[Revival Guide] In-Depth Crafting Guide

  • Introduction:

    Crafting is one of the greatest ways to make Zeni in DBOG, and you’ll learn a ton about the game on the way. Contrary to what many may think, it’s not hard or that expensive to do at all. It can be very fun, very addictive and very frustrating at times, but you get out of it what you put in.

    I believe everybody should craft, no matter the level. It's a great investment in the long term, as with a bit of time and patience you can craft anything. Hopefully with more crafters in-game we’ll have more reasonable prices in the Auction House too. Let’s get started.

    Recipe Locations:

    Human Level 1 & 5 Recipes (Level 11 & 21 Weapons & Armor) - Popped Village, Yahoi West


    Majin Level 1 & 5 Recipes (Level 11 & 21 Weapons & Armor) - Water Bridge, Fran Fran Desert North


    Namekian Level 1 & 5 Recipes (Level 11 & 21 Weapons & Armor) - Namek Fountain, Porunga Rocks North


    Level 10 Recipes (Level 30 Weapons) - Korin Village, Korin Forest


    Level 10 Recipes (Level 30 Armor) - West City, Westlands


    Level 15 Recipes (Level 40 Weapons) - Tambourine Camp, Westlands


    Level 15 Recipes (Level 40 Armor) - Buu Memorial, Yahoi East


    Level 20 Recipes (Level 50 Weapons & Armor) - CC Old Museum, Mushroom Rocks North


    Level 20 Recipes (Level 55 Weapons & Armor) - Newbridge Village, Mushroom Rocks South


    Level 25 Recipes (Level 60 Weapons & Armor) - Guard Camp, Fearland


  • Level 25 Recipes (Level 65 Weapons & Armor) - Snail Outpost, Porunga Rocks North


    Level 30 Recipes (Level 70 Weapons & Armor) - Chanchan Jungle, Papaya Island


    Getting Started:

    I recommend at least 1 or 2 million Zeni before you begin. You can start with less but it may be a struggle at first due to recipe costs, material costs (if you're not farming them) and crafting fees. To begin, we’ll be wanting to head to Popped Village, Water Bridge or Namek Fountain in Yahoi West, Fran Fran Desert North or Porunga Rocks North respectively:


    You’ll now want to speak to the Crafting Master and buy any level 1 and level 5 recipe. It will cost you a total of 18,000 Zeni & it doesn’t matter which ones you buy.


    Once you’ve obtained a level 1 and level 5 recipe you’ll want to right click them in your inventory to learn the recipes (Somehow you can't do this under kaioken)

    You can press the Full Stop / Period key to view learnt recipes.


    Obtaining Crafting Materials:

    There are two ways you can obtain crafting materials:

    - You can farm and dismantle gear dropped by mobs

    Pro: Cheap Con: Time Consuming

    - You can dismantle gear purchased from vendors

    Pro: Quick Con: Can Be Costly

    To Dismantle Gear, you’ll need to speak to an Upgrade Merchant & select the “Item Disassemble” option.


    Then you’ll need to click the Dissasemble button and then left-click any items in your inventory you want to disassemble.


  • You will receive 3 different materials, of which have 7 different tiers, as shown below. These are the basic components of crafting.

    Manufacturing Extract [BLUE] Used in the production of all crafted items.

    Special Parts [YELLOW] Used in the production of all crafted items.

    Rare Mineral [RED] Used in the production of only weapons, not sub-weapons (Gloves & Dragon Clan staffs)


    Once you’ve acquired a decent amount of each material (at least a stack or two), we can begin to craft.

    Crafting Basics (Levels 1-10):

    To begin crafting you'll first need some 01 materials. You can obtain 01 materials by killing low level mobs (level 1-5) and dismantling their gear, or you can buy level 1 gear from a Weapon or Armor Merchant.

    I'll use Kokkara in Yahoi West as example as it's my favourite place to craft altogether, as everything is close to each other (Bank, Upgrade Merchant, Mailbox, Teleporter, Etc.).

    A Weapon Merchant is located next to a Upgrade Merchant in Kokkara too. Here is what you should buy for both 01 and 02 materials:




    You can either use a Hoi Poi machine located next to certain Crafting Masters (as seen above), or you can use a widely known “secret” to craft anywhere. To craft anywhere you like firstly click the box icon with “WP” written on it located at the bottom right of your screen.


    Then, you’ll want to click on the Hoi Poi button located at the bottom left of the window.


    You can now craft anywhere, most people will utilise this by having both the crafting window open and the dismantle window open like so:


    Select the crafting recipe you wish to make, then right click the required materials in your inventory to add them to the crafting window. All recipes of the same level give the same amount of experience for each item crafted, so it doesn't matter what you make to level crafting.

    Once you’ve added the materials, hit the max button then the start button to begin.

    Once you reach level 5 crafting, you will no longer receive experience for level 1 recipe items you craft. You will have to start crafting level 5 recipe items to level up. This applies everytime you can craft a higher level recipe.

    Congratulations, you now know the basics to crafting.

  • Starting To Make Money (Levels 10-20)

    This is where crafting starts to get good, and it really doesn't take long to get to this point either.

    The level 30 gear acquired can sell for decent money, depending on what you obtain.

    Level 30 is the point when everybody becomes an adult and chooses their master class. Therefore people are generally more willing to spend Zeni on gear. The only item I would say that is guaranteed to sell are pieces of armor with Constitution, with 12 being the highest amount you can obtain.

    If you are purchasing gear to dismantle, I suggest crafting at the weapons merchant next to the upgrade merchant on West City from now on. The Weapon Merchant here sells gear that can give either 03, 04 or 05 Materials. Lvl 30 for 03 materials. Lvl 38 for 04 materials and lvl 46 for 05 materials.


    Continue crafting level 30 gear until you reach 15 crafting, then repeat the above process but with level 15 recipes (Level 40 Gear). Once you've then achieved 20 crafting (Level 50 Gear) we can move onto the next stage.

    Two Paths (Levels 25-30):

    At this point, you can make a choice:

    Craft Level 60 gear, and reach 30 crafting in a shorter space of time


    Craft 65 gear to give yourself a decent amount of resources (07 materials) once you reach 30 crafting.

    The reason being that when you dismantle the level 65 gear made from the recipes you bought in Porunga, you don't receive 06 materials back. You instead receive 07 materials, whereas the Level 60 gear crafted from the recipes purchased in Fearland give 06 materials back. This makes it harder to level in the long run, as you'll be having to farm far more gear to dismantle or purchase far more items to dismantle. This is a pain in the ass for the moment but you'll have stockpiled 07 materials for when you've reached 30 crafting. If you're purchasing materials from vendors, then the best place to my knowledge is here in Porunga:



    This can be very tedious as you'll be making far, far more trips back and forth than you'd like too. Fighter's/Dende's can add random strangers to your friends list whilst crafting, or place an alternative account of your own in a spot so you can abuse Instant Transmission & teleport straight to a Upgrade Merchant to disassemble your gear. I suggest Kokkara again due to how close the teleporter is to everything else.

    You will receive the same amount of experience for crafting either level 60 or 65 gear, so it doesn't matter too much which option you choose. Either way this is the longest part of crafting and can become costly but the reward is worth it. Continue crafting either until you reach 30 crafting, and try to have fun doing so.

    Max Values On Crafted Items:

    Rarity Lvl Recover % LP/ EP, Attack Speed %, Movement Speed % Crit. Damage % Crit. Rate Hit Rate AntiCrit % CON, STR, DEX, SOL, FOC, ENG
    Rare 11 4 5 2 43 6 5
    Rare 21 6 7 3 71 10 9
    Rare 30 9 11 4 96 14 12
    Rare 40 12 15 6 123 15 15
    Rare 50 15 18 7 150 18 19
    Rare 55 15 19 8 160 21 21
    Rare 60 19 23 9 192 27 24
    Rare 65 20 25 10 205 30 26
    Rare 70 21 27 10 219 32 28

    Max Values On Legend 70 Items:

    Lvl AntiCrit % Recover % LP/ EP, Attack Speed %, Movement Speed % Crit. Damage % Crit. Rate Hit rate CON, STR, DEX, SOL, FOC, ENG Phy/Eng Atk Success Rate E. Reflect % Reduce X debuff duration % Props Attr Atk/ Defense % Cooldown Dodge Defense Rate DOT Defense LP/EP Regen Defense
    70 39 26 34 13 266 34 67 264 20 63 13 10 26 133 467 320 57 120


    • Fighters or Dendes are the easiest to level crafting with due to Instant Transmission. At level 25 crafting you’ll have a far easier time than any other class, because once you’ve purchased gear to dismantle at Porunga you can Instant Transmission to somebody at the Upgrade Merchant, which saves TONS of time overall.
    • Level 20 recipes and below you can craft as many items as you like until you run out of zeni, without the need to obtain more materials. You’ll receive as many materials as you used, or more than you used, when you dismantle the items you have crafted. You’ll need at least 3 stacks of blue materials and one stack of yellow to do so.
    • When you throw away items (such as excess materials gained from dismantling items), you can drag and drop all the items you wish to throw away then spam click the “Ok/Cancel” window. This saves a lot of time, and a lot of clicks too.

  • As the name of the thread says, it's a Revival Guide from [ENG] In-Depth Crafting Guide (Incomplete, Work In Progress)

    Since Xeoh just disappeared and I know that many people needed this, including me. I took the time to upgrade his guide. I almost didn't change his words because what's in there is truly helpful.

    However, I give thanks to Rybo for providing me the whole craft table.

    And any other suggestions or information will be accepted.

    External links:

    Max stats on gear?

  • Crafting makes zeni in a slow and tediuous process. I just craft gear to save zeni, not sell it. Besides, people only care about boxxing legendary loot

    Crafting has its own benefits. As for example, there is gear that is worth 10kk as much, and you will see it on AH for 30kk with a shitty +8 upgrade. Or you can be a namek, who benefits a lot from crafted gear defenses. Or you can be a barely played class and you never see weapons for you on AH. Crafting right now is way cheaper than buying from somewhere else and it makes you individual, not dependant on what's new on AH today.

    Yes, it may be slow and tedious in the process, but its truly satisfactory when you get lvl 25-30 on craft and you can create whatever you want.

  • Crafting has its own benefits. As for example, there is gear that is worth 10kk as much, and you will see it on AH for 30kk with a shitty +8 upgrade. Or you can be a namek, who benefits a lot from crafted gear defenses. Or you can be a barely played class and you never see weapons for you on AH. Crafting right now is way cheaper than buying from somewhere else and it makes you individual, not dependant on what's new on AH today.

    Yes, it may be slow and tedious in the process, but its truly satisfactory when you get lvl 25-30 on craft and you can create whatever you want.

    Don't get me wrong, I maxxed my crafting and have perfect LP regen gear for my majin, but that's all I care for, I sell some of it, but barely make more than 10kk

  • I think rare lvl 70 item max crit rate is 11 because starting from lvl 40 max crit rate goes up by 1 each time.

    No, it's 10, all the data there is correct.

    Edit: when I was trying to fill the table, I noticed there is no real sequence, no real pattern from one number to another, they don't have anything in common. Its' just like that, info provided from a GM, otherwise it would be totally impossible to get the table done just by guessing.

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