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  • Beka are you online or available? I have sent bot reports but Ive been following this one and you should come find me and get rid of this guy. I cant even complete my quest because of him

    • Moderators handle Discord and the forums only.

  • its been months scooters are bugged. Scouters don't show players and mobs' actual level!!! For instance my combat level is 35000. When other players with scoters watch it they see something like 12000. The same goes with mobs combat level. It's been almost a year scouters are bugged. Is it possible in a year time you've been incapable of fixing this bug?

    Please try to fix it as soon as possible


    • Please report the bug on the forums, not to me. If it's a bug on 1.0. Report it on the feedback, If it's 2.0 client, Report it to the development area.

    • I've already reported on the bug section. You guys should just solve the problem now. Thanks

    • Provide the proof in your topic, thanks.

  • Please Beka can you invite me to your Guild Fusion hall

  • where can i download the game

  • Code
    1. Sorry for the inconvenience! I believe you are trying to contact daneos, but we need an answer. It seems that something serious has happened to him and we are concerned. Please try to trigger your contacts for possible feedback as we want to play and have fun.
    2. NOTE: I am using google translator, sorry.
    • It's fine to use the translator. We don't know anything nor what's going on. Daneos is fine, A moderator already posted on DBOG Discord server regarding about Daneos.

    • Code
      1. Thanks lady. But if daneos is fine, what is his position? Is he aware of what is happening at least ???
  • O que está havendo no servidor 1.0 do dbo todos os canais estão offline já ah 2 dias, vocês estão trabalhando para resolver?

    Precisamos de alguma informação !!!!!!

    • ????

    • Sabe quando os canais 0 e 1 estarão online novamente?

      Do servidor 1.0

    • ???

  • Many item bugged in papaya island sever need restart thank you.

    • I can't restart a server, only PL or TL can do that.

    • can you please tell PL or TL restart sever i have send message but no resopnce thank you.

  • Hello, I really love this game, but my game account was blocked due to a mistake. I really understand my mistake. I hope to get a chance to mend my ways, just once. I hope it can help me lift the blockade. Thank you. Closed account number llllh2008

    • Write a ticket for this.

  • Help

  • I really don't know anything about the game or how to get into the game

  • Cómo se pronuncia

    1. as the ticket ago if nothing of the game is registered I will register because when I enter the game it is frightened Help me !?
  • Code
    1. Help My pass does not access it I can not enter the game
    • HELppppp

    • Make a ticket.

    • Cómo se pronuncia

      1. as the ticket ago if nothing of the game is registered I will register because when I enter the game it is frightened Help me !?
    • Ticket is the only way to get help, not here.

  • Hello good night I have a doubt is that I really do not remember, when starting again when restarting the server, the character will return to level1, but will still have the old name or so well it will be deleted Beka

  • Beka you typed this: "It's a separate launcher. I still have 1.0 and 2.0 on separate launchers. You can't update 1.0 to 2.0. Because 2.0 is still in testing."

    Now I ask: When will it release for everyone to play on the updated server?

    • Like It's always mentioned, There is no release date.

    • ty beka, sad, meanwhile server 1.0 is crashing every 15 seconds, it is not even worth playing, how sad.

    • 1.0 doesn't crash much when I did mine lol. just freeze spikes. but ey, chill lol

  • beka i need some guide, could u help me on discord?

    • all you gotta do is replace your launcher.

    • But i did and it says another error

    • it says it cant download the file DLL 'unrar.dll: it cant be found the specified module.

    • (Exception of HRESULT: 0x8007007E) that is the error

      it is like if i didnt downloaded the content of the installer so i need help

    • I guess you can come onto Discord and ask some help in support.

  • when i attempt to play the game i get this ''game version confirmation the game is not updated to the latest version, please re-run to update" message but i cannot figure out a way to deal with this and i was wondering if maybe you knew how to deal with this or how to work around it

    • Restart Launcher and try again.

    • ive been doing that for literal hours tho it dosent seem to be doing anything

    • I guess you'll have to find some topic to resolve that problem.

  • Detalhes

    I have a problem, when I click on start the game stays on a white screen and stops responding, can you help me?

    • Look for some topics with that bug, I've never had the bug, so I don't know how to resolve it.

  • I have a problem, i downloaded the game like 7 hours ago and its been like this for a long now.

    If i try to go start it will show this.

    "DBOGLauncher needs to finish patching first."

    it says 100%

    Can you help me??

    • already installed Visual Studios and direct x9.0

    • There's couple of topics about this problem, have it looked around.

  • when we opened the box of lv2 to receive the motorcycle and the flying scrolls now also comes a buggy white item that when we open the inventory and we pass / click on it crash the game.

    I also like to know if you have how to remove the item from the account or fix it and if in the future boxes we will have the same problem.

  • hello, do you know the port of the server? thanks

  • Adutl quest Korin is not working. I have the quest. I con gat in.

    Waht do a Do now??

    If I for a new character in DGB 1 and i reach lvl 30 to do the quest. The similar problem happens.

    Waht are your suggestions for this??

    • Report the bug on the forums.

  • This error appears 'DBOGLaucher needs to finish patching first''

    • Check my response to vinicius2711

  • my one is with the 100% download and the patch also more when you click on start does not enter

    • tmb estou com esse problema ;-;

    • You may need to install Visual Studios and direct x 9, Might help. but I hope it works!

  • Hello im sorry to bother you but im having issues trying to access the game i just downloaded the new launcher and when i went to put in my info it told me i dont exist but when i go check the main site where i registered it says my account is active? just been alil frustrated lol

    • Report in ticket support. may help.

  • Code
    1. beka I want to report an error I have posted it in thread in support can you help me please?

    (el traductor de google)

  • Hola Beky, ... Disculpe ... ¿todavía importa cuentas al nuevo cliente?

    -Un saludo (El traductor de Google es malo, lo siento.)

    • I can't add accounts or anything. Database is still transferring.

    • I do not know that anymore, I just wanted to know if the transfer is still in progress, because in my country it's getting a little late and if the accounts were not happening to the new client I was going to sleep

      -Thanks for answering.

  • what happen to the server?, it's just me?, when i chose a channel, the screen turns black...

  • beka i need help loging in to the new client when i loged into my AlphaWereWolf user it said that my account was blocked and you help me fix it

    • you were not selected at this time. Please wait for the new wave.

  • I fell asleep and forgot to upload the video of me crashing while going to the character selection got the video of me crashing after gender bending though -PrincessAmy

    • It's alright, you can try again.

  • I can't start the client it keeps saying the appilication was unable to start correctly please fix this bug

    • Post it on discord support.