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    IP doesn't work because people have siblings, so if you block it how will two members of the same house play?

    without ip-check people ( like me) with 2 pc´s and a laptop can still register with multi accounts on ranked/ budo.

    farming alts is not fair and with no ip check people will always abuse it.

    yes, the day when they nerfed karma 1.5 sword got nerfed too, probably a mistake

    ( Flash have almost same critdmg like MSS now) i crit flash 14k and mss 16k without buffs on lvl 60 mobs.(+15)

    old mss crits was 30k unbuffed.

    Very helpful, I feel like I'm a better fighter now. Thank you very much!

    youre welcome friend, enjoy your new awesome skills.

    Correction, this is a guide for a garbage fighter who pays for winning.

    Good fighters use intimidation and solar flare, thunder against SK or DW, and basically that's the difference.


    " good fighters " LOL:D

    thunder and confusion spam is BS too just with high cooldown, but using it means always free win in that round. ( if you manage to get in melee range)
    fighter is just braindead class.


    today i want to tell you how to play fighter in pvp, follow my guide and you may master this highly sophisticated and complicated class.

    1. get a lvl 60 stick +14 or +15

    2. get your keybinds.

    Key 1 = Quick Attack

    Key 2= Kidney Shot

    Key 3= Super High Speed Needles

    3. join ranked

    4. use dash and press 1,2,3

    my achievment idea:

    Kill ALL Bosses CCBD 5-150 and BID 1-4 once while you had every masterclass of the game in your partys.

    this would change this " only 5 class meta "

    i dont have reward ideas yet but it has to be something very good to make it worth to farm this achiev.

    "I honestly think that Daneos should do a "restart" and wipe everything again, refund the spent CP, decrease stone drop chance to the half of this, make broken give -2 to -6 randomly, and lets start with a fresh card."

    I don't mind if he wipe out everything, because I would change class if he do that. But I don't think that upgrade system should be touched. I already hardly upgrade my items to +12 with over 10000+ stones. Some players has crazy luck and of course they're hardcore cashers and this is why they have +14~+15.

    way too earlie for that maybe another wipe is a good idea for the future but not right now it wont change anything game still way too broken.

    As of now, what we can do is TMQ1 to 7, UD1 to 6, CC 1 to 100, and that's about it. Not let's break this down.

    UD1 to 3 is only for leveling, once you reach 60, you won't ever want to return there.

    UD4-6 should be there for the good glove or subweapon drops, but they rarely drop.

    CC1-100 is limited to classes that the community prefers, which is Ultimate, Turtle, Poko, Karma, Dende, rarely Chef and if the fighter is a good friend of the party OR pays the ticket, then a MA class can join too. Rest of the classes are not "welcome",

    for me this is the worst problem of them all i know the game is not good balanced,still full of bugs and team dont comment anything,

    but nothing makes me mad like that, and this is a community problem ! people are stupid af,

    ostracize every other class for no reason! there are many non-speed setup which can clear cc and even in speed-party turtle is exchangeable

    with the changes for yield fighter and swordmans with speed are even more effective on bosses than turtles.

    and you guys complain the game is dead, ask yourself why with that attitude of the community.

    no wonder the game is dead when people just login for budokai cause they cant find groups.

    but before the broad mass realize this its 2020 and the server closed