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    Yeah, I know.

    But even so, I prefer to read those punchlines and obvious quests in English, rather than seeing korean characters everywere.

    You're the first person I've ever heard of complaining about something so incredibly irrelevant. If you want the shitty poop jokes translated, then by all means feel free to apply for the translation squad and invent your own stupid puns to the roster that nobody will ever read, if it means preserving visual consistency. All relevant text regarding gameplay mechanics and story beats has already been complated. But you're gonna complain about a stupid pun that shows up when you talk to a turtle in the middle of nowhere, asking about how much poop he's counting?

    a more 'complete' experience? There's no lore here, Most quest texts involve stupid toriyama humor, with poop jokes and stuff, hardly anything interesting. Besides that, most of the main storylines are already well understood by inferring the quest structure. If a NPC wants you to kill 10 nameks, you can guess, "These guys are causing troulbe m8, please help save me, the village, etc". Nothing particularly unique or special

    Sorry we are not taking any suggestions at the moment unless they are related to adding new content to the Cash Shop.

    Thank you.

    Idea: Add dogis of the following characters:

    Rolf (Base Form)

    Rolf (Blanco)

    El Grande Padre

    Gohan (SSj Blanco)

    Cell Golden

    Reason: The DBZ Canon is shite, better add some new characters to spice things up.

    Yeah so here's what you do:

    1) - Accept the broken Game Economy

    2) - Quit your job

    3) - (If possible) disconnect from society, that's irrelevant to DBOG and you need to focus on the game entirely.

    4) - Click on a Mob (This step is very critical)

    5) - Kill that mob (This step is just as important)

    6) - Repeat steps 4 and 5, forever, don't stop, turn your brain off, no game is better to play, just devote your soul to this game forever and sign a contract with Kami.

    Now now, critics might argue, "B-but... Muh dragon ball mmo"

    And that's all well and good, but some of us dont like doing this mindless task for 8 hours a day to make stones that offer no progress. What do you even want zeni for? Cashers just buy their way into the meta-game...

    You think I didn't know that? There you go again, the original boys. News flash, this version will never be a duplicate of the original. And for the record, the original didn't allow you to just multi client like that, you needed an actual separate program to do that. So that's about an entirely different program that they simply didn't care for too much.

    Oh and yes, the definition of "mmorpg" will enlighten you to understand what I mean by saying I that this isn't an mmorpg by all important means, I believe you will find out why if you haven't already.

    Crap, I forgot to inb4 this stuff. Stop getting triggered, lol can't believe the "originalbois" is now a term.

    If classes were balanced, we wouldn't need to buff our characters. That's just how the gam'es built. not like it hurts the server, but farming becomes impossible with certain classes without buffs. Imagine grinding a Dende to 70 without the loving grace of majin buffs...

    First of all- RIP OFF, I had the same service for 5kk per level MAX,

    Second of all: Daenos and fellow mods, FIX YOUR STUPID GAME, ffs why do players have to pay others to play the game for them? For the love of god this is outright abuse of a broken system which takes advantage of players who're bored of the current game. Just alter a few quests to stop giving out troll low xp and make sure that this crap isn't allowed.

    Crafting has its own benefits. As for example, there is gear that is worth 10kk as much, and you will see it on AH for 30kk with a shitty +8 upgrade. Or you can be a namek, who benefits a lot from crafted gear defenses. Or you can be a barely played class and you never see weapons for you on AH. Crafting right now is way cheaper than buying from somewhere else and it makes you individual, not dependant on what's new on AH today.

    Yes, it may be slow and tedious in the process, but its truly satisfactory when you get lvl 25-30 on craft and you can create whatever you want.

    Don't get me wrong, I maxxed my crafting and have perfect LP regen gear for my majin, but that's all I care for, I sell some of it, but barely make more than 10kk

    Hello Guys! How's everybody ? Merry xmas! :)

    Merry Holidays to you too, good sir!

    like the topic says. I'm wondering is it still fun to play?

    Nope. Population is the lowest its been since its debut, nothing seems to matter to the mods, there isn't anything to do, TMQ's are impossible to find groups, same with CC dungeon.

    Are there good updates ?

    There aren't any updates.

    When i played couple of moths ago, the game was still fun

    Great, the game's even worse now, however.

    i have read a little in the forums. It seams to me that people are not happy or excited to play due to that the staff have events where you dont get good rewards or the ''same players'' get all the rewards. just one of few examples...

    Indeed, just one of a few examples of the GM's being rude or nasty to me. I just got insulted for criticizing them, soo... that's the state of the game, where the mods are so childish they're willing to insult you if you don't like their decisions. Feel free to find another MMO to play.

    We have some progressive thinking right here. Another insert i forgot to mention:

    Idea: Ban any community members who weren't a part of the Original.

    Reason: Only true super saiyans have any right to experience this game 8). If you weren't a part of the original community, then GTFO, you're toxic and poisoning the development of the metagame.

    Guys clearly every feature that's in the game has been successful, so here are a few Ideas to make the game even MORE successful-

    Solution 1:

    Remove EXP entirely. Why bother allowing players to level up? Either destroy the curve, or make its slope impossible to achieve, make all mob give 1xp, and make it so each level is the same as the grind from level 69-70.

    Reason: Clearly the current grind is too easy, and makes players quit the game too easily. Players should be devoted. This should be a roguelike community, either quit your job, divorce your wife, disown your kids, and play 24/7, or don't bother coming to the forums, because you don't have what it takes to be a super-saiyan 8)

    Solution 2:

    Make stones 100x Harder to collect. Or remove the permanent upgrades, and make it so gear only has any use if its +15, so +1-+14 add absolutely nothing

    Reason: Game is too easy, too many noobs and whiners complain about the curve, well this way there's nothing to complain about. The loser cucks can leave the game, and only us hard-core bros can have the loot to ourselves

    Solution 3:

    The game has a low population: Why? Because clearly its too easy. The harder the game is, the more players it'll attract.

    So here' a few side solutions:

    Make mobs all have 10k LP, even at level 1, because only real super saiyans can play this game.

    Make zeni harder to get

    Make white stones cash only

    Make upgrade system have 0.00001% chance for every level


    I'm sure you get my drift. Lets make DBO a "better" Game for everybody! :D

    Play another game. Otherwise have fun grinding for literally 50 hours just to acquire the right gear, then another 400 just to upgrade it to a decent level. Expect several months of gameplay just to be able to START playing endgame content

    Calling ppl that are into farming a lot no lifers, basement kids, not having jobs etc. is just a lazy answer.

    It's called hyperbole, but the reason you seem triggered seems to indicate that there might be some truth to it?

    People that accuse others, who want the game to be harder and taking more time, as no lifer etc. are just plain idiots. F*ck yall.

    Seems to sum up how the community works, "I have no life, and want to devote a stupidly long amount of time into an admittedly boring & sh*tty game, and if you disagree with me, literally f*ck you"


    The question is just how hard will it be to get the stat you want at the end. Let's say you need 50 boxes right now for the right effect and you need to farm 10h for it. With this change you will only get 2 boxes in 10h and will get the right effect with 3 boxes.

    What about if currently it takes 10 hours to farm 50 boxes, then we change it so it takes 20-30 hours to get 10, and the odds are adjusted to be more in your favor? This acts as a compromise so you still have to work harder to get gear.

    They are so easy to get even if you lower their stats a bit, they make dungeons totally useless. No one would spent their time doing a dungeon alot of times just to get maybe 100 more defense.

    What if they didn't only have 100 more defense? What if they were buffed? And had 2-300 more defense, and maybe even add a bonus, say if you have TMQ armor, the chances of upgrade are boosted by 5% or something. Give people an incentive to farm for it, and decrease its droprate to compensate for it. Also make it so that the stats on it can be much much much greater, right now max CON is 24, say that on a TMQ gear, Con would be 34+

    That is to say, make TMQ gear more powerful, but don't make it Overpowered. A metagame should rely on skill not time spent grinding. So you can still compete, but you need to have more skill to still win.

    I would say let's go 10 steps back (back to the state as it was on tw) and start balancing from there. On tw we also had botter and hackers but the economy and the game experience was never this bad as it is in dbog. You could do tmq 3 - 4 for months and it still was fun. At least from that point on we should making this game more fun (not more easy).

    Alright, good Idea but the question is how we go about that? Because farming is not fun. Having to do nothing but farm stones and grind thoughtlessly for zeni is not fun. So what's your idea of fun? Having to grind up characters is also un fun, (45-55 grind being literal hell), so what solutions do you propose?

    There are multiple ways to improve the grind without extending it. I care about progress. Nothing is more heartbreaking than saving 100 stones and having nothing to show for it. I'm fine with making boxes more rare, stones even rarer, even bringing back broken items back, but only if this makes progressing more likely.

    You say you want boxes harder to get, so what about making them more usable? Make them 20x harder to get, but in exchange make it so they give better properties and remove some of the more useless ones. I'd be fine with that, because it meant that once you get a box its actually worth something.

    You say you want to remove crafting, but how about just buffing non-crafted gear? Making it so that crafted gear can still be useful, but players who go above and beyond and farm TMQ gear are even more powerful?

    You say you want stones to be rarer? I'm fine with that, but only if it means that stones are more likely to improve your armor. Improve the odds, but also make the stones harder to find, at least it guarantees progress by encouraging play.

    So what do you think of these ideas?