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    It doesn't matter if people call it cashing or donation. It is what it is. Every damn private server uses it as a way to make money, don't be an idiot. The point is he can't get in trouble for it. There is NO REAL TRANSACTION. It's OBVIOUSLY a way to make the game easier, but he can't get in trouble for it which is what I was explaining to Steam.

    Daneos isn't required to do anything.. It's his project, he has his reasons for not sharing any important info. He's been giving updates for a long time now, just because he stopped for a bit doesn't mean he's not working on it. He's probably working on something big and it requires time. Irl money flow for cash shop? His income is made by donation. You get CP as a reward for donating. It's not a transaction, it's just a reward. He can't get in trouble for that, never. I agree that, to make this server reach open beta faster, he should add more developers but if he doesn't want to, there's nothing we can do about that, so there is no point in pressuring him about all this.

    If you character is stuck on a map go to the main page and use the unstuck function there. If it was a victim of the bug that render a lot of characters not available anymore its gone forever.

    Maybe he got banned for using a speed hack.

    Dont think it would be necessary since the game is in the last step of release , and the packs were to support the start of the project.
    Donating help too and you can use the points to buy costumes and other items ingame once they release the items in the cash shops.

    Ohhh, well I certainly will donate but I would have still liked the benefits of the packs. Wait, are you saying that all the items that were in the packs will be in the donate shop?

    I'm pretty sure many players didn't know about this until you guys opened the game for us to play. I think it would be a good idea to bring back the founder packs so other people can buy it (for example me, I had no idea about this until now). It doesn't have to be founder packs, some other cool packs would be appreciated too.

    Thank you,

    Hey, it's simple, the only link I can find is the torrent one and I can't download using torrent, it's too slow. I can't seem to find the other download mirrors in the download section. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.