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    i know but this game is about dragon ball and they try to be most same like the series and this is the super saiyan evolution like super saiyan 2 , 3 , 4 god and blue imagine one of them into the game it will be alot more fun and cool to play with.

    they can upgrade the tranformation of majin/namek i think they probably can do something to give this game another Thrills.

    i actually agree with this point, and am surprised everyone has forgotten about it, including myself. Everyone is treating this game just like any other mmorpg, while the focus should be towards the dragon ball world aspect. I totally understand why, i have had my share of people complaining in the forum already. however, many would be grateful if some effort is being directed to implementing this. be creative, dont just repeat the same mistakes over and expect it to work at some point.

    look buddy, this is really nice and all, but it is not possible unfortunately. they cannot add new content to the game, at least not for now. any suggestions that are made on this forum by other players are about modifying/changing what already exists.

    anything that was not in the original is not possible.

    I understand ur new, good try though.

    Alright let's take graphics out of this then. I haven't noticed the staff or Daneos himself putting any work into this game. Sure they announced a new client but that hype has already died down and by the time the client is released the game will be completely dead. Imagine If Daneos actually listemed to what the community wanted. The creators of Fortnite have been able to make so much money and keep the game fun because they listen to their community. Can you imagine how full DBOG would be if Daneos actually took into consideration anything the community/players say?

    well I totally agree with this and many other points that have been made out on this thread. that is why i said i didnt want to talk more about the downsides, i know they exist, just dont have anything more to add.

    plus i think that comparing fortnite to this game kinda backs up what i said :), well maybe i didnt specify the developers and community side of things.

    yeah sure i agree that daneos should be giving a bit more of his effort to the game atm, but please consider that he already has given more than that in the past, he also did mention that he is a college student if i recall correctly, so im pretty sure he's got a lot of catching up to do other than this game.

    and i really dont know why are u saying he does not listen to the community, then how has he been fixing all of these bugs in the game up until now? i do like to think that u meant something related to the game state, maybe class balancing, the famous upgrade system ive been reading about lately, grinding, grinding, wasting time on more grinding to farm items or level up, etc...

    look, personally i am new to the forum, so i dont really know for how long "the community" have been arguing about this, wishing that one day daneos would listen to them.

    im considering that daneos is doing this alone, he is a one man army, fortnite's team of developers is not.

    wtf guys, did you seriously compare a 10+ year old game to a modern game?

    xenoverse has new graphics and mechanics, of course it will beat this game. not to mention that it was actually created to work with every new console. well, this game was created using a rather good technology, except for the fact that the technology belonged to the year 2003!

    it is just like what others have said, most of us play because of nostalgia, and the fact that it is an open world dragon ball mmorpg that you can immerse yourself in.

    plus, this one was originally not released in English, so yet another reason.

    the story of the game lies in the idea that you are visiting the dragon ball world piece by piece, and this is a really nice way of putting it. it is unique.

    i think that everyone agrees to the fact that every single newly released game out there outshines this one, well no wonder, the game is more than a decade old ffs. i really do emphasize a lot on this point.

    this game was revived from a dead one in the first place. so its a zombie 8o. i dont wanna talk more about its downsides, i think that people here have explained enough already.

    *cough*plusitsbetterifyouhavefriends jk?(

    i think that this game is really nice, it just needs a bit more care from the big guys, if that is ever possible.

    the server is not full, it is currently offline because they are working on something, it will hopefully be available in a short while.