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    They don't need to be super humans, they also took too much time to do something agains't these people, perhaps because Daneos don't trust in people when it comes to this project? and that's our fault?, leveling requires a lot of time, farming requires even more.

    When i started playing pob back in 2016, i did it knowing that a wipe was on the way and even knowing this i just leveled 5 chars to level 70 and farmed a lot.
    The leveling in a day technique it's a just a lie, you can't do that on your own with fresh start, except that someone else carries you and still it wouldn't be possible unless these other person it's really op, has multiple chars to clear dungeons and all.

    Level 60 upgraded armors and weapons would affect in a great measure on the first months, then it should be on pair with other people, they can track those level 70 weapons, armors and delete them, that would take more time than just a general wipe, but it's how it should be done in the first place,

    It is saddening that people are being greedy; choosing their levels and items over the game's health.

    I hope people realize that if you cannot face the truth and try and improve the server's state (specifically via a wipe), you won't have a server to use those characters and items anyway.

    It's not greedy or selfish, they already wiped before and people started playing, leveling, farming again etc.

    You think that a lot of the people who left the game in stand by, will return if they know that the staff will delete their chars and doing so, the entire time that "wasted" on it?

    I wish they could just delete the level 70 items and duplicated items, give a kind remuneration if the people who has it didn't know what they were buying in the first place.

    I know that if a wipe happens again, i won't be playing and wasting that large amount of hours, as many others won't, i also understand that a lot of people doesn't care about the hours because they probably can play again and again and again, a weird quality indeed.

    Well, what you say does have sense for me, i don't think that giving speed is a real solution but it would be like an antidote for the current situation... so it would be a temporal fix unless they want the game to be broken forever.

    Well I think instead of throwing out random changes how about making a plan in which direction this should go and what should be the outcome of all these balances be. "Making everything balanced" is not detailed enough. You need to have a goal.

    Best example that something like that doesn't exist are the last patches.

    Well, before you work on something, you should have a goal in mind and in order to that you need support, like the opportunity to test this changes.

    ¿Whats the point of making random changes if you aren't going to test them? the outcome would be the same that the last two patches...

    This is not about throwing random changes, if you understood is about taking a direction, for example dw is a physical tank, the "best" tank in game, except that sk is much more better because of his high damage (tanks shouldn't have high damage), aggro skills and the fact that you actually don't need most of dw skills

    As many many in this community i have suggestions, but this can't be done by a single person, something like this requires a good amount of people collaborating with each other to get some balance.

    Hello everyone, im currently not playing this game but still keeping on date about bigs and minor changes so i wanted to discuss about class balance.

    I have noticed, as surely most of you did, that there is no apparent direction when changing skills (or perhaps there is but the team in charge doesn't know for sure) if there are many complaints, it's changed again, a good example of this are the recent changes to fighter and we know how it ended.

    This game needs a lot of work around class balance, personally I think it would be best to take all the classes, choose what it's role will be and start changing parameters such as constitution, energy, focus, etc.

    After defining parameters, start to eliminate or recreate skills, because to be honest ¿is it necessary to have so many skills? perhaps a 65 level cap would be more suitable to reach a good quality, because quality is important than quantity.

    The purpose of this is that each class would be able to beat others, with more or less effort but being able to do it with their own style, including party pve content.

    Attack speed should be removed or at least the possibility to grant speed to others, speed was in my opinion a lazy way for devs to not work on skills, if we compare it to skills, CCDB is a good example of how broken it is, and skills are just too boring because of the huge lp points of the mobs in there.

    To finish this possibly useless thread... i know that doing something like this would take a long time but if we really showed something, it's that we are patience, Daneos can create a test group to achieve it, i'm sure that there are enough volunteers.

    ¿What do you think?

    WTF?!! I can't understand it... I get the explosives a lot of times. I'm going to try in other channels, maybe it's that.

    As Quvades said, the explosives are for the wooden door, then for the second you need a bottle of oil that you get from the second murasaki after completing some quest.

    for the third and last door you must use a lever that is closer to a giant robot

    Well, i don't see how someone would prove this, atleast that you were recording a video before of that and during that incident, because anyone can play foul and say "i was here before",

    I farm on papaya and got a few of these incidents when someone came and just steal the mobs in front of you, mayority of the were turtles and sk, turtles with their kame and sk with their 35m aggro, the good thing is that i'm a dark warrior with decent +12 claws, infinite heal and the most important thing: i never give up my spot, yes i treat it as my spot because i'm farming on the place since minutes or hours before.

    The only thing that you can do in these cases is to fight for the place, i came upon to steal farm fight of straight 30 minutes with sk, turtles and dw, and most of them leave with less drops than me, and they always leave because as is frustrating for you, they can farm everything and it's a lose of time, other resourse that i use is a direct threat "i'm gonna follow you everytime i see logged and steal your farm, lets see if you like that" and hell i'm up to it.

    This is not a rule but a code that you can follow or not, i never try to steal others farming and if i come and there are mobs but the guy was selling i just leave without issues.

    I'm using speed now because of these changes, honestly is fcked up, he killed cc spam for many users on wich i'm not included.

    Speed party is just trash and instead of encouraging the use of normal parties with tactical play Daneos just forces players to use speed want it or not,

    If the wanted to avoid players from spamming cc90 he should have focused on those later floors, because as Echo said, mobs with 200k lp just to delay you and making cc more tedious than it was.

    Las ventas en el juego son muy anarquicas, un ejemplo es el level up que cuest 100cp y se cobra a 13kk o más, mientras que un z32 cuesta unos 80cp y se cobra a 8-9kk, un kid clock a 24 etc.

    A lo que voy es que los items se cobran según la demanda y el precio que quiera poner cada uno y no tanto en su valor real.

    way better than the other build before :D but yeah maybe better to max glaring instead of might didnt try,

    Rank 1 Reduce attack and defense attributes by 16, Rank 6 =30

    you sure its worth to skill it up? +14 seems to be a bit low for 5 skillpoints.

    Might is worthy if you secure the critic, and 14 props are a lot, anyway at level 60 i would try to have both cd skills maybe the first one at 1sp + 30 from mayor speed up, and spam 2 skills, there isn't much room considering pasives and kd skills, but i would try something more like this…0021100401540514501540010

    it,s a boss box not hero ... the doji drops from hero enemies and tmq

    As far as i know a hero box count as any other hero enemy, the problem with the doji drop is that the update clearly says "in tmq" so outside of tmq shouldn't drop at all, according to the thread of course.

    This capsule contains a random NEW dogi/costume accessory. It can drop from TMQ Boss and Hero enemies.

    Well why are you so sure that the next cap is level 70 instead of 65? i honestly would prefer to have 65 if comes in a month and then 70 if comes a month later, but if that is not the case 2-3 month straight to 70 would be good for me.

    I have no intention of improving level 65 gear at all, and i won't stop playing even if 65 is the case but i just expect for 60-70 quest to properly work.

    I use 3 z32 + one z24, pick everything and start selling by using pet skill, then continue doing that until i have every slot with mistery items, usually get 1 stone, sometimes 2 or 3, so i don't see the point of removing them.

    Also are you sure that if you remove them, stones drops are going to be increased?

    Poko deveria ter um regeneração de ep e seu foco poderia ser atk speed, se bem que não entendo o porque da cajado do poko ser 1400 de atk speed e a luva ainda e melhor com 1100 de atk, justificar delay não tem nada a ver, o Poko deveria ser:

    -atk speed melhor que os demais.

    -sua skill de speed e de defesa deveria ser em area.

    -seus pet ter as skills que eles usam ( skill no slots ).

    -Sua passiva master com soul e focus.

    So you want to increase his speed ability, that's really bad and cheap, poko is a summoner, improve his pets so people starts using him as a summoner