Recommended DBOUR Merger

Hey Everyone,

As you probably guessed from the title and some DBOUR staff members in the server, we're making tentative plans to merge with the folks over at DBOUR. We've talked about the idea before (and posted a lot of memes) but it seems like things are moving forward with those plans. Here are the (current) details of the merger:

  • The R in DBOGR will change from Revival to Revelations
  • Some DBOUR staff will be rolled into DBOG staff in somewhat limited advisory/tester/artist roles
  • The DBOUR staff will help us with moving forward with our new game client after Cap 70
  • We are putting together a reward package for transferring DBOUR players, possibly including an exclusive dogi/title
  • DBOUR cash points will transfer to DBOG, and we will probably add a sum based on unclaimed cash items
  • The majority of DBOUR staff will work on their new project remastering old DBO
  • We will put our heads together and share ideas/code to speed up development of DBOGR
  • We will occasionally help with what we can for their remastered project
  • We will attempt to import as many of the cosmetic items as DBOUR is willing to share
  • The discords will remain separate, and DBOUR discord will rebrand to solely support the new remaster the DBOUR team is working on

Obviously these plans aren't fully developed yet as there is a lot to discuss, and there are going to be some growing pains as DBOUR is a different game on a different level cap, but we'll do our best to take care of all the players. I am going to probably delay the anniversary dogis until Christmas, but try to stay on the same timeline for cap 70 that I am now, to get you guys playing on cap 70 as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please let the DBOG team know!

Please DO NOT contact or ping the new DBOUR teammates and ask questions, they are very busy working with their new remaster, and are in DBOG in an advisory capacity to the staff, to help import their tools/code/knowledge. They are being very kind to help us with this, so please try your best to leave them to their work. As always, thanks for supporting us, and have fun playing. Lots more good stuff coming soon!