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    Free to play and pay to win do not exclude each other. Usually they go together, like in this case.

    Drop enough money into the game, buy brown boxes, buy stones, get full +15 with best stats, you're up there with servers top players with no effort.

    Of course you need skill to compete with equally equipped players, but there will be very few of them

    Wouldn't it be easier and better in the long run to change the skills do they affect players and mobs differently? Diferent dmg formula, skill duration etc.

    You wouldn't have to rely on RP for pve and you could still use standard RP boosts

    What are you on about people. Winter 2018 is exactly that, winter in 2018 xD Stop kidding yourself, Daneos dropped the ball.

    Team, you all are aware that this entire shitstorm could've been avoided by posting a simple update stating that the work is taking longer than expected, right? All it'd take is to be clear.

    "Oh it's in Chinese, it's hard to register, guess we're not playing that"

    Take a seat, we played this shit on Korean servers which required Korean social security number to register.

    PS. Write your posts in English. You have sub forums for other languages, stick to those if 21 century didn't quite catch up with you yet.

    How is poko a summoner if summons are useless..?

    Honestly, I've said it before and I'll say it again summoners are my favourite class when available (diablo, Poe). DBO doesn't have a summoner

    Change poko's skills so attack speed is just an addition and summonS (plural) make decent dps when set up properly

    Nothing beats the feeling you get playing witch doctor in diablo, basically leading an army of monsters to rip your enemies apart

    Yes, new cap means more content, which means more players. The fact that majority of the playerbase of DBOG comes from retail versions, means that the players look for content that were in level 70. The BID2-3-4 farming, CC, working around with other stuff, these are all level 70 content.

    DBO TW was worse than DBOG update wise, yet they had a good amount of players regardless of the game being chinese, and that was on two servers, not one.

    If Daneos can actually keep his promise to change the stuff in-game, I can see the channels having a lot of people again, just like it was in 45-55 cap.

    That was ages ago. DBO has no sustainable place in 2018

    Just make your peace with the fact that the game is bound to die. It's old, it's irrelevant in 2018. Most of us couldn't wait for Daneos to finish it, because of nostalgia, but now that we played it again,i t's clear to see

    Wipe could prolong the inevitable, but the game is doomed

    There's nothing that Daneos could do to change it, unless he wants to create DBO 2.0

    Did you read the news announcement? I don’t think you understand, that in order for DBO G to progress, the new client that’s been in development is needed.

    Yes, I read it. Especially the part saying that you plan to roll it out in winter.

    If you claim that without reworking the client progress can't be achieved, fair enough, i don't have knowledge to comment on that.

    What I'm saying is you can't honestly expect this game to be alive until then without feeding dying player base any content.

    There's no intention of adding new content until the new client is released. Only bug fixes for now, as stated in the news post, 5 days ago.

    You might want to rethink that, otherwise you can stop what you're doing because you'll have no players by then xD

    Been a while since I had a laugh, thanks

    Also, sorry but I have to point out the audacity here..

    Patch notes:

    Yeah, no


    Nope, but hey, look what we have in plans for long after you get bored! Cool, isn't it?

    Also, why are you calling it weekly maintenance if it takes place monthly if we're lucky? XD