)

    Btw I doesn't play the game since the att.speed of K.ken goes to 5%. And don't forgot that it's obvious that many people stopped the game coz of that. I'm talking for them but I know they are lazy and doesnt even care anymore about the game so they will not come to agree with me.

    The only game I play in relation with dragon ball online is: "Checking the update every tuesday and hoping shit"

    Btw the vote prove everything.

    And that's logic, I agree

    I think its you who started to speak about the 5% somewhere in the forum... tell me if I m wrong. You are our spiritual ennemy :/

    Kaioken should give double atttackspeed, so the 20% wasn't op at all, you ruined Daneos' mind and he believed you and now the solo playing is boring as fck >< . When people will understand that some people HAVE NO TIME FOR PARTY PLAYING ( I m not talking just about me)

    Before the update I saw someone talking about "Kaioken gives only 5% att speed" and I was laughing of this shiit. And now I see that Daneos trsuted this person and I'm chocked because that fcked the solo pve playing. Stop telling it's a mmo multiplayer game because most of people don't care about this excuse!

    So please provide a proof of this "5% attspeed". I Even saw that kaioken gives "doubled attack speed" so it's even better than the 20% what it was. I already smell somepeople will say "HAHA omg wtf blablabla it will be too op omg are you kidding me wtf..." <--- trash people.

    I found some things today so give me yours feedback. in peace pls.

    So It could be fine to have this "double attack speed" but juste double the att.speed of main weapon+sub weapon

    Before all those update It was the only thing fun to play in solo pve. Now it's sad as fck. I'm lvl 50 Karma and i'm not at all a pvp player.

    I see people talking about "oh yea now people gonna try to look for some poko and karma to make party dungeon and other". Still bulshit because most of player have already their groups. And I still see many people looking for party and no result for around 30min. Or When I see some guys in front of UD and I ask them help, I see them moving but they don't anwser at all or just don't care because they're fine.

    TOO much NERFs KILL the game.


    I know for my horrible english but I try

    You are right. Was about to say same. They searching excuse over excuse, They Dont wanna udnerstand the fact that there are too much players like: "People Only want to go cc whit a Poko, Karma, ultimate Majin, Swordman and Healer" AND Thats ruining the pleasure to alot of people, I m in the same case as you.

    There's no way in hell daneos will make the event last an entire day. As i stated before. if any changes are made. one of the 2 hour slots will be moved to another day. 4 hours total a week to DB hunt

    Nahh xD of crouse not the entire day ahaha I was just talking about what Ultranovaxstyle said, that somepeople cannot be here the WHOLE saturday and cannot do the event at all. Thats what Xeoh didn't understood :) because he said: "there's no reason you shouldn't be able to make one(13-15) or the other(22-00). So yea, maybe the one of solutions, is your suggestion.

    Want to know if someone know how it is for "Weapon & Armor Upgrade Rates adjusted" and if can tell us :D

    Just making a poll to know about this fact and I hope Daneos gonna let us this chance.

    I m' curious to know what you prefer as second day for DB hunt. After a week apparox, I m gonna send a ticket to Daneos and explain what You prefer. Of course he will have the last descision on the second day.

    Good luck.