The Ultimate Fighter PvP Guide

  • Hello,

    today i want to tell you how to play fighter in pvp, follow my guide and you may master this highly sophisticated and complicated class.

    1. get a lvl 60 stick +14 or +15

    2. get your keybinds.

    Key 1 = Quick Attack

    Key 2= Kidney Shot

    Key 3= Super High Speed Needles

    3. join ranked

    4. use dash and press 1,2,3

  • Very helpful, I feel like I'm a better fighter now. Thank you very much!

    youre welcome friend, enjoy your new awesome skills.

    Correction, this is a guide for a garbage fighter who pays for winning.

    Good fighters use intimidation and solar flare, thunder against SK or DW, and basically that's the difference.


    " good fighters " LOL:D

    thunder and confusion spam is BS too just with high cooldown, but using it means always free win in that round. ( if you manage to get in melee range)
    fighter is just braindead class.

  • this foc% debuff is just retarded and overpowered which was meant only for fighters. Focus classes including sm becomes rlly trash vs fighters. Fighter vs fighter focus% debuff are not even useful since both are not foc. so not effect. Bring back hit rate % so foc classes could land stuns

  • Being a fighter for my whole life ever since i was brought on this earth and started breathing the air and was fed from my own mother's tit i can tell you right now... that fighters are too nerfed, we cant do jack shit to those "no penis having" axe wearing to confiscate for the lack of their musculant parts pices of shit, those green bastards that keep cleving through any and every content with ease, also why did daneos put 15% luck boost for every SK on the server for upgrades? i see you skinny ass gimpy kid who is the project leader of this wonderful MC Fkery of the game. So in a conclusion to my rant here, im making a SK, cause fk you i'm bilals jewish uncle.

  • ya sk bold makes them dps class, tanky. i fight sk with +9 axes and if they make successful combo they can take out +13 humans with no difficulties. lets mention reflect

    . fighters can kill themselves from reflect. basic dex fighter has 8k lp +. lets say he doesnt die from reflect, but what if sk managed to use life steal?

  • fighter is just braindead class.

    So true. ,_,

    I mean, you can always try to change your combo, but after that you will always be repeating the same one.

    Mine is quick shot > intimidation > high speed needle > kidney shot > super high speed needle > run away.

    I'm always using this same combo. You can add concentrated kamehameha or another skill, but the base never changes.

    Another thing is that fighters are very luck based, and even if you try to flood props or constitution on them, you will be no more than a "inferior namek/tank thing".

    I have dex on my chest, pants, boots and stick. Focus/dmgcrit on my gloves. I've got more than 1600 dodge rate, but I'm not able to dodge people with more than 1200 hit rate, I mean, more than that, the chances are less than 30%.


    (Now some idea that don't need to be true. People would be triggered about that anyway)

    For an op and funny formula, that last example should give me exactly 83,333% chance if we said that when Dodge Rate = Hit Rate the chances to hit/dodge are 50%.

    1200 - 100%

    1600 - 133,33% -----> 33,33% +/- 50%


    > if you had 500 hit rate, you would never hit someone with 1000 dodge rate.

    > if you had 500 dodge rate, you would never dodge someone with 1000 hit rate

    That would be awesome if dex and focus gave the same 10 for 10 rate but... meh. Its 5 for 10.

    It would never work in the actual "focus>dex formula" since even me, as the fighter with most dex quantity, has only 1635 dodge rate, and any sword/turtle can hit 2200 hit rate easily.

    (Note that with all the possible buffs that the game offers + super saiyan, and except for the dodge potion for fighters, I have + - 2600 DR).

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