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    We should be able to get upgrade stones from cc, because classes like dende or poko can't farm at all and even if they try they can't find any spots,because all of them are taken by DWs or turtles. There should be a way to get upgrade stones without farming. It is impossible to upgrade and improve without that...

    back in TW, fighter won most of budo until a bunch of SK group together and cried like a bunch of babies about fighter and made the bitter tea be nerfed and that nerf made fighter shit now.

    Wrong. We don't have level 70 cap yet. In level 70 fighter's damage is extremely high, so high that some classes like dende will have no chance against fighters, they just don't have enough def, LP and anticrit to counter, only classes like SK have that. Also, fighters in TW still were pretty OP after dodge pot got removed. Most of elite TW fighters(and even noobs) were using None property on their stick, because def props were not working at all, so no matter how much props you had it was useless, so it was pretty usual to see fighers hiting 20-30k on elite SK defences. In DBOG def props actually work, so no more N prop cheese. I still think they did a right thing by nerfing dodge pot, it was too OP. Too bad they didn't nerf turtle books with that. Gives female turtles an unfair advantage.

    Are you kidding me? Dende and ulti can't kill SK, why should SK should be able to kill them then? I don't understand what is wrong with you people, you want SK to be super tanky and make super high dmg. At the moment Shadow Knight (together with Karma Majin) is the most broken class in the game. It is so overpowered that most of the times SKs pass prelims in every budokai. They a so tanky, that nobody targets them and they can spam and kill weaker oponents with their overpowered 35m skill (bold strike) every 10 seconds (CD should be longer). After prelims it is almost the same story. Since their class is so broken, they don't even need to be geared up anymore, they can just arm pull+KD all the way to the win. Seriously, that target immobilization should get removed or changed to paralysis or something you can actually counter with some accessory (Karma skill lock could use same thing).

    This game is all about match ups when it comes to PVP. Karma beats everyone except DW/SK and ulti. DW/SK loses against turtles, cranes and ultis. Turtles and cranes have no chance against karmas. Only ultis can beat anyone. Dende can only beat ultis and DW/SK who don't use KD out.

    I disagree with some things. 1st turtle should be in top tier. They have everything to be good in solo and party PVP and PVE. Their kames crit as much as fighter needles and they are aoe. Also if you consider slow, aoe stun, sleep, spammable skill lock, their buffs they are just as broken as SK and karma in 1v1.
    Fighters in your list also should be much higher. That most noobs play fighter class doesn't mean it is a trash class. If properly geared they can defeat anyone.

    Well I also disagree a bit with dendes. Yes they are one of the most usefull classes in the game, but they are not that good. There are a lot of people maining dendes now, so ofcourse there are going to be some people who can master that class and even win budo. But 1v1 dende has so many disadvantages in PVP against most of the classes.

    I agree with something, but I don't agree on a few things. In TW in level 60 cap it was much more easier to get max stats on your gear. They were giving everyone brown and silver boxes for just logging into the game everyday. This way in TW I was able to box my earrings and 2x mudosa set armors very easy. Here in DBOG, I can't get anything on a single earring or a single mudosa jacket. I see some people here using hundreds of brown boxes to get an effect they want on the earring. In TW upgrade system was madness, you had to buy white stones for 1bill just to upgrade your gear one time. Well here in DBOG is opposite, much easier to upgrade gear, but harder to get stats you want.

    Can somebody explain me, how does the level restriction for item drops work? When I was level 55 I could kill level 65 monsters and they drop items, but I couldn't drop items from level 66 mobs. So maximum level for items dropped should be +10 your level, right? But apparently it doesn't work like that. I leveled up twice to level 57 and tried killing level 66 monsters and they still don't drop items. Can somebody put some sense into this?

    It was still equal numbers? Maybe get some actual braincells before talking, why does it matter if someone joins another guild for dojo war, it's to add up the numbers we didn't need more people to defeat them we had equal numbers ( before some of them started leaving)

    Why are you so rude? Maybe I made a mistake with numbers or got misinformed :/

    Kid Buu is designed for PVE not PVP. All of the transformations make no use at budokai or ranked battle. Its all in PVE. I dont know why all the new players complain about Kid Buu or Namek. They are not supposed to be for PVP. That is why there is high cooldown on all Shenron transformation. Their purpose is PVE.

    And you can't use great namek or pure majin in tmq4, because one of them can't dash, other one can't even jump

    SSJ gets buffed/Quality of Life change but Great Namek and Pure Majin stay below average?

    I dont understand this....

    I agree, like seriously. Humans transformation was so much better than great namek or pure majin and now they improve it even more. At least they could allow to use great namek and pure majin skills without adding any SP on them, also great namek one has 10min duration which is not even enough against longer bosses if you want to use it to tank it should be 15-20minutes at least.