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    First of all if you are interested in Swordsman I reccomend you to check youtube channel of best SM in game KinswkK.

    There already was discussion about farming as SM here Swordsman PVE Video " guide " Papaya Farm and TMQ7. In my opinion SM is better at farming because he can one shot mobs just like Fighter BUT Burning Attack has 20M range while Big Bang only 10M and Final Flash is Straight Line skill making it even worse than those previous two.

    As for dungeons I would pick SM over Fighter anytime because SM 30 prop debuff is very good for party while Fighter literally has 0 utility for party.

    Thats why I think for PvE SM>Fighter be it for farming or dungeons.

    Go hate somewhere else "spat" hahaha!

    "Hate"? Its not hate Im just stating facts. If you want to play Poko so much than go ahead feel free to do so. In fact I would be thankful if you did because we need Poko for speed parties. Well just somebody has to sacrifice himself for the greater good of community and be stuck in CC while the rest of us moves forward with our fresh, just-crafted CC gear :)

    Here is what I think about Grand:

    *Pairing with Ultimate gives really cool results both in PvE and 5v5

    *Special Surprise Punch can paralyze enemy for up to 3s (+duration passive) but has 15M rane (makes sense as Grand is melee class)

    *Buffs are pretty good but for... PvP

    Passives - 2x free CON + Dex that increases your resistance and phy crit rate + Str that increases your dmg

    Scent Marking - Hitrate+Dex both really nice

    Fountain Fragrance - more Str = more dmg

    Fountain of Smell - 23% CON paired with passives gives you A LOT of LP

    Curing Scent - removes paral + free instant rp ball and thats pretty meaningful for PvP

    Spirit Drain + Spirit Burn - thats eats your EP like crazy. No EP = cant use skills. Sure there are EP pots but hey there are also LP pots

    AoE Candy - nice for 5v5, PvE and 1v1

    Defense Breath - guess what... more CON an sweet phy def

    Well I wouldnt call those useless

    Lets look at Ultiamte's buffs:

    %LP - for PvP you most likely gonna use CC90 armor so you can have 2x23% LP +8%LP from dogi and that gives you 54% so close to 60% cap Ulti's without 21% LP buff

    Props - Grand has 14 props buff while Ulti gives 18. Ok fair so say Grand looses here.

    CON+LP - hahaha Grand beats the shit out of Ulti here

    E.deff - its nice to have especially for 5v5 so Turtle has harder tiem 1 shoting you but babe there are also Fighters in 5v5 so fair to say Ulti and Grand are equal here. Just one helps you vs Turtle whiel other vs Fighter

    Debufs removal - ok thats Ultis really strong point cant see what Grand has to offer here as replacement

    Overall I dont think comparison looks that bad

    *About Ulti having more dmg I just straight up disagree. Just look at number of offensive skills Grand has and their dmg+ratios. But there is one thing that gives Ulti and edge over Grand. Flame Shower Breeze gives Ulti some source of magic damage while Grand attacks are pure physical. Also Grand doesnt have DoT damage to play around for dice but instead can play around enemy EP / candy.

    *About farming I dont think its as bad as you make it to be. I saw how my friend was ginding with Grand on Papaya and it looked pretty solid. Other thing is even if he dropped and stones he was suepr unlucky with upgrade RNG XD

    *If you want to use spin in PvP Grand has two abilities that turn enemy into candy so they cant dash away from you. If we are talking about budokai level of PvP just assume your enemies are going to have a lot of %candy reduction or resist and just dont put any SP into that skill. Instead use. Instead use Crazy Rush or Donkey Rush

    All that comes from my experience of playing with / against Grands in PvP and PvE and conversations with Grand players.

    As a follow up to my previous post about poko I made video showing how it is to grind as Poko Priest. If you want to main this class its up to you to decide whether its good enough for you or not. Im just providing material because honestly after playing it for 6+months I personaly feel disappointed with this class

    I also added edit to first post: Here is link to the topic where I share my thoughts about each class. Maybe it will help some of you who still cant decide.

    need help to choose one class

    Poko! speed is key!

    As current Poko player let me tell you this:

    *You are only bound to do CC or maybe TMQ

    *Farming alone is possible but pretty bad

    *In 1v1 pvp you are already at disadvantage against most classes just because you are Poko

    *Your 5v5 pvp is sooooo dogshit

    *Budokai prelims are really hard to pass

    So just a word of advice to think twice if you really want to main class that restricts you so much. I would love if Pokos could do more but it is what it is.

    As for HUMANS we have:





    As for NAMEKS we have:

    5. Dark Warrior

    6. Shadow Knight

    7. Dende Priest

    8. Poko Priest

    As for MAJINS we have:

    9. Ultimate

    10.Grand Cheff



    I put short description of each class in spoliers to not make this post even longer

    Small bugs update that can help you clear following floors:

    65F - You can bug Supers and make them disappear which makes this floor significantly easier. To do that one party member walks up to get Supers aggro him while tank attacks / taunts Boss and runs with him to those giant mushrooms on the right map side (looking from spawn point). Player who has Supers aggro must run with them into left map side to that big skeleton on the left side of map. This makes Supers disappear and you can join rest of your party to safely kill boss.

    90F - For some time Boss and Supers on this floor randomly swaps aggro if tank blocks KD witch can mess up your run if Dende and Poko get paralyzed. To avoid this you can bring boss out of map. Here is video how to bug 90F textures. Important is that you need as much movement speed as you can get so Karma and Poko speed buffs are mandatory.

    Most of you guys miss the point. Its not about working 24/7 but when he takes a break from coding at least quit discord or set so its not visible what game is being played. It only provokes people to make fun of him and team. Daneos might be decent coder but his game and PR management is very poor.