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    Personally I got a kick out of playing with friends than selling gear to people. Thinking back to TW server not many of my friends crafted gear. I didn't get into it. Was a game mechanism that I never touched. This kinda forces me too which can only be a good thing. Plus won't it make the good gear that's unbound ... worth more? I would guess it's going to drive the price up for that but I'm just a mere swordie looking for things to slice up!!

    Hey guys again my briliant ideas :D
    1st of all dont kill me i know its dev server and is for test, report bugs and etc but just for make it more enjoyable what about put a BOSS like Gero or something like that in any part which u think that we will almost never find (dojos doesnt count ). This will bring again a bit of fun to the server and also will avoid (i know that not that much but still) afkers in korin town :) Let me know your opinions :)

    gero is actually the boss of ud1 which is in korin map. The ud stuff and tmq are really cool to run through and grind for items etc. This should all be in the release for the game in beta im assuming or whenever they get ud and tmq done.

    I was Giving it out for a while until the request was to much to handle on my own. There's so much misunderstanding as well like, x50 question everyday about flying passive. When we cannot give that away. So I've just stop.However I don't mind giving it away. When I'm online and not working on something. Usually not often though as I also have a real job that keep me quite busy. The issue I have most with being online is when someone spam me, copy and paste same sentence every sec. Just because I don't reply. However they learn when they realizes that they are kicked off server .

    Aw right I was just unsure if you get that like normal in the quest or it was given by you guys. Don't worry you won't get spammed by me dude.
    I'm sure your head is done in of eager people wanting to get the Passives.

    Thanks everyone! Had a play about on it last night so good :). So do I have to beg someone for the Passive skills? Also are they restricted by level? So I'm level 6 or something would I have to wait till level 20 of whatever it is to get flying or will I be able to get it straight away?
    Thanks and looking for players to join!!
    In game name Truhan

    Hey i played dbo for 2 years on tw server and i miss playing! So i think i will get a founders pack but i have a few questions...
    Are the dev servers up all the time?
    What are the ss founders mounts like?
    What is the max level in the game atm and how often do they reset?

    Thanks for reading :D Cant wait to play against you and with you all soon!