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    When Improve the skills of crane.? Need Change the damage of thousand slashes 35% to 70%. Reduce coldown of spirit wave and energy heat wave, 1:30 it's long. Dodon barrage in dbo tw was debuff reduce physical defense 3050 in this dbog only reduce 1600. Agile armor is useless, Change it for defense%. Reduce The cast time of poison bleed, fiery shot, searing crane, tri-beam cannon.

    Stfu already. Crane is probably the only class that doesn't need much improvement at the moment. Learn to play and you'll see that

    ^I highly doubt it. It's strange how you never actually locked on to the turtle. It's not hard to tell where my suspicion is coming from. I know you go to great lenghts to prove your point so I won't be as generous as others to take your word for anything.

    I agree to everything you said but the arm pull strategy wasn't the onlu way to beat an Ultimate. it would still be possible to kill an Ulti if lifesteal did not receive a change. Although an Ulti would probably easily resist it that was still one reason SKS could actually stand a chance against Ultis. Atm all an Ulti has to do is use full enegery defense gear and It's game over.

    Yeah and with just about every class you would have would be geared with +15 armor so what's your point

    When did anyone here ask you to teach them how to play Ulti? Stop trying to change the subject into something that we weren't even talking about.

    As for you I suggest that you stop sucking off Skedar, It's making you look as bad as him. You look like his little apprentice that says whatever his master wants him to say.

    Even before RP was removed from arm pull It wasn't easy fighting Ulti especially after the lifesteal nerf and now you want to say that every class but "MA" can counter Ulti? All the other classes have very little dmg and you expect them to win against a full CC90 Armored Ulti that has an extremely high resistance rate. My advice to you Skedar is to stop being biased towards your own class. You're just selfish and will stop at nothing to keep on winning. You want every class that could beat you to be nerfed so you can seem "op".

    It's sad that Skedars flexing his WMAT win even though he cried for his aura because he crashed in budo. My advice is to grow a pair and if you're so good go win without crying for the aura. Like I've said people in the balence team get more privileges than regular players.

    For my option, the update on "Dogi ON = hidden equipment and cannot be scanned." is no good. Since it is the default setting, no one will turn it off now, and all advanced scouters become useless.

    I suggest either apply the concept that used in TW/HK server to hide equip or simply change back to previous update. People enjoy to have a look on others equipment. I think we lost one interesting thing that we can do...

    Sorry for my poor English...

    This doesn't make sense. It's still the same as before It's just that dogis are now on. Most people allowed their equipment to be scanned because they wanted to keep their dogis on. You aren't losing anything... Now this is just a better way to not allow people to scan your gear while still keeping your style.

    This was probably already brought up but at least for me, (from the level I am now, only 37) I feel lik SKs need a bit of a nerf, whether it be offensive or defensive cuz they naturally have super high health and defense but along with that, a ranged bleed that takes out basically all of your health and I think that's just a bit ridiculous. There's probably a counter to that that I just don't know about but that's just how I feel

    Damn nerf SK for a third time.

    Well lets be real here the team has tried to balance the game but as long as this RNG/EasyMode/GearBased meta is set in stone none will be happy no matter if all classes are made strong as all hell or not.

    Its funny though, after all these years of SK being a Tank/DPS/DoT, they finally get a taste of what it feels like to not be incredibly broken and now it’s a huge problem?

    You say that as if the lifesteal change wasn't already big enough but also removing RP Duration from armpull was even worse. It's impossible to kill a good geared Dende and Ulti now but hey I guess it's not a "huge" problem.

    Well your choice B is and has been done since POB and its not working. Choice A is the better choice if you want the game to survive, yeah obviously it’s harder to do but it’s whats needed.

    It's a little too late to talk about this game surviving. It's not hard to tell that it's already dead from the current state of the server.

    That makes sense but no matter how good or logical suggestions you make on this forum the DBOG staff won't try to change a thing or even hear you out