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    They should get rid of this book in total, or make it available for all classes. And if they to it should do the same for male and female.. but ban it from Budokai! Need RP? Buy RP pots!

    I concur. Pretty sure this, and the fighter pot, was simply brought in to help alleviate the complaints of unevenness in classes. Sloppy band-aid fix.

    I'm more curious, which I'm guessing is on the coding side, of how initial betas with level caps will work... And how areas will be blocked off to prevent entry, like in retail. My inner geek needs to know how this'll work... :wacko:

    Nahh, I think Shenron should give 0 Zeni, and make your money the old fashion way of a regular MMORPG.

    I agree, to a certain extent. Keeping the wish at 500k would be sufficient, because most won't waste their wish on it. The few who are desperate will. So, while not 0 zeni, it's still not enough to convince most it's worth it.

    I don't like the term "Died", so i just kept telling myself that DBO is in Maintenance, a really really really LONG maintenance.
    That's how i thought until DBO:R and Now finally DBOG

    Hahaha! Good attitude. That's right. Just down for maintenance. Ignorance is bliss. I like the way you think! :D

    I totally Agree with you my friend , this will bring more Peace and more chances to get DBs but don't forget that it'll make the game alot easier , anyway i'd go for a week which 7 days ( 7 days = 7 dragonballs ) so you only Wish once every two months , this will be GREAT.

    I actually didn't have a problem with the way this was in retail. I enjoyed the DB hunting hours, and often found myself signing on just to do this event. If it was always on, it's just one less reason to 'check in' once in awhile for those casual players. Not all of us are hardcore. The drop rate was already crazy low, and I think it was just fine, IMO.

    Your idea ain't bad..! I would skip the "Global Coin" part tho.. Just give out Wagu coins on a low amount of course the harder the dungeon/tmq the more you get.. We still know what is planned with "cashshop" maybe all stuff there will be paid with wagu coins too.. Lets just wait and see what they decide..

    Dropped wagu coins is a good idea. Provided things in the cash shop were high cost in wagu coins, much like they were in retail, this would be a great way to encourage constant play. Having 'capsule' bundles of LP/EP regen items, etc., for around 700 wagus. Would keep from everyone having luxury items without trying hard.

    whats wrong being equal in gears ?? u guys are used to P2W games alot

    I don't have a problem being equal. But, if an upgrade system is to be implemented, it's there for a reason: risk for reward. It's not there to be a factor everyone must complete in order to be equal; it's an opportunity to be better.

    I literally had no idea it was different per-class... Something makes me think I knew this... but I don't ever remember acknowledging this in-game. Weird. ?(

    Did it twice, and words cannot describe the amount of anxiety that occurs whilst upgrading... would be nice for that to subside. I like the idea of it not destroying the item. There'd be no need for white stones, in my opinion, with the new upgrade plans of returning to +0 upon breaking.

    Achievements, thought I'm not too fond of them, would definitely increase endgame value and encourage continued support. Good idea.