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    You forgot to mention that Storm Strike's RP cooldown bonus is 5 seconds now. In other words, physical Fighters STILL can't farm anymore.

    As for everyone pre-complaining about this affecting the game's non-existent "balance", just check the Budokai results soon. I doubt it'll make much of a difference.

    Karmas and Ultimates are the best at PvP, PvE, and 5v5. Therefore there's no excuse to say Fighters and Plasmas are "meant" to be a 5v5-only class or DWs are cool being PvE-only. I know nobody would want to make Karmas/Ultimates useless at PvP to make them "a PvE class", so saying that just means you don't care about balance at all.

    compared to many other classes fighter is fine right now. They are awesome in 5 vs 5 and strong in cc dungeon. The problem with them in cc dungeon is that no one wants to take fighter. 1 reason for that are the high lp floors, fighter without an op waveclear skill will just take too long but against bosses they are great.

    They're good, but awesome is overstating it. They're not Karma/Plasma/Dende/Ultimate/Turtle-level good. Cranes and SKs aren't far behind either.

    But "strong at the CCBD"? Are you high? They take way too much aggro spamming needles, and with speed Swordsmen are stronger in every single way. STILL Swordsmen aren't exactly popular, often replaced by Turtles, Cranes and even Chefs. Fighters do nothing other classes don't do better.

    Ah don't worry we will never get a balanced dbog because people are not thinking about all classes or all aspects of the game. It is all about how to make every class viable for 1 vs 1 budokai...

    This game needs more higher-ups who actually care about PvE in general......

    They block everything resist everything and 1 shoots humans with +10 stick when ur +13 or 14 maybe even +15.

    Fighter always gets invitation to join party budo unlike sword or crane cuz they just cant 1 shoot every1.

    Fighter always passes prelims cuz dmg is insane unlike again sword and crane.

    Its now useless to even upgrade ur gear vs fighter cuz either way you will get 1 shooted. Im +13+14 sword will all con 12 k lp + 2x 10 props and i get 1 shooted by +10 stick 13k dmg. Can try using anti crit but chance of blocking that crit is 1/3. Anyways fighter was strong even be4 this retarded buff. Now give a look to crane, sword and plasma those who main these classes are now loosing hope when strong classes gets insane buff and the weakest gets left behind again and again

    1. Ever fought a Budokai-level Karma? Even with full DEX you'll resist once every 2 rounds at best. In retail, 50% of the time a Karma would Shout into your Kidney Shot and that'd be game. But I'm guessing you're just judging from Martial Artist vs Martial Artist battles, which are the biggest casino battles in the game.

    2. That's the one thing Fighters aren't garbage at. Party Budokais. Not incredible either, they're easy to kill and interrupt with their pathetic resist, but if you're okay relying on some luck you can get results. But even Plasmas are above Fighters in 5v5s, so that's no reason to say Fighters are "fine".

    3. You're right, many Fighters do pass prelims thanks to their easy kill-steals. Which makes it even more amazing how they've never actually won a single Budokai, don't you think? You'd think with 10 times the amount of Fighters, there'd be more Fighter Budokai winners.

    4. You keep talking from the perspective of Swordsman vs Fighter. In the grand scheme, both classes are garbage at solo PvP, and both needed to hit harder to counter other classes. Naturally this means they kill each other in the blink of an eye. Swordsmen could one-shot Fighters too back before the crit damage nerf. They just need a higher upgrade level. But that's the price you pay for having combos, infinite RP, and all the cool strats Swordsmen get that Fighters don't.

    Fighters got their buff before everyone else. That was the only problem. But definitely not them being "strong already" by any stretch.

    They shouldn't have touched them for now. Fighters did good so far.

    There are other classes that need rework far more than Fighters do atm lol.

    Why would you think that? Look at all the Budokais they won. 1. By a guy using 11k dollars on stones and skill reset books to use SSJ and HTBs every round, then chargebacked and understandably left in frustration.

    And don't forget their CCBD problems. Either you have enough good friends who happen to be experienced, overgeared enough to make up for your lack of usefulness, and are the right classes....or you pay CC91 tickets to get in. And if you DO get taken along, what's your role?'re allowed to deal 1on1 damage if it doesn't mean your immediate death, or have inconvenient mobs chasing you in circles while the rest takes care of business.

    Anyone who said Fighters were fine are either other human classes fighting them in PvP, or ignorantly graded them by their damage on plat rather than their performance in Budokais and the CCBD. Sure, Plasmas and Pokos needed buffs first, but Fighters were in no way fine.

    What's your problem guys if I had installed DBOG I could easely farm with my 60 Fighter, with my Dende Priest's EP Support, if your with full CDR Gear and spam maxed Wolf Fang Fist with CDR RP and your Super Saiyan. :D

    Farming with Wolf Fang Fist.....yeah....okay. ; You have fun with what you're doing....that's all that matters in the end.

    Daneos just doesn't know what he's doing. If people say at day 1 something's bad, it's an emergency to nerf shit like crazy even if it's not relevant to the complaints. Even though people were wrong about perma-invincibility, if he wanted to stop the ignorant complaints, all he needed to do was reduce the cooldown RP to 9 seconds instead of 12 so Fighters would be vulnerable for 4 seconds instead of 1 inbetween attacks.

    But no. Remove cooldown RP entirely!
    Then double the base cooldown!
    Then reduce invincible time to 1 second!



    Honestly, I've felt for a while this game is doomed, and seeing this just reinforces it for me. Lvl70 making everything right was the reason I kept grinding up stuff for then. But I stopped playing a few months ago because I realized the lvl60 flaws were carrying over to lvl70 too. I was also afraid Fighters would be in the "pay for CC91 tickets" viability-zone forever. I got pretty excited when Fighters finally got some non-RNG input. But the game doesn't acknowledge your invincibility 'til 0.5 seconds in. You can't counter Shout or any immediate attack with it in-time either, so it's usability is very limited.

    It'd take forever to accomplish anything spamming a weak Storm Strike while allies spam RP for you, and you might get 1-shot inbetween Storm Strikes since you're not wearing props....but it's still a great idea to reduce incoming damage if you were in trouble and wanted to stall, or needed to slowly do AoE if nobody else could. It was a great safety and utility buff for the least safe class to take to the CCBD, perhaps enough to finally get them out of the "pay for CC91 tickets" viability hellhole. But's gone now.

    Just wondering, really a question, no bad intentions at all, do balance team test the future changes in game in all the aspects? Pve, pvp, etc.

    This change supposedly has been implemented on the dev server and tested for weeks. I dunno if it was actually ready for release yet, but I guess Daneos just freaked out at the backlash and instantly threw out nerfs the second some people made theories that were clearly already tested.

    I can definitely tell the nerfs aren't tested whatsoever, though. Daneos casually removed physical farming from Fighters entirely.

    Aaaaand Fighters are officially back to bottom-of-the-barrel at PvE, yet somehow even worse because now they can't use Storm Strike to farm. GG, Daneos. Way to listen to some guy's instant impression who didn't even test his own theory. Did you also think Karmas were endangered by Fighters because someone in the thread said so? Or that the remark about perma-invincibility in 5v5 was true because someone theorized so?

    Those impressions should have proven how uninformed and untested their theories were. Because if they actually TRIED them, they'd have noticed how flawed they are. Even in the Budokai with these buffs active, no Fighter came out on top. That should've said plenty about how "broken" they got.

    But no. Don't bother giving it time and let the results come to light. Just create a backlash releasing only the Fighter's buffs, then go along with people's first theories on day 1. Glad to know we'll never get balance.

    So the balancing phase has begun! Awesome, but I was afraid this method would happen. If you release all the buffs for 1 class instead of doing all the classes at once, the game will seem more imbalanced until all the other classes get their treatment. (....I mean, okay, the game had crap balance before now too, but now the unbuffed classes stand out more)

    Thankfully(?) they're not gonna dominate Budokais because Karmas exist, and Ultimates are still fairly strong against them too. But hey, you guys can finally take revenge on SKs, I guess. :P Also, Turtles benefited just as much from this boost, which is good imo.

    Skill "Storm Strike" now gives a 2 second invincibility buff at any level.


    This skill has a cd of 24 sec with cdr gear it's 12 sec. With rp decrease 0 sec. Fighter can literally tank all cc bosses without gear.

    Not as OP in practice. Even if you had infinite RP to spam it, you're vulnerable during the beginning and end phase of the skill, as well as during the windup and the time the game takes to acknowledge you activating the attack. You'll still get hit, and at the cost of defense+attack power from props. It's a good PvE buff, but Fighters were easily among the least useful/safe classes to take to the CC.

    Hope in Daneos' custom client we can get an extra option to make gear un-scanable, and some item that saves our current dogi stats, overriding the need to wear silly hats, masks, halos, wings all at once for stat boosts.

    Ahhh....the scum of the game, now prey to it. Unfortunately we can't revert alot of the damage done by them, but I'm MUCH happier seeing this late than never! Let me put out some advice for everyone to send these guys to jail

    - Make you sure you check calm/mediocre farming spots on multiple channels, and that you have your recording software on beforehand (I use OBS). All it takes is 1 frame with their name on camera. After that, their vanishing act only proves their guilt.
    - Check more obscure places than just the usual Papaya spots sometimes. Botters will hide in places like Fear Land if it means less chance of getting caught, since at least that place still earns them U58 stones and U55 whites
    - The vanishing bots will often auto-relog onto a random channel after some minutes. If you didn't have your recording software on before when you saw them disappear, use that chance!

    - If you're suspicious of someone not currently botting, add them to your friendlist and Instant Transmission to them later when you see they're in a farming location. Just keep in mind the 100 stone AH sellers are likely just the botter's alts.
    - Wait a while. Many botters just went into hiding thanks to the announcement. But it'll only be a matter of time until either they get greedy or ignorant new botters come into play.

    One player I know for definite still bots suddenly switched to playing normally the second a Discord announcement was made. ^^ It definitely put the fear in them.

    Option 2) reset rank every week. take the top 56 players ranked in that week into the tournament to fight it out for single pvp and allow dojo seeds to get remaining 8 spots. (this is more preferred forces players to fight for spots dbog team would have to monitor rank on ch 0 to ensure no one is

    I agree the prelims are biased, mainly thanks to kill steals...but unfortunately, Ranked is a terrible way to keep track of who's best.

    First issue is that whoever does Ranked more gets favored over who plays better. Some +8 Fighter could play 500 matches over the course of a week. He'd be in the top 56, having won 50 of those matches thanks to the infamous Fighter luck.

    Next is resources. Sure, some +11 guy killed a +15 dude. Except the +11 guy used autopots and senzus in ranked when the +15 didn't, so how much "better" is he really?

    Finally, not everyone has time to do a crapton of sparring matches every week. Hell, the GMs don't have infinite time either, and if they're going to use it to police DBO, then they oughta hunt down bots instead.

    There's no point balancing the PvP platform. If people want you dead, they'll storm you together if they got to. In the middle of a fight with someone else, you may have a random Turtle blasting you just to dash out of the ring so they can't be punished. Some people will have access to every class' buffs and a healer on the side while others have only their own power.

    Korin's PvP plat is just for fun. It isn't designed to be fair, or to be an indication of the game's balance. If you want to fight for real and see the game's balance for yourself, the only valid ways to do that are Ranked or Budokais, especially Budokais. In Budokais people won't withhold their senzus, autopots and everything they got to win. Only tryhards waste valuable stuff like that in Ranked sparring matches.

    Usually a suggestion to fix one attack just screws up a class against another. The most recent that comes to mind is the change to shadows knights life steal to energy attack. Although this helped humans be able to survive Sk's life steal it basically neutered them against dendes and ultimate majins. since they can heal damage faster than what they are losing it.

    4 SKs won Budokai this month alone, all of them different people. The rest were 2 Karmas(Flundaa x2) and an outlieing DW. If SKs are still the leading solo PvP class by such a landslide, can they really complain they're "neutered"? Especially if none of these wins are from actual Dendes or Ultimates? On both a casual level where humans don't wear energy armor and for PvE, that fix even acted as another buff for them.

    They only complained because of the initial shock of getting nerfed, not out of logic or desire for balance. Anyone playing any class will react negatively to getting nerfed, so instead of nerfing OP classes to the ground too much we'll just have to buff the rest.

    Or the Back crits added to all skills that list 1.5x crit. this idea worked well for swordsmen because they severely needed it but It also increased karma back crit skills which ultimately makes them too powerful. karmas don't even need to chain stuns as they can 1hit ko from behind humans.

    That's all the more reason to have specifically buffed the damage on a Swordsman's skills, rather than mess with global variables like "all back crits"

    Even good ideas made by the public or balance team get shot down because some folks want the game to be as close to taiwan as possible.

    sadly this way of thinking will lead to the same disaster as the last game.

    Well, something needs to be done. Because currently almost every difference from TW has made the balance worse. Sure, this fake lvl60 cap and some unfixed bugs are at fault too, but some classes got more undeserved nerfs than others, all 'cause Daneos keeps messing with the framework. We either make this like TW unchanged, or we go all the way and make a new balance that'll work better for all classes, even those who weren't good in retail.

    But we HAVE to stop trying to redefine what every global stat does. That's the biggest reason we haven't gotten balance to this day.

    So I've read this guide and saw several other builds and I have an idea what to do but... I can't really decide if i should go physical, energy or hybrid. I saw many physical videos, is there anyone that can explain the difference more and/or show me something to help understand?

    Most swordsmen will tell you to go physical. It hits the hardest and has plenty of utility for PvP and end-game dungeon PvE, even if it's not the best choice for farming or questing. I try to give arguments for both sides, though. Energy and hybrid swordsmen are obviously better for farming and have a little more utility. They're not waaaay behind in damage compared to physical swordsmen either. In fact, using energy/mixed attacks can be a good tactic to cut through your enemy's defenses, who will often have physical defense stacked against you.

    If you're not sure, go physical. It's both easier, hits harder, and your auto-attacks are physical which will be important in speed parties. Swordsmen are terrible at farming anyway until they get specialized max-level equipment. They're at their best 1v1.

    This is pointless if you think about it. If at lvl70 it becomes super-hard to go over +10, then people's current +15 lvl65 and lvl60 gear will remain more viable for the longest time and then the botters, chinos, cheaters, and lucksters will win ANYWAY.

    If we assume Daneos actually does something about the botting and cheating before the lvl70 cap, then we can all have a more equal real start at becoming equally powerful rather than give the cheaters this massive headstart by making lvl70 gear a pain to upgrade.

    We need to quit thinking in "muh longevity" and start thinking game quality. Remember, anyone who really wanted to could have +15 gear, because the rates are easier on everyone. There's zero logic in complaining how people are more OP than you because of easy upgrade rates, because that means YOU could've done it too, but simply didn't. The issue here is botting and general cheaters. Let's focus on that rather than pretend we want RNG to screw us all over.

    I'll make a confession, just last week, I manage to upgrade both my lvl 60 pants and stick which was both at +0 and into +12 after a few greens, purple and a bit of red, blues and white and after I made them both to +12 amd realising how easy this has become, I think I made a mistake putting all of that upgrade thread that I did and I want to say srry that I did. Although I will not agree with breaking the item like it did in tw, I would say that when you get a broken with white, it should give -6 to the gear, which will set you way back.

    You were lucky, then! It cost me a good hundred advanced stones to get where I'm at, and I was satisfied with +12 weapons and +11 armor. IMO, if the upgrade system has to be made harder, then we should add a chance for reds and blues to add +0 on success. The backwards-progress-and-getting-weaker thing because of shitty luck is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, and is the reason EVERYONE hates this crappy upgrade system.

    There some moderators who have been around for a while who know the ropes and in my faithful opinion should be promoted to game master to assist with the game master duties. Im talking about Kakarot and Kuromi.

    both of them have served faithfully as moderators I think it would be time for them to step up and assist the gms

    what you guys think?

    Absolutely. Those guys have done a great job, and the more motivated Game Moderators DBOG has, the better.

    Hell, why limit it to GMs? If you start offering an advanced upgrade stone or something per botter caught on video, I'm sure more players would be willing to do what I did. Just turn everyone against the botters and make it known how to catch them.

    is easy just track the money.

    first we looking on market who selling millions of stones, then we look where he send the money/with who he trade, daneos can check it. Same with stones we can check from who the seller getting the stones, is simple all what you need is time and some effort.

    It IS easy, but the GMs are not doing it, so it remains our biggest problem. I reported and got about 25 bots banned by just flying around for a few hours and recording people's botting habits, but there's STILL a ton of bots left, selling hundreds of stones at once, likely the alts of said bots.

    I understand Daneos not having the power to put in anti-botting measures atm, or wanting to waste his time hunting down bots manually....but the least the GMs could do is do what I did, some random guy recording botters. If every GM worked together to hunt down bots and reported it to Daneos, and Daneos did a little investigation to see which accounts are linked to the botters, we'd be settled.

    And no, we can't let bots run loose 'til Daneos puts in anti-botting measures, because by then they'll have all the zeni and gear to thrive in the lvl70 cap, and everyone will suffer for it.

    When 70 cap hits this list will change slightly in my opinion. with fighter jumping up to top tier (3rd place) due to there resistance and ability to dish out unreal damage. Dendes would fall to mid tier as they will suffer in 1v1 pvp, and pve they aren't looked for as much compared to pokos in pve

    at the 70 cap.

    In my opinion Grand Chefs will fall to low tier when 70 hits im too tired to give reason thou :(

    If lvl70 does make Fighters like retail, they'd "only" be high tier thanks to how little they contribute to PvE....except I'll seperate the lists then, so nvm.

    Chefs get the full 60 DEX/STR from their passive already, while Fighters only get 25. That early boost elevates them so high on this cap. Still, I think a Chef will remain slightly viable at least in PvE parties, and maybe party PvP too. Their spins remain OP and their buffs are still useful, so they just might make it to the bottom of mid-tier.

    this is awell thought out list good job echoson. Althought I believe fighter should be a tad higher in the mid tier range instead on the bottom of mid tier. Dendes probably are ranked a bit high in my opinion if you stack anti para gear with energy def some classes could handle 1

    Why's that? Sure, they can beat even equal geared classes with enough luck, but that's just them at their peak. Imagine a Fighter class that doesn't crit or dodge. I'm sure everyone would call that class bottom-tier. Well, sometimes Fighters don't crit and they don't dodge. Hell, often they miss stuns thanks to their crap success rate. That's why no Fighter's fairly won Budokai yet. Cranes and Chefs are both much more useful in PvE, and also have Party PvP appliances just like Fighters.

    As for Dendes, yeah, they'd be below SKs/Karmas for sure if it was just solo PvP. Hell, maybe even below Ultimates and Turtles. But they're still high-tier there at least, and the absolute BEST for PvE and Party PvP to the point of literally being required. So I think they deserve the spot.

    Trust me there are hell a lot more geared Dendes then there are geared Ultimates. Between FaZe and Paradise, there's only Skedar and Spory(If even, not 100% about Spory) who have the gear required to be relevant in solo PvP. While there are Dendes like Foriuken, KingHealer, DevantesZ and Sned which is a 2:1 ratio. Possibly 3:1

    A lot more players feel safer about investing zeni into Dende gear over Ulti. Correct if I'm wrong, but I believe Flundaa's the only Karma Majin during the lv 60 cap that managed to win Budokai.

    If only Flundaa won, then only Flundaa knows how to use Karmas to their best potential. Being easy or difficult to use doesn't make you high or low tier. Fact is, a Karma beat every other class available 8 times in a Budokai, other Karmas included. Tiers are just a representation of results and experiences. Even if a class might have potential to be better than all others, they only become top-tier after they achieve it with results.

    However why's Karma Majin ABOVE Ultimate Majin? The only time a Karma's viable in any sort of PvE party is when you're in a speed party,

    When we talk CC55-100, the hardest parts of the game right now, 99% are speed parties. Karmas are needed for speed parties, Ultimates aren't. You can use a Chef in their place. Meanwhile, if you don't need a speed party, then the dungeon you're doing is prolly easy, at which point the Ultimate isn't too much more than a luxury. Either way Ultimates don't become "more important" than Karmas for high-end gameplay, At least not necessarily more than a Karma. At least not at this lvl60 cap.

    I'd put Ultimate Majin as #1 over Dende Priest for multiple reasons

    The difference between Dendes and Ultimates is that Dendes are practically required for alot of things, while Ultimates are "only" highly recommended. You can take a Chef and Plasma in the place of Ultimate and Turtle, it would just take forever and you can't afford to make dumb mistakes. But the CC with no Dende is just no-go.

    I don't see Ultis having that major domination in solo PvP like SKs/Karmas, nor being more than "highly recommended" in party PvP and PvE. They are the #1 powerlevelers, though.

    Fighter is definitely top teir and so is turtle. Fighter can oneshot really anything if their weapons are strong enough. Karma should be at the very top and although dende is strong its only high teir. SM and crane are also high teir classes if you know how to play correctly. The top Teir classes are Karma, Fighter, Ultimate, Sk, Turtle in that order. Before I would probably put sk above fighter and ulti but after the lifesteal nerf no.

    Hold're not looking at the rankings OR the overall picture with PvE included. For example, the only Fighter who won solo Budokai used 11k cash for perfect gear and skill reset books to HTB2 and SSJ his way through most rounds, while many SKs won 12 Budokais and Karmas won 8. Both of those classes STILL won tournaments even recently after their nerfs, while Fighters and Ulti's didn't.

    Remember, we're not talking plat battles or leaderboards(easily manipulated), nor are we talking retail/lvl70. This is lvl60 DBOG.

    It's true an OP Fighter can beat even high tiers with enough crits & dodge, but that luck isn't sustainable for a Budokai. When you consider how many Fighters have passed prelims, even me both times I decided to attend, you know they've had plenty of chances to prove their worth. But they never did, and the stats show it. Their mediocre results against high-tiers with equally OP gear, as well as them being arguably the worst PvE class, makes them mid-tier.

    I disagree with some things. 1st turtle should be in top tier. They have everything to be good in solo and party PVP and PVE. Their kames crit as much as fighter needles and they are aoe. Also if you consider slow, aoe stun, sleep, spammable skill lock, their buffs they are just as broken as SK and karma in 1v1.
    Fighters in your list also should be much higher. That most noobs play fighter class doesn't mean it is a trash class. If properly geared they can defeat anyone.

    Well I also disagree a bit with dendes. Yes they are one of the most usefull classes in the game, but they are not that good. There are a lot of people maining dendes now, so ofcourse there are going to be some people who can master that class and even win budo. But 1v1 dende has so many disadvantages in PVP against most of the classes.

    But Turtles are not required in PvE. The first class to go in a CC party if they want a Fighter/Swordsman/Plasma/ the Turtle. Which holds true here too, like shown in one of Kakarot's recent streams. You wouldn't throw away a Karma, Ultimate, or Dende. You could toss the SK if your Ultimate's awesome, but then SKs have waaaaay better results in Solo Budokais.

    What usually seperates High from Top Tier in my list is that the high tiers tend to lack statistics to back them up. Dendes have more results in solo Budokai and are more necessary in both party PvP and PvE. I don't buy the "more people use Dendes than Turtles/Ultimates" argument. Humans other than Cranes are all really common, and you'd know that looking at any guild or prelims match. There's no numbers to back that claim.

    Fighters CAN defeat even high-tiers if well-geared and lucky....but that's the problem. Only if they're lucky. Crit/Dodge RNG isn't sustainable for an entire Budokai. Only 1 Fighter ever won, and that was with questionable methods. It's easy to see buffed Fighters one-shotting people on plat/prelims and think they must be high-tier, but that rarely applies in ranked/budokais against higher tiers who can (out)match their gear.

    Best example is DW who is best open world solo farmer (cuz Energy Siege + aggro skill to protect your spot) but he is at the bottom of OP list

    Yeah, DWs would be top-tier among Plasmas if I had a farming tier list. But honestly, farming's only like 8% of the rating here. Being good at end-game farming is legit useful, but you're only saving time in the end, not accomplishing amazing feats. That's why I don't find it that important for overall viability.

    I recommend both weapons with critical damage, using thunder + blitz with karma or poko buff. You gonna hit harder with speed.

    That's not necessarily better. Blitz Fist won't stack with the Poko speed buff. And Thunder is a short lived once-every-4-minutes buff, requires a ton of SP and gives a 10% p.attack boost. Yet SSJ+speed party buffs gives a 20% p.attack boost, is permanent, and has none of the downsides. The higher base damage and other bonuses from SSJ, permanent speed, ability to use skills/debuffs, and lesser SP cost evens it out. Also as nitpick, with pure crit%, Thunder, and speed party buffs you'd only get to 90% speed.

    Ty both for answering my questions. I guess I will try yo get 16% attack speed on each of my weapons bcos I don't want to use thunder

    As a fighter do I need to upgrade my gloves bcos I focus on my fighter skills not my martial art skills

    If you want to be efficient with Big Bang and Final Flash, yes. They require your gloves for optimal damage. Also, if you ever go with an attack speed party, you'll ALSO need strong gloves.

    What equipments and stats are fighters gonna use ( I heard they are fragile in pve ).

    They are fragile everywhere, but if you get attack&defense properties on accessories, upgraded craft/TMQ/CC armor and plenty of CONSTITUTION you can mitigate that alot like any other fragile class. Dexterity is a powerful PvP stat since it lets you ignore stuns and crit more/harder, but in PvE that's not as important. Being a DEX-Fighter is like playing Russian Roulette. You'll feel the rush of being an unstoppable badass....until you get one-shot.

    In PvP where you only need to crit a few times and dodge one or two big moves it's worth the risk, but in dungeons where you have to dodge dozens of those deadly AoE attacks, it isn't worth it. So long as a Dende can heal you, you'll survive forever, but if you get one-shot or just killed in the blink of an eye because your luck ran out, there's nothing a Dende can do.