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    I agree with a poll.

    Opinions from the players and staff of the pros and cons of this new update should be laid out as well.

    I see some people agree with the new update, but a lot do not.

    Should meet at both ends so we can all come to a consensus.

    To those who are flaming: Rioting is useless, members who share the same opinions should unify and file a complaint, not rant in a disorganized fashion.

    Players should recognize they have more power than they think when together.

    The players should make a poll yourselves, even if the staff do not.

    After a long discussion about the recent update, it should bring us to a conclusion.

    Remember, you're plausible when you take care of situations civilized.

    The staff has the final word, but let's hope they will reasonably consider what the players have to say.

    If you're talk about Korin's Spell, the one you get from those level 30 Crates:

    You'll have to Forfeit all your quests > Remove all your quest items in your "J" > Remove all quests items in your Inventory >
    Close Game > Re patch the game in English > Re-open > Done!

    Should work after you receive the Korin's Spell one more time!

    Yes, I see SSJ2, SSJG, and SSGSS being easy; but you have to remember that we must keep the balance.

    If we're going to do something for one race, what will we do for the others?

    Nameks? Fused with Kami|Nail would be a good idea to add onto it.

    Majins? Not sure, maybe make the males get on a diet? Super Buu.

    I really don't see them adding it anytime soon, unless they can balance it out.
    Remember, If you're upgrading one race, have to do the same for the others as well.

    Add new wishes like
    -rest the skill points if your level is higher than 30
    -if your skill points is full 69/69 then you can wish more skill points this wish will give you (5) points (you can wish it one time)

    give me your opinion about that :):D?(

    Wishing to reset skill points after 30 beats the purpose of brown books|reset books.

    The bonus (5) Skill points doesn't seem to be a bad idea. Though I do not see wishing for SP being necessary; I believe it's creative.

    All due respect, we're not a search engine man.

    Wanting to know what a word means? I usually go to
    But simply

    I hope these gentlemen above me, or I have solved your problem.
    G'day mate.

    Welcome Hyperflareman. Good to see new faces here.

    As a member of this community, I'd like to say, some reasons why people complain makes sense. and I know that you know it does.
    You say you play Xbox 360 games, if that's the case. Then you should be use to it, and be understanding of some of the reasons why by now.

    As a Gamer, you don't want to pay your $60 dollars on a game, and then it has major problems whereas you can't even play it. Because this is exactly the case.
    Some people who played an Alpha (of other games) never seen it this unstable. Even for Private Servers. But it may be tolerable for some people, and some people may not tolerate it.

    You're complaining about people complaining. If your heart is at the right place, then I agree. but there's already 5 other threads of this, if not more. Seems very much like dick riding at this point.
    Because that's what it is.

    Everyone here knows Daneos works hard. I don't see how you do, since you registered here yesterday... <--- (another sign of dick riding)
    Meaning, you just got here criticizing the community, when you don't even have a founder's pack, nor been here as long as we have. To sit, understand and realize what they're going through. But I already know you do, this is just a thread for attention.

    Also, people can say, they worked hard for the money they gave into this project, lol. People want to play what they paid for is all.
    Not like fathers get appreciation from their kids when they work hard at their job. That's life, what you want a cookie?

    P.S. Not like we told them to give us the release date. I see it as they shouldn't have. Now people expect things to be brought to the table.
    When they may not be able to meet the community's expectations. For whatever that may be.

    Man, I was wondering where I saw BatGirl from, and yeah. You're from HK.

    I had a character on HK, played that server for about a month not sure. Had a character called Kuriboh, he was a Crane. Lmao. Toma17 be nuking the hell out of the plat.

    I'd say it should've been chosen by the community, which is best to do. We even have a poll, but it seems no one uses it anymore.
    Also, I could not believe the Old Login Screen "Launcher" won. It had no special shape. No effort into it.

    I'm not going to be polite to the person that made it. Because he's getting something out of doing nothing. Yet others put a lot of effort into their's. It's like they won not because of their launchers but something else, lmao. ( I don't know, but I wouldn't have to worry about this if it was up to the community)

    I honestly thought Launchers like the Kid Goku was going to win. Because I at least see sweat and effort when I see those launchers.
    Made by the community, Chosen by the community. Doesn't that sound good?

    Lmao, I swear to god if I have to see that Log in Launcher every time I try to start up DBO. I'm going to think I logged in twice.

    This is the first time I'm reading that they're going to do something about White Stones. As you can see, I thanked his post because of it.
    Google Chrome auto corrected your name obviously. So yeah, it REALLY happened.

    I never said it WASN'T a fact. If you intend to want to go there. than both of ours are a fact. I don't see how you'd want to reply because I sent "opinion" instead of "fact". :| Haven't you heard the saying, Opinion is fact? That means, people that say their opinion can equal to a fact. Opinion means a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It means an opinion CAN be a fact. But not always. I don't understand why you'd reply because of that.

    You all have very interesting replies. I can't help myself but to reply as well.

    It won't though. I proved that using math btw.
    Also, stop putting Asians in a pedestal as if they are the gods of gaming. DBO upgrade system requires rng, asians aren't luckier then anybody else, what they do however is spend more in virtual games then anyone else.

    First of all, when you tell someone you did math, usually someone shows the full data of them doing it. Now if you can't show it, don't even put in your sentence, as it means nothing to that point.

    Now you put that sentence, as if you were commanding me. Never, never do that. I might end up getting banned.
    Also, "putting Asians in a pedestal" So, I'm calling them a God of the gaming because I said "They'd walk around with +15s in dbo?" Hm, interesting.
    You do realize...that this is an Asian game...right? So, just for this once, let's say I'm Italian. playing a Italian game. Shouldn't I be better at the game than regular foreigners?

    Since you said you've played since beta. I'd honestly suspected you out of anyone, to understand what I'm saying about that. Because my statement on followed behind truth. They were already walking around with +15s. I think for you to even get defensive about me talking about Asians, mean you have your own personal issues with them when you played. And it seems you still do.
    Sabin, I don't think they're god of gaming, some are just better than us at it, for sure. It's not like I'm hating. Black people are better in sports than a lot people. Did I call them a god of sports? No, but some might think so.

    But some can't accept it because of their pride. Because if I was any insecure about my pride, I'd take offense to it too bro.
    but I can accept it, because it's not a big deal to me. It's not like I base my life from a game. You on the other hand, could base it from your life, I don't know, as an individual I don't know who the hell you are. You don't seem to have that big of a name from your server, even tho you speak as if you were someone. So I don't truly know. There's no evidence on that.

    I had to take great time in making this post, because I've seen this happen a lot. I had to include analogies, so you would understand better.
    Because whenever you make statements. You never back up with any evidence. It's like a fool sounding like he is competent.
    How would we know? We don't, because there's no evidence being brought to the table.
    (Please don't get intimidated by my post, as I might have come off a little aggressive)

    But I took offense when you misunderstood me. I really did. As, it seem you were trying to get aggressive with a man.
    As advice, just watch how you say things, as you might can come off wrongly.

    Hey @Kiera I didn't know the dick ride express was here. You should think about buying a car for transportation instead. Haha just joking.
    What'sup boy. :thumbsup:

    @Trailblazing Barrager You're right, you really are. That's your opinion and mine. We'll just see what happens when the game releases. No need for me to debate about it anymore.

    EDIT: Now I'm done, Let's not ruin this community's thread with arguments. We're getting out of subject here.

    @Everyone who says "No" to not break.

    What I don't understand is,
    There's already items implemented into the game to prevent it to break. Why make White stones useless.

    Like come on, it's like everyone states their opinion, but forget about it. White stone was a thing.
    I say this because, they've been many debates about it, but never to include a very important item, the white stone. I hear this and that, but it's never apart of the conversation.

    Keeping it the same is WAY less work. It saves you the trouble of a huge discussion. As we were always the foreigners to DBO, so most of us were noobs compared to the TWs. Just because noobs couldn't obtain it easily, doesn't mean others couldn't. It doesn't really matter how long you've even played DBO. As I've seen people play since beta and still don't know about the game. (I won't call that person name, but it begins with a "J".) So It's enough hearing this part.

    SaitoSenpai said he got his to +9 from several tries. but I'm still waiting for him to say something about my reply of him using a white stone.
    Because your weapons do not break, unless you want it to.

    I also heard when you Fail you get a -1? (I'm not on board with that, that's a dense idea) That's ruining the Upgrade System. I find it already balanced.

    +15 isn't impossible people, It's somewhat easy when you've grown to the game. Hell, we already had noobs walking around with +15 sets anyway. I see it unnecessary to make it easier. You people keep saying "Let's not have it break" When it doesn't break unless you let it. White stones people. White stones. Thousands who played the game will tell you the same.

    What you guys need to know is, YOU DON'T NEED +15. There's +10, +11, +12 that are not hard at all to get with a white stone. If you don't like the system, my opinion is to let white stones be obtainable easier.

    +11 is good enough anyway. +15 is 2OP. I say only the people who very hard should achieve it. What's the achievement if it's so easy to get it? :/

    And for people saying it won't be that Easy to get if the weapon doesn't "BREAK" (quotation marks are because it doesn't break unless you let it people) is bullshit.
    You'll understand what I'm talking about when you see almost every Asian (excluding Saito Senpai) walking around with it.

    That's what video games are about right guys? Conquering the difficulties.

    I won't post anything about Upgrade System anymore, because I've said what I have to say, and this is my whole opinion about it.
    Nothing more. Nothing less.

    But I will reply to SaitoSenpai, because I'm still waiting for my answer of his results with the white stone. (Screenshot would be great too)

    I've been testing my luck on the Dev server with current upgrade system. 200 upgrade stones for both armor and wep. Purple and Green stones, I only manage to get to +9 other time I either got my item rested to +0 or back down by 1.

    I have not yet reach +15. So if you guys think with current system it's easy to upgrade to +15. Nope it's still hard, very hard.

    You should use the White Stone in the process to see what you'll accomplish, If you haven't already!

    Welcome noax

    Even if it worked. You wouldn't be able to play it. lol. (Until June 15th)
    And what is there to patch? I wouldn't know why it would be wrong.

    If you see something wrong, just uninstall and install it again lol and/or download the game all over.

    Why don't you open up a Poll while you're at it.
    -nothing intended by this, just a statement-

    I don't know about some people not wanting ANY changes of Retail DBO. I do find that hard to believe.
    Just certain things to stay the same, I can apprehend. For instance, some people want the item to break. Some people do not.

    I want the item to break. Struggling hard MMORPGs are a thrill, but that's my opinion.
    I find it to be easy to get +15 when my item is capable of breaking, simply because I was competent enough to obtain +15 being that as it may. Just as 100s of TWs.

    But the main reason I don't understand why people do not want the item to break. Because there's an item already for it not to break.
    Why change the purpose of the white stone. I myself do not want this. I don't really want to start a debate, but this is truly my opinion.

    Balancing (Class/Skills)? There's not a doubt that I'm on board with that.

    Level Caps? Level 70 Caps are fine. Yet I recollect an indication that Primo (SaitoSenpai) said. "This Project is to be better than Retail DBO." It goes something like that.

    Now, I'm not saying capping the levels defies this statement, but it surely would make it strange.
    I see it as back-stepping and a contradiction to their statement. Well, some may not agree with contradiction, but it's definitely unexpected.
    Also, a lot of people want their game back how it was, right before it was shut down, including me for that matter. (Matter of having the same Caps)

    I don't remember other discussion of changes, so if you could bring that to the light for my remembrance, I may speak on the matter.