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    Przenosimy się na inny serwer którego alpha wystartuje 24 września, serwer ten zwie się dbozenkai, nie wiem czy gildia będzie ponownie zakładana iż nie chce mi się już w to zbytnio bawić zawsze mogę to dołączyć do kogoś z was jeżeli ktoś oczywiście będzie grał i założy własną gildie, także co? widzimy się na nowym serwerze? :D

    Piszę ponownie ten temat, ponieważ moderatorzy usuwają mój temat z linkiem do discorda pomimo że nie ma zakazu xD. także jeżeli chce ktoś dołączyć do discorda podaje swój nick abyście pisali mi pw wtedy będę wysyłał zaproszenie, nick z discorda Waris#5140

    The fact that i'm not using upgraded gloves (lvl 65) and only pure speed is showing that speed may be a bit 2 overpowered.

    Daneos has already written that attack speed does not like him and he will probably do something about it

    apparently you did not read right what I said friend. Let's go there. the game that I said and great today right, they as well as Daneos if they forgive me the words (if they screw) to be where they are no company, they wanted to play their game, they opened their own company and that's what I meant. so it's good to read each line carefully before you say absurd things so people do not misunderstand. I hope you understand the comparison I made.

    the comparison is pointless, because dbog is not the official version of the game, the version we play is a private server that can not be as extensive as a regular company, if the developer announced that he is a large company that deals with this game, he will be immediately sought by Bandai, who owns the copyright for this game

    I hoped that anyone can explain me the actually Blackscreen problem. Sorry when it's the wrong threat. About that "lvl29" i said: everything works yesterday evening. almost lvl30. today i wanna play to be on lvl30 but the blackscreen after channel choose jerks me out....

    Wrong threat, sorry guys...

    this problem has already been fixed

    It's how I say it, the best way and the dialogue.

    If the team talks to the players, making lives in the twitch on youtube wherever it is to talk to the players has everything to go forward. You must mirror the owners of this game here> Warframe. since they launched they do it and that's right. If you see or try to find out about them, you're going to keep your mouth open because they ate the bread that the devil has made and today they're so full of money and they continue to talk to the players about everything, projects, new chars, They ask what the players think is not well seen, it's not legal, we go back and change we try different. And I think Daneos has that same potential. It's just a look at what he's done for us with dbo. I believed that one day dbo would return and Daneos was the only one to make it happen. So I think a little talk between team and players will contribute to a better game.

    do not compare the game that is run by a huge company, where dbo is run by several people, those few have no time to talk to players because they are busy fixing the currently existing problems

    This Waris guy is either a complete moron or just a bad troll.

    I am curious. Lets say it is decided to go with wipe now and people decide to give DBOG another chance.

    How many more wipes do you think people can handle and how can people be certain that there won't be any more wipes in the future and that their effort will not be in vain? I for one am questioning myself if I should continue playing in a case of wipe, because I really do not want to do tedious and repetitive tasks over and over again (CC anyone?) to get good gear, good stats on it, upgrade it and then just to see it gone, again, some time in the future...

    You're right, cast out your sorrows and regrets, everyone has your ass in the ass, you're another fence that only cries on the forum, I have at least what to laugh at when you cry, good luck with what you do and cry on the forum.

    Ps. And they should give you ban, then there will be peace in the forum xD