Server Maintenance

The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online. Please note that there might be several restarts today to fix/adjust changes.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 22th Match 2018 11PM CET

Duration: 5 Minutes.

* Fixes

- Craft equipment level check issue.

- Teleport rank battle (solo and party).

- Cancel rank battle teleport (solo and party).

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

  • I don't know why, but when i open the launcher it sends me to this page, and doesn't let me play because the launcher is "Updating" when this server maintenance was on 22th, and now we're on like 25th, and the duration was 5 minutes, so in fact the maintenance just ended that same day, so, i don't know how to solve this problem. Could please help me?

  • Code
    1. In my game the monster is all with the name: ???
    • Repair your gear. Your scouter durability is 0

  • i'm not getting any exp from crafting items

    • if you are craft lvl 10 you must craft lvl 10 crafting items to get exp

      you dont get exp is you craft lvl 1 or lvl 5 craft items maybe that the fix

    • i'm lvl9 and i'm crafting lvl5 items and not getting any exp

    • my sub’s in the same situation can’t get exp from crafting lvl 5 items while I’m lvl 8. Not really sure why the crafting system needed to be changed in the first place, but this leaves people in a limbo if they weren’t at 20 before the update.