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    Buenas noches, días, lo que sea, descargue el juego cuando era beta, no se si aun lo sea, bueno en todo caso, quiero volver a jugar y me encuentro con el launche al 100% pero no deja abririlo, probe la solución de descargar un launcher diferente y cuando va a abrir el juego ese programa explota, entonces supongo que no funciona ese launcher ya. deberia haber una solucion para mi problema en este momento, el launcher abierto con 100% y no carga nada y el boton de START desabilitado, agradezco una posible solución, gracias muchachos.

    Descarga este Launcher y remplazalo en la carpeta del juego…4MLi8XZkYBahPSVkMFSK/view


    In principle there will be more rewards for the players as for example a z32 and this kind of items that you have mentioned. The idea is to make a starter kit (BOX) called "Global Compensation Package", but we still don't know exactly the rewards that this box should contain and whether it should have any requirement to have it or not, but honestly I don't think there will be a "big requirement", just need to make sure that you've played the game before.

    If this is carried out, the box will be character bound.

    When you press right + left button the cursor must be positioned in the middle automatically once it has disappeared.

    In the new client stays at the same point where it disappeared, this can cause problems when doing dash among others.

    Another issue is that you're able to target while the cursor is hidden and that should not be possible.

    DBO TW vs New Client.

    - If you target yourself and then you try to cast a skill on another target (by pressing the skill and then selecting the target), you will have 2 targets at once.

    - If you summon a pet while you are targeting someone and then you charge RP, you will have 2 targets.


    Try move your game folder onto your desktop and go to your game folder, open the patcher_config.xml and change game_lang="xx" to game_lang="english" and patch_version "x" to 0 (to re-patch the game).

    If it still doesn't work, please contact us by Support Ticket.

    Monsters has a delay to do their dying animations after they die.

    - You shouldn't lose your target before their life reaches 0.

    - You shouldn't be able to re-target the mob while / after the dying animation.

    - Mobs should die right at the moment the skill hits.

    DBO TW vs New Client:


    This should be warned in time because, imagine that as you mention we warn and open the votes a few days after the test phase, do you think it would be fair for players to know about the reset some days ago before the official release? For what? To keep them "wasting their time"?

    "But their new client is not good, so they make the vote before testing. Otherwise, people may not want a wipe."

    I don't understand this point, after all until the new client is not ready, will not be released to the normal server (as official).


    The new upgrade system hasn't yet been decided how it will be, but the idea is to make it harder. In my opinion, it's complicated to remove the 100% of RNG because if not after all everyone will become +15 players and that's not the idea.

    You will be able to test it when it's carried out on the test server. Before the official release of the new client + the wipe (if it happens) all systems will be implemented and tested.