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  • Do you have a download link to DBOG 1?

  • Reminder for my own wall: I only speak English. Any other languages, I do not understand. Thanks.

  • hello beka can you tell me if the server is online?

    • It should be online right now.

  • Evening mate! Wanted to know if your guild is still recruiting people =)

    • We are, but trying to find the time to accept ;p

    • ohhh okay, in case you fin some of that time, add me ingame, Kalathorian 42 turtle =D

    • thanks!

  • This game is legal. Is there an official authorization. I want to Sue the game for copyright infringement

  • Hi, again, Beka. I dont know beacuse my game is really bad, much much lag and very slow when i play. I speak with the people on the game and those told me " U have reinstall Windows or Change to Windows 8. My pc use really good windows 7, but i dont want to change my operative sistem. Please help me, How i can fix the problem :c. I tried to put the game in the white list but nor fix. PLEASE HELP MEEEE :(

    • If that didn't work, you can try whitelisting your game to reduce the lag but there's nothing we can do about the lag.

  • Hi, u can help me with budokai kids? I need to know , How i get the earrings, neck, and rings lvl 26 legendarys??. Thanks for u helpu! :D

    • Sorry, but I don't do budo events, but I think you can try some focus or etc.

  • Hi Beka i have a problem i want to buy Cash Points but i cant buy it. Can you help me please?

  • hi sorry for the there a way to get wings and other dogi on client 2? thanks

  • hey I replaced my launcher with yours given launcher then launcher finally works but then game doesn't start . plz help

    • Run as admin.

    • now its showing, 'creating of application is failed, error code[2]'.


  • help me plz, my launcher says that I need to finish the patch and both it and the download is at 100% what can I do ?

  • Just a quick question, I played this game 7 years back before it was shutdown. I'm planning on playing it again. Is it Worth downloading and playing cause I would wanna know how active it is.

    Thanks !!

    • It's active on the current client, yeah. have fun

    • is there a decent amount of players on it? its downloading at the moment, like 2.5 gb file

    • Yeah lol

    • i'm having trouble downloading, is there a working link that I can use?>??

    • What does it say?

  • 2019 vote to reset the server, when will it appear?

    After the 2019 reset message, many people gave up the game! I just want to know if it will reset

    • There is no set date for the wipe. I’ve said this way too many times.

    • I mean, will it reset. Not when. Thank you

    • Yes, It will wipe in the future.

  • Server's offline?

  • Hey Beka,i have Dr.Gero dogi for how much can i sell it?

    • Dunno, look at AH and see how much they sell it, do a thousand or million under the actual price.

  • Now recharge point C. when the game is reset, will 2.0 be returned?

    • As I've always said, There is no date set.

  • Beka help me, please, my internet went down and when I got back to the game, my friends list was buggy and empty, I can't add anyone I had on my list because it says it has already been added, I restarted the computer and the game more the bug still occurs, help me, please, you can remove all my friends, which I added again, I signed in to other accounts, but the bug only occurs in thisbug.png

    • Relog.

    • I tried, still the same problem

    • Must be a new bug.. I dunno, then. Try restarting the game

  • How long does dbog 2.0 start


    I have required lv.30 in hoi poi mix but show me " Need more level"


    • I craft more items lvl 65 but no gain exp craft.


    • I don't craft but you need to craft items below the level to max your craft level.

    • Hi Beka,

      I have reached the last level in Craft

      It's a shame that I can't do the latest armor and weapons (lvl 70) because the system doesn't allow me

    • I have no idea, then lol. try getting the materials from dark namek area

    • Ha ha, tks, I hope in the future a solution.

  • hey, I need help logging in, It keeps sayinf incorrect password but I can login into the website just fine

  • hi beka can u help me do i have to redownload 2.0 or does it have a link to download new launcher?

  • its been months scooters are bugged. Scouters don't show players and mobs' actual level!!! For instance my combat level is 35000. When other players with scoters watch it they see something like 12000. The same goes with mobs combat level. It's been almost a year scouters are bugged. Is it possible in a year time you've been incapable of fixing this bug?

    Please try to fix it as soon as possible


    • Please report the bug on the forums, not to me. If it's a bug on 1.0. Report it on the feedback, If it's 2.0 client, Report it to the development area.

    • I've already reported on the bug section. You guys should just solve the problem now. Thanks

    • Provide the proof in your topic, thanks.

  • Please Beka can you invite me to your Guild Fusion hall

  • where can i download the game

  • Code
    1. Sorry for the inconvenience! I believe you are trying to contact daneos, but we need an answer. It seems that something serious has happened to him and we are concerned. Please try to trigger your contacts for possible feedback as we want to play and have fun.
    2. NOTE: I am using google translator, sorry.
    • It's fine to use the translator. We don't know anything nor what's going on. Daneos is fine, A moderator already posted on DBOG Discord server regarding about Daneos.

    • Code
      1. Thanks lady. But if daneos is fine, what is his position? Is he aware of what is happening at least ???
  • Many item bugged in papaya island sever need restart thank you.

    • I can't restart a server, only PL or TL can do that.

    • can you please tell PL or TL restart sever i have send message but no resopnce thank you.

  • Hello, I really love this game, but my game account was blocked due to a mistake. I really understand my mistake. I hope to get a chance to mend my ways, just once. I hope it can help me lift the blockade. Thank you. Closed account number llllh2008

    • Write a ticket for this.

  • Help

  • I really don't know anything about the game or how to get into the game

  • Cómo se pronuncia

    1. as the ticket ago if nothing of the game is registered I will register because when I enter the game it is frightened Help me !?