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    Sadly players moved to other DBO Project or waiting new client, I know it sucks to play game right now when most of noob friendly, english speaking guilds moved to other project or simply quit the game due bad state of the game due various issues that happen lately.

    Because of it normal people creat others accs without ruin the space of the bank with inumerous itens coming from 2 or more chars and in that game when u put dragon balls on the bank u will kill the space with other chars dragon balls ?

    No you won't, you place in account shared inventory items you want to share with other accounts, it is like trade feature you are doing via multi client with your main and alt accounts, that is if I remember correctly, let someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Ah yes, I noticed it freeze for some seconds. I also wonder how you can buy Zeni. If I hit the Charge button It send me to this site but it says that the page is not there. Or is that a new update that comes soon? Because I have a eye on a costume haha!

    You can buy or earn zeni by doing quests or grind in world map or dungeons.

    At lvl 31 you will unlock Auction House to sell or buy good items, including the costumes too for zeni or you can donate to project via real money and gain cash shops and try gambler to get costumes.

    Still in general how you can earn zeni, is to be active on server and buy in token shop golden inventory that will raise a lot of inventory space, this way you can collect trash gear at any level ( higher level more zeni) and sell it at NPC.

    Still make sure to save good gear for yourself or to sell in auction house ( check out what it sell first and for what price) and sell for way higher price there (players will buy from you in auction house) than you would get from NPC.

    PS: Make sure you have PVE Character with AOE skills for farming/grind it will speed up process than single target DPS characters.

    Welcome Rona-chwan.

    You can check the client and game and new client that brings stability ( no win10 freezes) and more potential will come out in month or less.

    Soo stick with this client until new one is ready, to get the game and such and ofc if you need help, just ask here or on discord.

    Pure Protein ^-^ , the best way for zeni is simply, world map grind + ranked PVP arena + crafting + TMQ7 spam.

    1. World map

    - Collect legendary lvl 60 gear and sell rest of trash for zeni

    - When you have enough zeni, break gear and get materials

    2. Do ranked arena for accessory and box them

    3. Crafting - good crafted gear with max stats upgraded at least to +10 sell well but it is a bit harder to get

    4. TMQ7 Spam - get legendary earrings and box them or legendary gears.

    About Cash shop and Currency Exchange Suggest

    • Currency Exchange exists in most games in China, but there are a lot of restrictions. It is because of these restrictions that operators will make more money.Chinese game cash, there are two categories, one of which uses real money to recharge cash , this cash can buy any item in the mall, and can also be converted into zeni (game currency). Another kind of cash is bind. The Chinese game exists in the binding mall, so there is also a binding cash. If zeni (game currency) wants to be converted into cash, it can only be converted into a binding cash, and can only be in the binding mall. Use, recharge cash and bind cash is not universal, the item of the binding mall is only part of the item, and the binding mall is somewhat similar to the time mall. And those necessities can only be obtained by recharging the cash mall. Binding Mall is a benefit or encouragement for free players.
    • Below I use a simple discourse to distinguish the difference between the two malls.
    • Recharge MallGet cash by recharge.
    • Recharge cash, It can buy any items, and the items can be given as gifts to others.
    • Recharge cash can be converted to zeni.
    • Binding Mall:Use game currency (zeni) to redeem according to the currency exchange rate.
    • Binding cash, There are only some items in the binding mall, and the Chinese game's Binding mall will only sell some dogi (Simple dogi)or individual items (not essential). Every item purchased is bound to char and cannot be traded.
    • Binding cash cannot be converted to zeni.
    • This approach can promote consumption, making players more willing to charge the game, supporting the dbog team, rather than spending more time farming in the wild.
    • If there is no difference between the binding cash and the recharge cash in the future update, I think the Chinese will not recharge, so it will become zeni >>>>> all, the Chinese will only buy the bot of the bot player to recharge, The official is unable to make money

    I agree. Players will get zeni this way or another, if there is better way of earning money in game and getting upgrade materials, gear and even upgrade system, there would be no hax or bots.

    Still all players who hax, bot should be perma banned, but those who want to cash, at least they will support the game and get what they need.

    Still, exchange cash for zeni needs to be limited per day, this means, how much cash you can earn as farmer per day, like let say Die HARD Grind Farmer can for 5-6h of farm earn around 2kk-5kk (needs to be tested), that should be daily limit of recharge.

    This way game would become pay to progress than pay to win and market wouldn't be destroyed with overpriced stuffs since people wouldn't have that fast, big amount of zeni.

    One more, there should be Log In rewards and AFK system, those who are AFK, kicked out of server and this would always give regular and exact state of server and game and players who are online, are indeed, online and active.

    Ahh soo you just mention me, next time you tag me soo I can simply see when I come on forum to check new shits.

    Iceman's such a crybaby like come on dude stop repeating "tHe gEm iSe dEd, ThE gem isE DeD"

    The "90%" which is YOUR estimation about the ppl who left the game, do you atleast know the percentage of people who actually know about DBOG's existence after DBO's shutdown ? I don't think so. The "90%" don't even represent 30-40% of the huge number of people who played/started to play/managed to play DBO back in 2013.

    I state the truth that is well known, I am sorry that I can't consider game that is alive with 50 online players and 100 alts with multi client.

    You should also stop asking Daneos to hire more devs to help him, I don't think that you're a person who go out and sociabilize, at any moment that Dev helping him could stab him in the back and steal all of his work to make his own DBO game. Trust is not something easy to give to someone, anyways.

    And come on dude you were asking for Dungeon XP total removal, are you dumb ? Most MMO's have dungeons that give ALOT of XP, MORE than that does the Worldmap XP mobs.

    You're talking and giving your ideas as someone who leveled up to max 5-6-7 times or more because of DBO's shutdown, because of DBOG's wipes, because of you being bored and starting a new character so you're leveling up again and get BORED of those quests that get repetitive.

    I never asked for Daneos to hire anyone, just to be the guy who use to be before.

    It was suggestion to improve team play than to power level to max and get bored since DBO does not have any end game content.

    One more, it was mainly as way to improve quests and if you could see around here, I am open for debate and with Shotaroo' , we come on same ground where quests would be alternative to power leveling that won't be main thing anymore since multi client will be out.

    Talking about game balance, do you think that Game Balance is much more important than adding new things ? Of course it is if you're a sweaty guy who plays DBO 24/7 non-stop. Do you think that people who just found out about DBOG's existence and started playing it recently will care about your game balance ? They will be very surprised and happy by finding new features for example (New textures, new hair colors, new skin colors for Namekians and Majins, and so on).

    Reason why people leave the game and why they do complain is game balance.

    I do not blame you, since you didn't have chance to deal with new people since I did as guild leader and as moderator via tickets and everything.

    Game balance ( Gearing, PVE and PVP), where they can not have good enough character to deal with PVE because of gear that needs to be with good stats or high upgraded then they are not race/class needed to be part of dungeons ( again they can't take part in it and again they can not gear), and now PVP, even if they somehow gear, their race / class ain't good enough to beat some classes that are simply broken.

    On top of this, bugs, hacks, dupes of gears and everything else, drives them away.

    OF COURSE new players are quitting not because of the gAmE bAlAnCe but because they ARE BORED. DBO was known for its awesome community, I remember people having fun everywhere dueling next to Kokkara or in Korin, helping newbies and inviting them to guilds. I never felt the game boring back in 2013 when I started because people were so close and helping each others, every time you are at 90% sure of finding parties for UDs/TMQs or even doing Quests which didn't push new players to quit because it's boring like now where 95% of the players are sweaty af and can't stop tryharding the game sticked in Korin Village in that PvP Arena and then complain about the game being boring and the balance is shit and start saying that the game is trash and dying. Of course it's dying when you play a MMORPG like DBO competitively and not for fun when the game is still in BETA phase (Not even 80% finished yet) and when ALOT of people don't even know about DBOG's existence (This can be fixed when the game releases and comes out with new stuff so they could finally advertise it everywhere), and people who stopped playing until next cap or even until next wipe.

    You just prove my entire point mate.

    Still, with this entire post, you are crying, while topic of this is "New Client Change log and Ideas" , they asked for ideas we have. Cheers.

    Nah , you almost saying that quest are more important then Dangeons in MMORPGS, in allmost all MMOS , Hard dungeons are ALWAYS best EXP and stuff giver , farming hard dungeons with a team always reward more then quest , okey , give me 1 exemple of 1 MMORPG who dungeons are less rewarding then quest xD. I told you the people who think like me agree about improving quest BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO DECREASS DUNGEONS IMPORTANCE TO MAKE QUEST BETTER. Exp from Dungeons and world map should not be decreass, it should be increass ( for tmqs and dungeons) because in HL dungeons reward are to poor.

    Only 2-3 people as you want to keep this power leveling thing and without multi client there, power leveling won't be "main" option anymore.

    Since you will need time to team up with players who will be your level unless someone high level will power level you.

    At time you find people to power level, you will already level up few times by quests.

    Still people will do dungeons and TMQ for quests too and gear, as in any other MMO.

    One more, if there be few quests with better reward and exp and on top of that with exp pots for world map mobs, you know that people won't mind it.

    PS: One more, in post above I said that quests should give same exp as doing dungeon with exp pot aka grind there, meaning, amount of quests and their reward and time consuming should match power leveling in dungeon, time wise. This way you won't mind going in dungeon or doing quests.

    Edit : If you wanna talk about grind , I can prouve that in all games , grinding is better or egual toquesting ( the majority of games ) But I can agree with you , we can manage to make them egual , but not deacressing one of them to make it egual to the other one , sorry.

    Even from your broken english I can understand that you agree to make them "equal".

    honestly, I agree with this 100%.

    if you want level up 30s to be removed + powerlevel + multiclient and 100% added for free players and 200% for donators instead, then make the boosts last at least 2 hours long (well 100% is already 2 hours long so make 200% 2 hours long then) and not just an hour.

    Since some people want to keep exp from mobs in world map in play and in dungeons to stay, quest exp pots won't come in play.

    It just needs to be fixed and checked the gain you get when you power level with exp pots there.

    Time you spend to power level/grind on world map or in dungeons with 100% pots = time you spend doing quests

    Still 200% exp would mean to gain a bit more exp as donator but to speed up a bit process to people who support project, a bit, I do not mind even tho while doing quests with that potion would be same fast as in dungeon since quest EXP + exp from mobs, just you wouldn't be bored.

    PS: Multi Client will be removed, soo it will just optional party team up in dungeon when you are bored of quests.

    Don't take it wrong , I respect you , but , you remember me this kind of people who used to decreass something to make it egual to something else while you can simply increass the second thing to make them 2 fairely egual then all people can be happy , I think that making quest better and more intractive is a very good point and I m 1500% with you. But I realy do not like your method :/ , anyway , think about it , and I'm sur that you gonna understand^^

    Edit : If you wanna talk about grind , I can prouve that in all games , grinding is better or egual toquesting ( the majority of games ) But I can agree with you , we can manage to make them egual , but not deacressing one of them to make it egual to the other one , sorry.

    That is why we discuss about it to improve the game but sure even equal grind exp (with exp pots) = quests exp.

    great idea how about one of us makes a thread with a poll on the matter to put this to rest. ^^ maybe the dbog team might consider the ideas maybe not^^ then if your right you can say i told ya so box! :) like the good ole days

    Go make one then. ^^

    More intel we have, the better.

    Still that is only what you and maybe 2-3 people think.

    While rest of old DBO Community and everyone who try DBO is tired of grind, power level (boring shit) but still, there needs to be vote, maybe I will add one to see what community wants (even tho 90% of them are gone) regarding this.

    What we know for sure is that multi client will be gone and team play will come in play.

    Then I think you do not mind that power leveling (grind mode) way of getting exp should be equal or a bit lower than questing.

    If you can get levels same way with same duration with quests alone as power leveling in dungeons and world map, then I think it would be good start.

    Iceman , I m seeing that you are making effort and try to participate to change or to make better the game we all used to love.

    But your ideas are wrong , very wrong . You know why ?

    Because you wanna remove something very important in MMORPG world : The Choice.

    I am not removing The Choice.

    It is about game itself.

    Unless you give people the thrill about game, than simple power level, they will get cap fast, get bored because there is no end game content as other MMO offer and stop playing and in worse case, quit.

    Only end game content that there is here, is gearing and PVP.

    Because they need to no life and grind with lame upgrading system and broken PVP balance and PVE balance, they get bored easy.

    Still you guys do not get that power leveling shouldn't be better than simple questing and exploring the world with friends, since that is the MMO.

    I think you guys are living under a rock? Like every mmo i have played has monster xp

    Sure they can give 100 XP per mob but quests should be more rewarding by long shot.

    If you did read what I post there, you would get that without this way, this project won't bring out new people.

    Multi client destroying this MMO, power leveling too, unless it is changed in way soo people enjoy to play it, it is done for.

    Things I post above is really easy to even code, quests exist and rewarding system.

    He just needs to add "kill selected mobs" those quests already exist in papaya, you know it because you played the DBO before right?

    Kill 200 mobs and when you confirm you get reward.

    It just needs to increase or decrease amount of mobs needs to be killed and even those papaya roaming bosses could be listed as mobs to kill.

    Only problem for this would be to increase guild points via quests a bit and major problem that should be considered to be added are guild skills, but everything else shouldn't be problem.

    About Cashers: Buy lvl 30 should be removed, instead exp potions from quests should be added, 100% for free players and 200% for donators.

    One more, if they like the project and game as many cashers listed there, they will be happy to support the game and to get limited cosmetic for them. They cashed soo that they can play longer, well 90% of them and you could simply enable to them auto complete the quests if they do not have time for those quests and rewards.

    i just got to lvl 60 and i want to be more efficient when i am fighting mobs so do i got energy fighter and change my stats to soul and get energy skills or i stick to physical and upgrade my stick to to make storm strike very strong

    Focus is way better than soul, still you should focus on energy critic rate weapons or energy critic dmg and con armor and props accessory.

    If you have ultimate majin to buff you, even better.

    That you should focus if you want to gear energy based fighter.

    1. World map experience points should not be 0 because it doesn’t make sense to get 0 exp for killing your everyday day monsters that may be for quest or testing your power. Field exp basically shouldn’t be zero

    2. If Dungeons give 0 exp, then there needs to be an alternative to gaining exp than just quest. Games where you get quest , complete, next quest and complete are top1 most boring and dreadful. TMQ should give more exp and be introduced in the quest line like you mentioned. I agree that there should be an Easy mode just for the quest part and a medium/hard mode for leveling and getting rare/legendary gear.

    3. I agree with the power leveling system. Eventually this will ruin the game and decrease team play.

    Questing will be better, faster and will not be boring.

    If everyone is forced to do quests, they will team up and do them even faster as long they are in same map ( 5 friends, doing 5 dif quests in party).

    Since quests in total will be reduced to 10-20, people will do them, sure should last longer, some should be fast, but if you team up with friends, have fun and play game.

    It is online game after all, right?

    Plus multi client will be removed, soo spam dungeons or grind in world map isn't the best way.

    People quit the game, because time you invest into it is worthless, since no offence, some casher or lucky player will have way better gear than you, by doing nothing than AFK in Korin Village.

    meh exp boost and lvl 30 bean is fine its pay for faster leveling. it doesnt give any advantage to final pve and pvp game play.

    - Power leveling system should be removed.

    Dungeons should give you 0 EXP, you are doing them for gear, same for world map exp.

    - Quests should be added/removed/edited

    Quests should be changed, remove stupid boring ones, increase exp from quests ( If map is made for lvl 45-50 that means 5 levels to gain there, meaning 5 levels x 2 quests = 10 quests in total).

    - TMQ Quests part of main quest line as dungeons

    This should be "easy" mode that you can only do once, now question is, should we allow new players to solo this thing and decrease power or mobs and bosses there and enable normal and hard for grind only, it is debatable.

    Since you need to give excitement and trill for new players soo that they feel "special" at least when they are questing or you can leave to party with other people.

    - Daily/Weekly Quests

    It should hold some zeni and upgrade materials at random and ofc dogi balls or brown box, this way everyone would grind at least for this reward. Harder quests to get like kill 500 mobs would give brown box will 250 dogi ball.

    - Guild Quests and Guild Skills

    Increase guild contribution soo that they can buy/upgrade guild buildings or other features or increase guild skills that should be based on increasing luck or amount of stuffs they can get such as:

    1% per level mudosa increase (only in ranked),

    1% per level zeni increase,

    1% quest exp increase,

    1% legendary drop rate,

    1% advanced stone drop rate,

    1% upgrading luck increase

    1% brown box max stats increase.

    I was suggesting this from day one of DBOG and from day one I was in staff, it would increase activity in servers by a lot.

    Sadly Daneos only accept stupid suggestions, that is why game is dead.

    Yea when people cry about SK due his "ring out" tactic, no one beside Notorious mention about this "STAY THERE, YOU SHALL NOT MOVE" turtle and crane slowdown + KD aka their "ring out" tactic, but hey balance is dope.

    Still I didn't see not even one geared vs crane, I guess only DBOG Models are left there too look cute...

    PS:  Syren you are [email protected], you sold your soul for that CCBD gear + boxes the way you like it and upgraded ...

    Still, you bully them well, haha.