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    I just care about the Multi-Client !!!!!

    !!!!! plz dont remove it !!!!!

    I d like to play all classes online !!!!!

    I need all buffs on my characters !!!!!

    I get you. It is really problem that you can't play with main and leave all other BOT accounts active.

    I really want that Daneos help you guys, since BOT's are THE SPARK that ignites activity of the game.

    atack speed is absolutely broken and only 3-4 classes are needed... try to get a party with plasma and look ...

    I really hope that people who give af about the game will get close to Daneos and that he will listen to them, than to people who keep breaking already broken the game, instead of trying to fix it, well how much it can be fixed.

    It is really easy to get if "changes" done soo far are good or bad, playerbase says it all.

    I really didn't want to make post here that is kinda off-topic, but since staff members do not want to clarify things for you, I decide to do soo.

    Reason why accounts that are made from 27th January to now ain't counted in vote, since that is what this means "VOTES will be counted manually, votes from accounts that has been created in the date 27th January and above won't be counted to avoid possible multi accounts. People who vote more than 1 time will be disqualified and their vote won't count." , it is because of bots and mostly because everyone with any knowledge or care about this project, would have forum account already if not because they care about the game, then because of themselves soo they can contact staff via ticket system to help them with issues they might have.

    Those who create account after that, mostly are bots or newbies that do not have enough knowledge about game, for now that is, soo that is why they will not be taken into account.

    Simple solution to attack speed abuse:

    Reduce auto attack damage by 60% or more so no matter what your skills will do much damage

    Well it wouldn't be that effective even if we would do to poko and karma that is already done to the fighter.

    Make their speed buffs - self buffs.

    This would be good start.

    Then later we can remove attack speed from gears if needed to remove entirely attack speed and then buff speed classes( attack speed buffs increased) soo they have back DPS they use to have under "full speed mode".

    Shadow Knight as always in hope Daneos will remove his head from butt and fix party and aggro system and remove attack speed from gear soo that any race/class will take part into party, since he promise us that with new client, he can do "anything".

    Still, if none of this happens, then I will delete SK and play as karma and always be in party and gear up easy as hell.

    Am I the only one that found leveling extremely fun? :^, it’s extremely boring on a majin that just buffs you.

    Nah not really boring when you do quests or UD's spams with friends.

    People forget that leveling should be team play and that is funny that way than powerlevel system that simply is boring as hell.

    I said long time ago that quests should be changed soo that if in one map you need to get 5 levels, that means 5-10 quests that gives more zeni and exp.

    Questing Time = Power Leveling time

    Balance this shit, soo people are not auto forced to power level just because questing that should be main source of leveling, should be placed in the dust, it should be funny, rewarding and good way to even earn gear and zeni too.

    PS: Why the hell we even share "share quest" feature if not to play everything with friends and online players?

    Its has already been nerfed by the speeding being capped already. Speed just saves times, imagine doing ccbd 1-150 without speed. Your looking at 6-8 hours to complete it. With speed at best its ~3 hours. Speed is not an abuse its a mechanic to save time. Speed is a PVE base skill, if you don't like speed then stick to pvp and stuff.

    1. Broken as hell in PVE - Turn the game into browser one click AFK game

    2. Only 1 meta is needed for dungeons ( Only 3-4 classes are needed, others can be deleted)

    3. Aggro system can't be made soo that true tankers takes part in the party

    4. CCBD 1-150 Can always be edited that you get binded ticket when you decide to stop on some levels of CCBD, you don't need to do 1-150 CCBD in 1 day

    As you can see, attack speed is simply out of butt system that should only be special trade of speed classes (low animation, faster cooldown aka better DPS classes) such as poko, fighter and karma, that is self buffs only and attack speed removed from gears.

    Soon party system is fixed, where you are forced to play MMORPG and use damn class roles (tanker, DPS, CC, support, healer), and specific roles are auto set in party system then we are on the right track.

    Game needs to offer party system and PVE system (TMQ, DUNGEONS, BID'S, UD'S) where you can complete any of those PVE content for sure with same amount of time and that every race/class can take part of it and gear up as any other.

    PS: If they have no will or knowledge to change this, then they can simply step down as staff members and "balance members" and let community vote right people for that positions.

    I really Think a soft wipe would serve the game better than a full wipe as it`ll not only fix the economy,it won`t dis-encourage honest players from continue playing the game.

    Mate, you know that wipe won't pop up until the game is fixed, if there is wipe without any fix before that, it is fk-ed.

    Now about soft wipe, Daneos should simply enable command @addlevel 60 and you have your character back to lvl 60, without any need to grind.

    Same could be for crafting level to craft lvl 60 gears.

    Now all of that can be added and most of people who voted for wipe, would accept this but before this, it needs to be account approval by staff members added before anything else.

    It is like when you activate account on forum, you need to verify it by going to mail and activate it.

    This would be almost same for staff members, just they would do it instead of you and ofc while creating the account you should put in description some intel, like forum username/profile is must so all characters that you create and activate will be linked to your profile.

    This way, security of the game will be increased by long shot, and if someone hax, bot on 1 account, you can simply ban/delete all their accounts and they can not come back unless you accept them back.

    Game would be safe for everyone.

    After this would be added, class balance, party system rework ( removal of attack speed gear, fixing class roles into party system and more), scramble event rework ( let it be party vs party event or race vs race), then we can talk about VIP Pay to progress system, cash shop cosmetic or event coins cosmetics that you gain by doing event quests and more stuffs that would increase and enhance gameplay in DBOG. Then when cap 70 is good with events and everything and everyone is happy with it, then Daneos can focus on cap 75-80 and new map, content and such.

    RichMajin it is really up to will game be changed.

    That is, will aggro system/class balance /party system or party meta change.

    Soo lets asume that it won't be changed and game after wipe will be good for month or two.

    You will need then to ditch DW and SK and take Karma Majin or Ultimate Majin for PVP and PVE aspect of the game.

    Both of them are needed for party PVP and PVE and they are good when you want to farm.

    Soo as someone new to the game and as someone who will have hard time to gear up, I suggest you to play as Karma Majin.

    Since you won't need to raise armor too high and you only need speed weapons to be part of party with no problem, you will have easy time to gear up. Another thing is, that you can easy switch from PVE build to PVP build and since karma is one of the most broken classes in game with ultimate in top tier, you will enjoy the PVP too.

    Why you shouldn't play DW or SK?

    Mostly in party, because almost any class well geared can replace the tanker, tankers become the shit in PVE soo you will have hard time to even find party to go there.

    About PVP, you will be decent with them but you will need to spend tons of time, zeni to get all the gears to even be able to face all other race/classes and still you will face the broken ones or ones that not only counter you, it simply trash you soo without luck or right gear and build and good strategy you will mostly lose to them.

    All in all, you need to take all around race/class that is needed in party for PVP Budokai (mudosa points aka mudosa gambler and accessory and cool stuffs), PVE ( Dungeons, TMQ, CCBD soo you can get tons of boxes, legendary gears or accessory and dogi balls).

    Soo for this case, the namek tankers, do not fit this role due bad party system, multi client and aggro system and PVE in general that does not favor or need true tankers to be part of it.

    I see that we think alike and I am glad.

    Still only thing that should be added as security measures as I mention in some older posts ( Activation account by GM ).

    It would really put security level on legendary level and it would help out the game and the staff members.

    No need too mate.

    I told you that was what I suggested long time ago as staff member and he didn't listen me.

    He didn't listen me regarding many things and that is why we have this state of game aka dead game.

    If you think that he will listen it, and give af, you post it there for me then. ;)

    After there should be no more resets regardless of what happens.

    If someone bugs gear and it seems suspicious, do what you must and admins can probably check the logs and what not.

    Report all exploits.

    Activation of accounts should be by staff members, that is GM's.

    You send application and staff approve it and you can play the game.

    This is what I suggested long time ago when I was part of staff team.

    What would this do to the DBOG:

    1. Total control of people who will play the game

    2. No fake accounts that can be used by bot abusers

    3. Better gameplay for everyone

    4. Once you ban or delete account that used hax, bugs or glitches it won't be able to join DBOG ever again

    Even if the server does have a wipe, it’ll still reduce the chance of cheaters playing the game and bot detecting system, instead of having an unfair game, wipe will make it a fair game 100%.

    -Beka, DBO G Team

    Sadly Beka, wipe won't do anything as I posted above.

    Everything before the wipe needs to be made/fixed then the wipe can come.

    Wipe alone ain't the solution.

    I have a +10 everything lvl 60 Buffer majin and I have friends who are equipped with +13 equips... across multiple characters in our guild, Even they agree that the server needs a wipe, there are too many aspects of the game that were broken during official release that gave a lot of users an unbelievable advantage, not to mention the botters and duplicators. If you ask me just look at the stats, the servers aren't even as active as they used to be .. clearly a majority of the community isn't playing the game because it's ridiculously broken.

    Not only it is broken due gear (RNG upgrade and RNG Boxes without option too keep old stats or replace them with new) or simply many bugs, hacks and boring part. There is even bad PVE balance, bad aggro system, bad PVE in general where unless you are "the right one" you can not play it due SPEED META tactic plus many others race/classes are wannabe tankers, DPS, support all in one.

    There is no daily rewards, no pay to progress system for donators aka VIP Shop since those are mostly people who do not have much time to play soo they should be able to buy for 1 month VIP or more to keep up with f2p no lifers in farming and daily quests/events.

    There is nothing to do daily, boring world boss even mostly and that is it.

    Daily/Weekly quests for PVE and PVP ranked should be added as guild ones too with decent rewards, better events or events based on quests to reduce lag and crowded maps and more.

    All in all, game is soo bad that unless you really love it to forget all of this, you log in for budokai or dojo wars or if you play each day then you are fan boy who is happy cuz he got SSJ. POWAAAAA!

    Look mate, you have few options:

    1. Let Daneos give you server control and you do that job instead of him (remove all hacked gears, make anti hack system and be 24/7 active GM on server and no life) I will support you and entire community and no need for wipe

    2. Fix on new client and better protection, balanced game, pay to progress not p2w cash shop, daily quests and yes wipe

    Why option number 1 won't ever work, since staff and Daneos will never give you this option nor he will ever force himself to do this, without any good income to his bank account aka for free too please some people that he do not now or give af.

    Soo we have only option 2, FIX and then WIPE and not WIPE and leave as it was.

    Accept it and please do not quote me anymore. Thank you.

    No clue where you got "Reward" from the dude you were quoting.

    He was just saying Hardlock shouldn't have reasons to wipe if hes not gonna have reasons to not wipe.

    Basically to not sway opinions towards one side.

    Front page mate. He was talking about "rewards" after the wipe, lvl up 30 and more.

    Just check it and if you are blind, it is no shame to buy glasses or visit the doctor.

    I am sorry, it is really hard to understand you then.

    It will die if it stays as this.

    Like I posted/suggested stuffs months and months ago in staff circle, they didn't listen.

    That is why the game is dead.

    People who cashed are unhappy, people who nolife are unhappy, people who want to have fun are unhappy.

    If you do not trust me, trust your own eyes, see how much people get "revived" due simple fact that there will be FIX + WIPE.

    No one here desire wipe and continue as if nothing happens. Nah mate, far from it.

    If there is no right FIX for the game and then wipe, then we done nothing.

    If it is simply wipe cuz someone scratch left nut and want it, do not do it.