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    Crafting has its own benefits. As for example, there is gear that is worth 10kk as much, and you will see it on AH for 30kk with a shitty +8 upgrade. Or you can be a namek, who benefits a lot from crafted gear defenses. Or you can be a barely played class and you never see weapons for you on AH. Crafting right now is way cheaper than buying from somewhere else and it makes you individual, not dependant on what's new on AH today.

    Yes, it may be slow and tedious in the process, but its truly satisfactory when you get lvl 25-30 on craft and you can create whatever you want.

    Agree with that, i 3 week play this game and my craft is now reach lvl6 its about Zeni, yeah my Zeni is about 2.700.000 at last 2 week, but after learn crafting at popped vilage, not as before the drop from monster quite rare and i have sell armor U70 maybe 3 time for today, slow and tedious? i dont feel it, as new player 70.000.000 in a day i just laugh and i feel this game is the best, iam not best player but the game.