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    Get real dreamers. Things don't always go like your expectations. There are always going to be pros AND CONS when something changes, particularly if not agreed by everyone. The greater benefit from another wipe? How can you tell? Are you 100% sure?

    This game was released in 2010 and already once died in 2013. It looks like some of you are wanting to carry on your life in the world of DBOG forever, but come on, seriously? Get real.

    Daneos already clearly promised us that there should be no more wipe in OB. Many players incluing myself have spent tons of times and money for this game, with believing his words.

    If any kind of wipe should happen again due to bugs or whatever reasons, that's pretty much his fault not being fully prepared to run the business. What was POB for? Plus, can you be sure that there will be no bug at all after a wipe? How? If the same things happen again after a wipe, what should we do then? Wipe again?

    For me, time is thousand times more valuable than my cash points spent for this game. I don't care if my cash points will be back. But I know that my time spent for this game will not. Why should I lose everything for which I have spent thousands hours to get? Who can dare blame me for not wanting to lose my rights? Who can dare force me to understand all this shitty situations and and sacrify myself? Why should those who don't want a wipe be called greedy and lazy when that's not their fault at all?

    Greedy? Lazy? Hell NO. LMFAO

    I think someone must have mentioned this somewhere earlier, but how can we deal with people who don't cash and have bought cash items from others with zeni they had?

    If cash points will be returned to the purchasers' account, non-cashiers will have to start from nothing, in the wipe-out scenario.

    On top of anything, daneos officially announced that there would be no wipe-out in OB. that's a big matter of reliance and trust on the mods.

    I am also well aware of the problems discussed in this thread, but i am not sure if wiping out everything would be the best action we can take.

    Personally, I wouldn't invest my precious time into this game again if I have to do the same things from the scratch again as I can't be sure whether and when another wipe-out would come again.

    It's been a long time for me to write sth on Forum.

    Here are my suggestions.

    1. Add a "SUPER HARD" mode to every TMQs and UDs, of course appropriate rewards as well. The difficulty should be extremely high, given the current lvl cap.

    The rewards could possibly be higher level gears than they are now or some kind of special items (but not shitty dogis) that are to be bound to the player or even some tradable stuffs (e.g. max lvl purple/green stones (i.e. lvl 60 ones for now)). This is not only expected to solve "boredom" problem but also so-called "scrambilng for farming area" problem a bit as well.

    2. Add wishes for Shenron summon (but not any underwear-like pet).

    The wishes could include but are not limited to "Make me stronger!" For instance, one can increase one stat by 1-2% per a wish but no more than 10 times for a stat.

    3. Make Budokai winner's rewards better.

    The armors and weapons look great (look-wise) but are trash when compared to CC ones, for example. They are not even legendary. Who the hell even would want to use them if it's not just for collecting? This will possibly make people feel the need to be stronger and participate in Budokai more actively, I guess.

    Just thoughts.

    I haven't written anything on the forum for a long time, but I felt like I should after reading some comments on this thread.

    Sendoku is absolutely a MF (abbreviated for My Friend, perhaps) with the well-known 'so high self-esteem,' but you should give him a credit for making and even sharing his strategies as a DW.

    When all of you gave zero fxxk to DW, he found out (actually already knew) how to win in PvP as a DW. Who ever expected a DW would win the budokai? And twice?

    SendokuTheMF is giving the DBOG players valuable lessons. Not just how to play a specific class, but how to take the advantages from skills of any class and understand/utilize them. If you don't get it and want to keep saying nerf is needed, I recommend you quit playing PvP.

    It would be acceptable if you would say more counterable-classes against DW need to participate in the budokai. There's always a chance for any class to beat other classes, but it's very unlikely that a DW could easily defeat certain classes.

    So, I would say (if enforced) the problem is not the skill with the RP effect but the hyper-popularity SK's and fighters have.

    Happy New Year.

    What I'll give you:

    (1) +15 CON 28 pants (LV70)

    (2) +12 LP 20% pants (LV65)

    What you'll give me:

    +15 LP 21% pants (LV70)

    Note: All are namek pants.

    Reply here or send me a mail to:


    I support this update. That's not because I have only two LV70 characters, but because it will definitely help resolve many issues, although it may not be the best solution.

    There's not much fun to play in DBOG atm. If you need a good gear, you can buy it with dogi balls or boxes, at a relatively cheap price. If you want to run CCBD but have no good enough gears to clear high floors, you can just borrow the items from your close/reliable friends, etc. Not much effort is really needed in order for you to be strong (ofc, stat-wise).

    Now, people will begin focus on their MAIN character, and it will lead us to more need of party plays, which is what MMORPG is supposed to be.

    it s simile,remove broken anf downgrade and make everyone get +15 after they try try try.if all at some point Will have same gear (not gift,but atleast dont lose what you archive)the game Will be funnyer,more balanced,more for casual player,and the max upgrade gear archivement possibile to ber even without cash

    Yes and no, I think. If the DBO team will be able to detect bots and the upgrade bug, making +15 gears for normal players must stay the same as it is now. If they won't be able to prevent it from happening, all players should make +15 more easily than now. Just thought.

    It has pros and cons. I am not going to talk about every aspect of those, but just think. When you need a full party for a dungeon but can't find enough people, playing multi accounts would solve the problem. However, if there are enough people out there who are looking for a party but you don't want to play with them because you can play with multi accounts, then it causes an issue. For now, it's hard to tell if it's really ruining or helping the game.