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    Yes! So under the old system, it worked like this:

    • 4 hour hunt
    • 20% chance to get dragon ball icon
    • 4-16% chance to get dragon ball (after icon is already on mob)

    That comes out to a less than 2% chance to get a dragon ball, on average. Here's how the new system works:

    • 24 hour hunt
    • 1% chance to get dragon ball icon
    • 100% chance to get dragon ball (after icon is already on mob)

    The numbers of dragon balls dropped are very similar, but now it's available 24/7, and when you get the icon, you always get a dragon ball. Does that make sense?

    This is much better than the old system.

    Thanks Verdant


    We will be getting new servers for DBOG soon. The reason is the current servers are not enough to handle everything.
    The new servers will be much faster and stable enough for the future.

    Please be patient. The lag and crashes will stop soon. UxldYz8.png?1
    like daneos said in global update thread the old servers will be replaced by new servers.
    So, stay calm and be patient.

    Everyone knows open-beta is coming this wednesday. But i've got a question to ask. Will there be transformations will i be able to transform into a super saiyan or super namek.
    If possible if would be able to Transform would it do a change in power level or it would be to just get a new looks. You would get blonde hair and that golden aura around you .
    Will Transforming will give u better stats like doubled power level and strength,Speed, defence etc. (FOR Example: If you are doing 500 Damage to mob and u transform into super saiyan will it double your stats then instead of doing 500 Dmg u will do 1000 Dmg and If the mob hits u and does 500 dmg then after transforming will u get lesser dmg like dmg will decrease from 500 to 250.

    Now each transformation gives u better speed and strength. Like Super Saiyan 1 Boosts your power 2 times and SSJ2 Boosts upto 10 Times. Does this happen in-game when u transform of is it just to get some style and nothing else.

    Damage Stats: 200(Normal) x 2(SSJ1) = 400 Dmg(SSJ1) x 10(SSJ2) = 4000 Dmg
    Now if take a look on defence.
    Defence Stats: Getting 1000 Dmg (Normal) / 2(SSJ1) = Getting 500 Dmg(SSJ1) / 10(SSJ2) = u will get only 50 Dmg in SSJ2.
    In the final Speed. Will transforming increase your speed? Will u run faster fly even faster?
    Speed Stats: 1000M in 10 Minutes in Normal form x 2 (SSJ1) = 2000M in 10 Minutes (SSJ1) x 10 (SSJ2) = 20,000 M in 10 Minutes in SSJ2.

    Anyone tell is transforming of any worth or its just like getting a makeup from a Beauty Parlor. :?:

    Most of the times all the channels are full recently only 1 channel was online and all other channels was offline.
    But now all the channels are online again and they are not full. Thank God! for that.

    Hello, I'm a new comer to DBO & recently i've been getting lots of server connectivity related errors.
    I'm Playing the game and it's running fine after sometime not knowing anything BOOM!!!!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: .
    An error shows up saying you have been disconnected from the server. It's an annoying bug.

    Plz... Someone help i really hate it when i have to start the game again. ;(;(;(

    Don't know if there is any way to change resolution lower than 1024x768.
    I have a GMA 950 on Windows 7 and it lags in some places where lots of stuff is going on. If there was 640x480 the would run perfectly.
    I use custom Settings and Lowest Resolution.

    Everyone knows in DBO Global lowest resolution is 1024x768 . It will be good if they add other resolutions like 800x600 & 640x480. I have a weak pc & even on the lowest resolution i get 20fps. Which is really not that bad but if there was 800x600 or 640x480 resolutions i would better frame rates.

    It is not just me there many other players that run DBO Global on low-end PCs and they barely get 10fps on the lowest settings possible. So, it would be great that they add other resolutions (For Example: 800x600 & 640x480). Doing this users that still have old PCs would get better Frames.So, simply it is a great need.

    Everyone will really appreciate if they do this. :)