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  • You know the Fusionfall Retro Beta/Sneakpeak is out?

    • Already known it. I've been playing.

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  • thank you very much beky the problem is fixed by your favor

  • Hey, Beky.

    Could i tommorow hit you up in-game for guild?I Would like to join.


    • And my time zone is

      UTC+3 EEST

      I'm gonna hit you up tommorow around 3PM or 4PM depends on my works.

    • I'm in Eastern time as well. lol

  • I am still new and confused to this forum. So I have no idea how to personal message you. But I noticed that you are in Fusionfall Guild and I am looking for a good guild to be in. Previous one I was in is inactive and not helpful on hard quests that requires parties to finish. I am a level 30 fighter and a fast learner. If you have room in your guild let me know. My in-game name is BlueChocobo

    • I’ll be happy to invite you to our guild! You know we extended the member space yesterday!

    • Cool beans, I am usually on channel 4 on average since it is not very busy. Easy for me to farm without trolls taking down my mob quest kills

    • Haha alright, I'm usually on ch0, ch1, ch2, and sometimes on ch7 for less lag.

    • Which one are you now?

  • Hi like your character names :)

    you should have made KFC as a fat male Majin XD

    • hahahaha, nah but it fitted on my tank instead but I don’t like fat majins. And thanks!