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    Hey what's up fellow Dragon ball fans!

    I together with my great pal Skg decided that we wanted to help this community/game to grow bigger by spreading the word around to people from all over the world. In order to do this we created a Steam group where you can invite all of your friends, they can invite their friends and thus Dragon Ball Online will keep growing bigger. You can find our Steam group here: Our goal with this is to support the team that's working with the game and also as stated above to help the community of Dragon Ball Online to keep growing and continuing getting bigger.

    I hope all of you want to join the group and help us out with this!

    Thank you for reading,
    Yours sincerely

    -UncleDrew and Skg.
    :saiyangoku: :saiyanvegeta:

    How is it a scam? A lot of people bought it including me, I recommend you to pay with PaySafeCards or Mint Game Cards they are really reliable if you buy them and redeem them to get the pipiload game cards lol and no one is forcing you to buy it, you buy it at your own will so if you don't trust it, we won't judge you who to trust but stop calling it a scam the way you talk is like amazon is the only reliable online store in the world, even so you kept moaning to me and others to send you the cards for free, it's really not cool and annoying.... so stop begging to play it for free and wait like the others or just pay like them, you have nothing better then us to get it for free. :pinch:

    :saiyangoku: :saiyanvegeta:
    - San Andreas Multiplayer ( Which is still one of my favorite games ever made )
    - Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER ( Huge fan of the series so yeah, I love it )
    - Dragon Ball Online Global ( Hopefully soon )
    - Grand Theft Auto V
    - Xenoverse
    - FIFA 16
    - Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    - WWE 2K16 & Digimon Story ( On PS4 )
    - And mostly Old ps1 & ps2 games.