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    Oh sorry, english is not my primare language and i mistranslate or misunderstand something, i mean will they be wiped off from 2.0 test? If 2.0 client will become the standardized one, what about 1.0 client characters?

    As soon as 2.0 client is finished and released (that will take long time to happen still), there will be wipe as voted last year.

    Confirmed i meant*

    Also i have info to re-launch test client because version is not newest, but if i re-launch client or launcher, nothing happens, it does not update

    Still don't get what you mean with character creation.

    Today we gotta that bug for need to update, so we waiting for someone to fix this bug that occured today.

    Would be nice if this thread was updated monthly with what they done or atleast with how much they done in % each feature. Now over month passed and the thread still not updated/edited even once.
    And would be nice they added Windows 10 fix in the list of what they done.


    yes, this make difference, it makes us hope that he's actually working on client v2

    we want to know everything that is happening on the server, they have so many monitors and can not do that? It's the basics if you do not want to lose players.

    If they wanted not to lose many people then they would had released first version of new Client just for Windows 10 fix already. So they decided take some risks and land big one or something between those lines. :P :) :/

    I agree on release it actually soon and the reason is Windows 10 fix. But he already removed Tokens system that we get for playing, so we need wait for him to add daily login rewards instead before even releasing first new Client. Then he can consider release what he done atm as first new Client. #Windows10Fix (dunno why I'm doing this hashtag).

    Other thing I want to see is: in some way make leveling up harder. Etc would be like increasing required experience points by ~3% then it is now. The reason why I want this is nowadays to level up in MMORPGs is much more easier then in past and I miss that part in MMORPGs. So I quit a lot of new MMORPGs, because leveling up was to fast and made feel it unrewarding.

    And good luck Daneos with new Client work, because we want to see that Windows 10 freezes fix as promised in announcement last year. Those W10 freezes is reason why my brother and friend of mine stopped playing at first place, so that's biggest reason I looking forward for new Client.:)

    I feel I never give up on see Engineer Class to happen.

    New items already exist, the lvl 71-80 equipments (TMQ 8,9) . Also fran fran desert south files and i think it would the map for lvl 71-80.

    Also some items were shown in this video like class changer,hair salon, purple and blue dogi balls.. Etc..

    Cool, but in the very very very distant future I want to see this game to go to level 100 or more then 100 levels. As well as more content like TMQ 10 and so on. But is cool to know that the game is semi-ready for 71-80 levels as well.

    Looks like Daneos visits this thread often, but still didn't updated main post even once yet. And good luck Daneos with new Client, because from list what still needs to be added we can guess that we won't see it Early This Year like is said to in announcement.