Server Maintenance


The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online. Please note that there might be several restarts today to fix/adjust changes.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 15th Match 2018 6PM CET

Duration: 30-60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

* Updates

- No longer receiving EXP from quests when using chat command "@exp off".

- Gear durability now decreases by 20 instead of 20% after death.

- Quest kill counter no longer have a 100m range in dungeons.

- No longer removing your own buffs when leaving a party.

- Your own buffs are no longer removed when entering a dungeon.

- Monster aggro now only depends on dealt damage.

- 50% (old 100%) of DOT damage is added as aggro.

- Spinning attack now scales with movement speed.

- Unable to ride a vehicle when joined scramble and inside scramble channel.

* Fixes

- A freezing bug during dojo.

- Budokai prelim "Now Loading" issue when respawning.

- Monsters lost aggro after attacking a flying player.

- Gained AP not being recovered when using a scroll to increase the max AP.

- Range check when gathering quest object by using an item.

- Auto follow glitched a bit.

- Max guild points weren't updated correctly.

- Underworld Invasion Event always did a reset after server restart.

- Skill: Kami's Forgiveness

- Not spawning in budokai arena while falling from arena.

- Players location not updated after freezing while auto-walking.

- "Dark Devil's Gold Coin" Quest.

- <BUDOKAI>Unable to attack for the first 2 seconds when the match begins.

- No cooldown on kaioken after changing channel.

- <Flying>Acceleration only worked to the front. Now works left, right and back.

* Cash Shop

- Top 1 reward has been changed to "Fairy Wings".

- Top 2 reward has been changed to "Cowboy Dogi".