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    hi everyone I want to write this message for those like me who donate a lot to the server and for those like me who earn zeni by selling items from the cash shop, market is practically blocked the only items that are sold are the dogi ball .. the exp bonuses they are no longer bought and many other items that are on the cash shop .. how is it possible that after all these years the cash shop is not updated! it would be right to update it as a sign of gratitude for those who believe in this project and donate their money with the hope that one day this game will return to 100%

    ragazzi se avete voglia di ricominciare o cercate qualcuno con cui giocare.. basta che mi contattate sul Pg (VegitoLr) siamo 6 membri la maggior parte delle volte on..

    I do not kiss anyone's ass, on the contrary I am one who has donated a lot on this server and I expect immediate answers and results on this new sever .. but also to give credit to daneos and his team for the work he is doing even if it's going very slow .. unfortunately after all these years the patience is over and we want results immediately! I think another mistake that has been made is that the cash shop has not even been updated in server 1.0 ..

    ok but if we had to dare a percentage of the current state of 2.0 what are for now? I have been following this server for many years and I value daneos for the work it is doing but here it is going for long or am I wrong?

    guys i wanted some advice .. as buffers are scarce and many people have their own group and play on their own .. the best way to quickly level up my buffer? my main character is level 64 and i am strong enough to hold on many maps

    1. guys while i was playing the game it got stuck and it disconnected me now i can't log in anymore.. you got the same problem?

    a quanto pare quando il 2.0 sarà pronto si.. ma stiamo parlando tra un bel po di tempo e quando il 2.0 sarà pronto saranno a tutti un biscottino per il livello 30 e per chi ha fatto il 70 in un mese un regalo speciale.. io onestamente lo sto giocando lo stesso perché comunque ne approfitto per fare esperienza di gioco ed essere prontissimo al momento del reset.. cosi già da saper cosa fare senza perdere tempo... comunque dimmi chi sei in game così ti aggiungo sto cercando italiani con cui giocare!

    hi indra i have a SWORDSMAN level 64 my equip is +13 jacket +15 pants +13 shoes and the sword is +15 but still with the fact that the damage to the shoulders does not work and also the debuff propr practically you will lose every duel against fighter or other class with your own equipment ... I have tested it over and over again you see that something is missing compared to the other classes .. pity that after all this time they have not fixed this problem in version 1.0 .... in short, I find myself at level 64 with good equipment to start all over again with a fighter otherwise you will always lose... :/